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Luis Miguel Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 83



5.0 star rating Judith Mendez-Irra from Los Angeles, California


He started late but worth the wait. No pre-recorded track. It was all HIM. His musicians accompanying him are top notch. His personality on stage filled The Forum. He played a beautiful array of his music. It was worth the trip!!!!!

5.0 star rating Maria Yzabella Campuzano from Los Angeles, California


Mi Sol de Mexico. . Jyst seem him last night at the Forum in Inglewood CA. He was a little behind schedule but who cares..Once he was on stsge.. we all forgot. The audience received him while tons on Live and applauded him. He is do amazing. No one like him..No doubt.. His voice is so great. Sounds beautifully and he looks amazing. When he sand with the Mariachi his vocals were on point and when he sand along with the rythm and harmony of the piano..he melted my heart..but shows how talented this man is...He loves music and he really loves his fans.. As fans we just need to keep supporting him and not bad mouth him..we are His family. . I Love you Luis Miguel Forever you Fan. Besitos!!!!!:)

5.0 star rating Laura RJ from Orange County, California


Luis Miguel sang well last night. Although he was more than an hour late he sang until midnight. I really wish he started on time. Not sure why 90% of artist start late. It's a bit disrespectful. Great job Luis Miguel on your concert. You have no idea how your God given talent in music has brought joy to many. Love your life story; very sad, but above all you made it. Keep it going!

5.0 star rating Ray Moya from Rancho Mirage, California


1 1/2 late, REALLY?? NOT COOL, Luis Miguel! Worst of all was that there was no explanation as to why the delay. We are all hard working, paying adults who deserve better than such a long delay. Despite this HUGE issue, my wife and I are HUGE LM fans and REALLY enjoyed his Rancho Mirage, Ca concert (Agia Caliente Casino) Music was OUTSTANDING, sound was GREAT and Luis Miguel sounded AWESOME! Mariachi left us wanting MORE! They sounded better than ever! Could have done without the long piano and Saxophone solos but it was bearable We would DEFINITELY see LM in concert in the future Ps, this was out 5rh Luis Miguel concert

5.0 star rating Rodney Rusca from Fresno, California


Omg...once he warmed up?.what a voice...I don’t speak Spanish, but that didn’t change the way I truly enjoyed this concert...I’m not a big mariachi fan, but find 14 of the best musicians in Mexico and have Louis Miguel as their would go again and again

5.0 star rating Diane from ABQ from Albuquerque, New Mexico


HE started late, but it was well worth the wait. He kept sang with a great voice and sang with mariachi!! GOOD CONCERT

5.0 star rating from Albuquerque, New Mexico


He started one hour late, which was inconvenient for those who arrived on time. However at least 1/4 of people attending were arriving late up until the time he began singing. It was good, but became even better when he sang with Mariachi. His concert lasted for 3 hours (Of course he needs to take breaks)! GOOD concert! Will buy tickets for his concerts in future!

5.0 star rating CARLOS SANDOVAL from San Antonio, Texas



5.0 star rating Brenda from San Antonio, Texas


it was a great show! Lasted about 3 hrs . we kept wanting more songs and he did keep going! Def would recommend. Plan on going next time he comes around Lighting was good, sound was amazing he didn't miss a beat! Loved how he gave out roses to the people at the end next time will buy floor seats!

5.0 star rating Guadalupe & Familia Martinez from Denver, Colorado


Es y seguura siendo el mejo, sigue siendo por mucho el mejor interprete, cantante músico etc. Es único! VIVA MÉXICO

5.0 star rating Nayeli Porras from Denver, Colorado


Best damn concert ever! You can’t totally feel the pain in his songs! And STILL gives a great concert!

5.0 star rating Faure Lorenzo from Orlando, Florida


Powerful performance in Orlando. His voice has gotten better with the years and he seems to be engaging with the audience better than before. The highlights of the night was Tengo todo excepto a ti / Entrégate and the improvisation during Tú y yo. I’ve read some bad reviews from people at other concerts and I’m sorry for them but here in Orlando he was better than ever before and this is my 4th time going to see him.

5.0 star rating Elaine Young from New York, New York


Kudos to the sensational Luis Miguel for coming to New York City and gracing our Madison Square Garden with an amazing performance. Spectacular event and so rewarding to have a star who embraces his audience. Champion in the arena with his voice and good looks and the knock out punch is his incredible smile. Muchas Gracias. And to his critics, all I ask is: When was the last time 15,000 people paid to see you? WE LOVE YOU LUIS MIGUEL and please come back to our city again real soon.

5.0 star rating Ana Mena Gallo from New York, New York


Luis Miguel God gave you gift & you proved it last nite! an amazing band backing you up classy up beat romantic concert!! your voice with the Mariachi band just added more flavor & style to the excitment of seeing your performace LOVED IT !!!!!! Looking forward to your return to NYC !!!!!

5.0 star rating Alex v from New York, New York


What a come back to his career, his voice is stil the best great performance and how he play with his audiences is a master performance, audience sang his song and enjoy everyone of them. He was great at the madison square Garden!!!

5.0 star rating Rogelio Hernandez from Dallas, Texas


In his normal quaint format, Luis Miguel shines brightest. No need for excessive over the top productions when the artist is of the stature of Luis Miguel. No expensive dance troupes, no crazy stage works, just some good screens, a couple of cameras, a stage that merges the main screen and clever lights. The sound could have used a little more base, but that is just me. This show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas was bar non the best Luis Miguel concert I have ever witnessed. His performance was stellar and his abundantly evident love for the trade and his fans is contagious to the point of bringing tears to our eyes. Few times in your life you will see an artist that inspires the array of emotions he does. If you can still get tickets for any of his future presentations, get them. I just bought 4 tickets for San Antonio. I am taking our daughters with us this time.

5.0 star rating Sara Kimmich from Frisco, Texas


Thank you Luis Miguel!!! I wish you all the best and much success in your tour! You did NOT disappoint. Your songs pass the test of time. Your audience included not just the "Abuelitas" but also young adults. You were generous with us, your audience from beginning to end. Your company of musicians starting with the unforgettable saxophone player to the concert pianist and lets not forget the Mariachis. Beautiful tribute to the collections of songs dedicated with all your heart to the country you Love! "Llevas a Mexico en el Corazon!!!" Congratulations!!! Many blessing to you and your loved ones!

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


It was the best of shows..He was fantastic, singing his heart out ..He was truly enjoying himself ..his voice was at his best...The house came down when the Mariachis came on, and all the beauty of Mexico...Last but never least...He looked fantastic,,,handsome as they come..and just to mention, it was nice to see all the guys enjoying him as much as their woman !!!!

5.0 star rating Sandra & Doug from Mexico City


It was our first tine seeing hin live. He sang better than ever and looked fabulous!!! My hubby snd I love him. He sang lots and was plsyful with sudience. When audience was singing he sang most of the time. It helped to have the big screens and see hin in living color. We love u Miguel!!!

5.0 star rating Paulina tsigonoff from Los Angeles. Ca


He is a great singer . Performing since 40 years since the age 8 .. Do if he wants the audience to sing so be it . I just saw him here in los Angeles he first Time at the Hollywood bowl. So Las Vegas get ready for the concert to remember. I recommend you go

5.0 star rating Paulina tsigonof from Los Angeles. Ca


I see alot of negative reviews . But he is a performer that has been singing since 8 or 9. Years old , 40 years of singing earns him the right to have his audience sing to him. The voice was spectacular and looks amazing . The show at the Hollywood bowl was a night to remember. A fan since 1994. Soni recommends when in vegas it is a great show . And you will have a marvelous time .

5.0 star rating Debra from Oklahoma City Oklahoma


Luis was fashionably late as a Legend Singer should be for his 40 plus years of singing to us his best performances. I feel privileged to be a fan of the best performer of all time. Keep singing till you rest your beautiful voice.

5.0 star rating Veronica Rodriguez from Chicago, Illinois


Luis Miguel was amazing! Very professional and sang all the hits.

5.0 star rating Leslie Palac Conn from New Jersey


Amazing performance. I enjoyed your concert at New Jersey performing center and 14 years ago at Radio City Music You are the greatest!

5.0 star rating Carola Delgado from New York, New York


I got into Luis Miguel or how my mother calls him MICKY at an early age. My mom is his same age so you can all imagine. I am forever jealous of my mother for living is a time where luis miguel's music was the main attention in all latin america. Also grateful at the same time that I am able to enjoy his legacy with my mother. We went to see him in Uniondale NEW YORK i was able to get my mom and i 4th row tickets and we cried, we sang, we laughed, we loved every minute of it. What an amazing voice, what a great performer. I hope he knows WHO AND WHAT HE MEANS TO AN ENTIRE CULTURE AND GENERATIONS. COME BACK TO NY PLEASE !

5.0 star rating Dan Martinay from Las Vegas, Nevada


Everyone has to remember that he is human and he sings some long and intensive concerts. He gets sick just like we do, and sometimes he wont feel good, besides he is getting up there in age. So far from the concerts that I have been to none of them have disappointed me. He likes to have his fans sing his songs also, there is nothing wrong with that. What he needs is a better manager and people that work the audio etc. I dont mind being his manager, he just need someone to manage as a perfectionist like him. It would be great if he can sing songs that he he has not sing before, like ese momento, dias felices, deja que salga laluna, te extrano, etc. Over all he is the best of the best,and only a few artist come a little bit close, like mariah carey, celine dion and jose, jose, I will be there on september 15,2019 for mexican independence day in las vegas, and hopefully he will sing mariachi from his current album only, because we have herd all the other mariachi on previous concerts.

5.0 star rating Claudia from Sacramento, California


A fan for over 20 years first time seeing him in concert, and wow, what an amazing performance. His voice was amazing and song all his hits. His energy was infectious and had the crowd cheering and singing every single song. I would come see him over and over again.

5.0 star rating Ted Holland from San Antonio, Texas


Been listening to his music for 25+ years and always wanted to see him. Finally did it and not disappointed. Very professional show, very entertaining, great musicians. People standing and singing the whole show. Luis didn't ever talk to the audience but that didn't bother me as it did for some reviewers as he did interact with his gestures. He started 40 minutes late but based on how late many people arrived it was probably a good idea. Concert was 1 hr, 40 minutes. No encore. He still sings wonderfully but modified how he sang parts of many songs, especially some of the high parts. Loved it.

5.0 star rating Evelyn from New York, N.Y.


June 2nd 2024 Mohegan Sun What amazing experience. The Arenas is a beautiful venue. Nicer than Madison Square in NYC. What can I say about Luis Miguel that has not been said before. Luis Miguel is a amazing artist. His voice and smile on stage fill the arena. His band sounded great and what a highlight his mariachi. Thank you Luis for a wonderful Mother's and Birthday gift to see you perform.

5.0 star rating Naomi Torres from Hartford, Connecticut


This was my first Luis Miguel concert and his performance was absolutely fantastic! This man is such a talented individual. I was blown away by this man’s vocals and his energy on stage. He covered his older songs like “Suave” to his romantic songs. His performance with the Marachi was spectacular. By the end of his show I felt Mexican and I’m not even Mexican lol. My biggest regret was not getting closer seats.

4.0 star rating from Dallas, Texas


He sounded & looked great.His voice is still spectacular.I sang, danced through the show.Thank you for coming to my beaitiful city of Dallas.Te ano LM❤

4.0 star rating Mercedes from Orlando, Florida


I had seen him once before in the 90’s in Miami and he was great. I hoped his voice was still the same. Well I was blown away. The notes he hits and the power of the voice was incredible. Not one missed note. I can say his voice actually got better. I love this guy, his boleros and Mariachis was out of this world. Bravo for not only meeting my expectations but exceeding the. Great concert, I wish him only the best and continued success in this God given talent of his voice.

4.0 star rating Denisse from Tampa, Florida


Love the show! First time seeing him in concert. Luis Miguel was born with a one of does rare gifts that are a joy to hear. I gave him 4stars because we waited almost two hours for the concert to start. Also, I think that he should've interacted with the audience/talking a bit sooner.

4.0 star rating Perry R from Lynbrook, New York


The concert was great, it started an hour late which was ok, he did a lot of greatest hits, you can tell his voice was a little harsh from a cold, all songs great but why o why did he do a audio duet with Michael Jackson first of all Jackson is know for his entertaining not his voice, the song was Smile, no need to do it with him do it with Tony Bennett, that duet came across absolutely horrible, then did a duet with Frank Sinatra that came across much better, if you are going to do a duet , do it with Elvis, again no reason to do those duets it put the crowd to sleep, great concert overall, great fans and great arena!!

4.0 star rating KJM from Houston, Texas


Great songs, performance was very nice. Energy was high...sang most of his greatest hits and he's not bad to look at!!! Found it to be interesting he didn't say Hello, or utterly speak one word to us, - Thank you or Good night! Not a word, ...he had a duet pre-recorded with MJ and Frank Sinatra, makes you wonder if it was all pre-recorded with the dancing (bk and forth) camera was ever a close up. It's just a full image and smaller images from afar. Nonetheless, if pre-recorded or not, his voice is timeless and those songs truly are as epic today as ever!

4.0 star rating Orlando Daniel from Boston


I've been a fan of Luis Miguel for many years and have seen him in concert at least three times. We saw him in concert in Boston. Much like others have said, we could barely hear his voice and the instruments were way too loud. No interaction with the crowd here either. Still, its' Luis Miguel, his songs and voice are timeless. I can only wonder if he is losing his voice?

4.0 star rating M. Reed from Seattle, Washington


Again, started late but after the show began it was fantastic. Seats were in the "nosebleed section" but didn't seem to matter, once he started singing. Was non-stop till the end.

4.0 star rating John Waunsack from Miami, Florida


His participation in his own concert could have been eliminate would have changed nothing. He’s not engaging, lip syncs calling his songs, and just keep pointing for tgd crowd to love him. The orchestra however was world class and if not for them I would have walked out. 4 stars for them, 0 stars for LM.

3.0 star rating Grace from Santa Barbara, California


LM was amazing with incredible range once he warmed up. He had considerable difficulty getting his sound technicians to adjust his mic while singing and was escalating his frustration with each song. He stopped often to try to get it right to the point of exasperation! Thank goodness the amazing 14 piece Mariachis debuted and ML range of ability came through and he seemed happier after that. Wish he had started on time otherwise an amusing night.

3.0 star rating Liza of Albuquerque from Albuquerque, New Mexico


After listening to his music for more than 25 years, I was excited that he finally came to Albuquerque. I though it would be typical for someone of his fame to be half an hour late. But after an hour and a half of waiting, my anticipation was replaced by anger. He didn't care how much people had paid to see him or how long he kept us waiting. If you care that little, Mickey, it's time to retire! I will say, his voice is better than ever. And even though he had to read the prompts, he still put on a great show when he was on stage. The Mariachis had the best sound quality I've ever heard. However, I'd much rather listen to CD's than to be disillusioned by someone whose fame is dependent on his fans.

3.0 star rating Arelia from New York, New York


NYC- Madison Square Garden. June 9th,2018. I am lifelong was an effort getting the seats that I had. It pains me to say this: (1) technical difficulties to begin the concert. He should have arrived earlier to figure them out. (2) He constantly left the stage. (3) The saxophone, piano, mariachi, all indications that he did not want to be there. They played by themselves as he disappeared from stage. (3) The figeting with clothing, the microphone, his headset, his vest ..he was unhappy up there, on stage, it used to be his favorite place. I love his music, but the weird melodies and arias, really left me feeling like I didnt hear the artist at his best. I won't be seeing this show again. Again, I love his music but he has to love his fans enough to know we deserve a good concert.

3.0 star rating La Incondicional from Chicago, Illinois


The music over powered his voice. Maybe that is what he wanted. What you could hear wasn’t his usual strong and sweet voice. You could tell he was moved when he saw the packed venue. He made up for any short comings in enthusiasm. I was a bit disappointed, but i’d still go back to see him again. He’s been the soundtrack of my life.

3.0 star rating Cecypinal from Los Angeles, California


Great musicians, Luis needs to sing more of his songs in their entirety because we came to hear his voice. Needs to put the mic closer to his mouth so we can make out what he is singing or do a better sound check on his mic. He does entertain well but we want to hear him sing more. Dances on stage was fun but hell we came to hear him sing. Ok you get my point. Artist in general need to know we don’t want to hear audience sing we want them to sing.

3.0 star rating Muchacho de Hoy from Cincinnati, Ohio


LM used to give great shows. This time he avoided pretty much all the high notes in his songs, either by singing a different melody with a much lower note, or turning the mic to the audience. He also sped up through the phrases to shorten long notes. If he's tired, he should take some time off, and not charge huge amounts of money for people to go see a mediocre Luis Miguel. It was also weird that he didn't say a single word to the audience. No good evening, no thanks, nothing at all. It was quite disappointing.

3.0 star rating Eliza from Portland, Oregon


I LOVE Luis Miguel and have been a fan since 1992. This was my 5th concert and I think it was his first time ever in Portland, Oregon. But, there were a couple of things that really disappointed me and affected my overall experience. I didn't find out about the cancellation until I was already in the area after taking time off from work, taking an Uber and paying for dinner. As a dedicated fan, I re-arranged my schedule for Saturday to do it all over again. Plus, 1. The concert didn't start on time--rude. 2. He never said a word to audience. 3. He never apologized for the cancellation or thank fans for coming back the next day--disappointing. 4. He always comes back for an encore--this time he didn't! After a cancellation, a few songs would have been warranted. As much as I love his music, this experience left me with a sour taste and doubt I will ever go back to any of his concerts. It said a lot about his personality and it just didn't sit well with me.

3.0 star rating Liz from Austin, Texas


First of all, I’m a huge fan of Luis Miguel. I’ve been listening to his music since I was a kid. This was my 4th time seeing Luis Miguel. In the past his shows were on point. However, this time things felt off…weird. The show started 40 minutes late. He gets on stage and says nothing to the crowd “Hello Austin”..nada. He played his Romances hits which was cool. Then he did this weird duet with Michael Jackson’s audio and Frank Sinatra. It didn’t feel like it fit the vibe of the show. Towards the end of the show, I noticed it was hard to hear him at times because he wasn’t holding the mic close enough to his mouth. He did get the audience hyped up at the end, but then out of nowhere the audio stopped and the jumbo screens went out. He didn’t stop nor did the band. They continued, but there was no sound or it couldn’t be heard up in the higher seats. He ended the show like nothing weird was happening. People chanted for one more and he stood there and waved goodbye and then exited the stage. It was a non ending to the show. Plus it ended early..about 9:18 pm. It wasn’t the normal 2 hours plus. Weirder than all of that, he never talked to the audience. I’m not sure what happened quite honestly. Did he cut the show early on purpose? Was he tired? Maybe there are too many shows on the tour. Idk but my friends and I felt a bit cheated. I’m still a fan but this might be my last show.

3.0 star rating Cesar from Chicago, Illinois


first time seen LM. found the concert very entertaining and sounded great, unfortunately LM's voice was drowned out by the orchestra. i would have enjoyed hearing actually sign. from my position it looked like he was lip singing all night. Also, he started show 40 minutes late and concert only lasted 1 hr 1/2. VERY rude & disappointing. have been to other artist' shows that last 2 & more hours. Lastly I noticed that LM came on and started singing without ever acknowledging the audience. he never stopped to say hello or one single word to the audience. many other arists take time to interact with us. gives the impression that "i want to get this over with". After abrubtly ending the show early he walked off stage with audience asking for more (only 1 & 1/2 hr show!!!!). Again this was my first time and if this is his typical concert I would NOT recommend. save your hard earned money and listen to him at home.

3.0 star rating Ana Castro from Livingston, NJ


I love Luis Miguel as an artist, the venue, the show, the band were amazing, but I was tremendously disappointed, this explains why he couldn’t present the players and didn’t speak to the audience. Luis Miguel this is a mistake in your career, focus on speech therapy and return to singing.

3.0 star rating Paola Escobar from Tampa, Florida


Lifelong fan of LM, but was disappointed last night to the point that I would like my hard-earned money back. The only reason I gave him 3 stars is because of the other musicians and mariachis that prevented a total disaster last night. Started close to 8pm and by 9.30pm we were already walking out of the arena. Only 1.5 hours!! The crowd kept yelling for another one, but he walked off and the lights came on. Can’t remember if I’ve ever seen an artist not acknowledge their fans like this. LM never talked, never interacted with the crowd, not even to say Hello Tampa!! I don’t think he sang one complete song and most times his voice was drowned by the music. I paid tickets for my mom and I, plus $30 parking, plus $35 for 2 mediocre margaritas in a can to see a show I was expecting to be top notch. But I guess I was expecting the LM of years back when he still cared. Current LM doesn’t even want to be there!! Last night he just did the bare minimum! If he thinks his fans can’t see through that, he’s risking ruining his name and what he has accomplished in his very long, successful career. So many disappointed fans! He owes Tampa!!

2.0 star rating Sue from Las Vegas, Nevada


As many others have indicated, a disappointing show. Have been a fan for over 30 years and was excited for the show. He was at least an hour late, seemed to have multiple technical difficulties during the first half of the show and sang a few songs without the microphone so we couldn't hear him. First song didn't even sound like him, but his voice did improve as he warmed up, and the songs we could hear were awesome. Again, in line with what everyone else said, he left the stage several times, sometimes came back out in different clothes, sometimes not. He did offer a semi apology for the technical issues and "begged" us to be patient as they replaced a part, but after reading of similar issues at other venues, I doubt there was really an issue. He didn't even do an encore, and fans were left in the dark for nearly 10 mins before the lights finally came on.El Sol de Mexico needs to remember who got him to the top and respect his fans more. Will stick to my CDs, won't see him live again

2.0 star rating Irene from Los Angeles, California


I bought a total of four tickets and spent over $600 and this was my first concert to see him. He was over one hour late and during the time we were waiting there was no announcement on why we were waiting so long. We sat mostly in silence until a little before the concert started and they played deplorable English music. At least play some instrumental music or well known for Littles while we are waiting. He also left the stage several times and I’m not sure if it was a bathroom break but we were sitting in the dark and there was no music being played by the band. The first couple of times I thought it was due to a costume change but he came back in the same clothes. He mostly saying to stage left and seem to rely heavily on the Teleprompter. He did not engage very much with the audience and didn’t sing his best and most well known songs. I work extremely hard for my money and I paid for all four tickets as they were Mother’s Day presents for my relatives. My relatives who wal

2.0 star rating Lissa from Denver, Colorado


Flew in from San Diego to see him do a 3 hour sound check. And I came to hear him sing, not the audience. Come on, Luis. You're better than this.

2.0 star rating A. Carrasco from Phoenix, Arizona


Horrible lighting! You could hardly see Luis because of how bright the lights were! Plus it kept the crowd loud and noisy. I’ve never been disappointed with his shows until now.

2.0 star rating from Sacramento, California


After 3 songs leaves stage for almost 15 mins with no explanation & dark stage!

2.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


Having strong light beams pointed at the audience for about 90% of the performance - such that you were blinded by them - did not help in the least. Needless to say, the limelight, literally and figuratively, should be on the artist on stage, not on the audience.

2.0 star rating Patrick from Oklahoma City


First, I'm a huge fan and have been for 20+ years. Saw him in Radio City Music Hall in in 1997. My wife didn't know him and was awestruck. Saw him 10-26-23 in OK City for the 2nd time. Issues; obviously sick, maybe a cold. Didn't talk to the audience because I think it would have been obvious but could clearly hear he was horse in some songs. Didn't hit one high note from any songs and I get it if he wasn't feeling well. Tough decision, reschedule or go on and play. I'm good with that. But a 1/2 hour late, and 1 hour and 50 mins w/no encore? With so many hits, cost of tickets, fans deserve more. People work hard for their money to hear him instead of the audience or his band which is spectacular. I think it may have been a strategy to have the band louder than his voice given he may have been sick. Still a huge fan, always will be. But won't see another concert. His music and voice are amazing. I'll stick to those. Thanks for your talent and music LM. It's been a big part of our family's life.

1.0 star rating Maggie from Las Vegas


Sound engineers did a horrible job.Luis Miguel kept stopping and going off stage.The lighting was blinding.He was very frustrated and kept banging his Mic for sound.The Colisseum should have done a much better job especially considering all the stars they host an I have never seen this happen.His voice in amazing but this was painful to watch an I constantly go to concerts Everyone should get their money back .Also he was very late, not professional.

1.0 star rating Laura R. from Orange County,, California


Very late. Should have consideration for fans and start on time. Not in Mexico where it's customary to be late. Not a fan, but husband is. I would not pay to see him. Asked on his disrespect for fans.

1.0 star rating Amanda from San Antonio, Texas


I'd seen Luis Miguel in concert many times before and I enjoyed every single one until this one on August 30th, 2018 at the AT&T center. Not only was he an hour and 14 minutes late and didn't sing his famous boleros. He had his fans sing. Not just one song but several songs. The AT&T was super warm. I don't think the air conditioning system was working properly. Luis even came out in a black t-shirt during the concert. Also Luis Miguel's headset wasn't working properly. He continued to tap it as if he couldn't hear clearly. Luis never explained himself as to why he was so late and didn't even apologized for his tardiness. I will not spend my hard earn money on someone like that. He should think twice about his fans that love him and make every effort possible to be on the stage on time.

1.0 star rating Doreen from Albuquerque, New Mexico


We were excited to see Luis Miguel and paid 130.00 a piece for what we thought would be good seats and a great concert; WRONG!! It was scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm and he didn’t come on until 9:30; 1-1/2 hours later. Worse than that;; he sang 3 or 4 songs-he sang very well but then the stage went dark and he disappeared for another 40 minutes. Needless to say after 40 minutes we left😝 no refunds are given. WTH! The final nail in the coffin was that our view was blocked by a small sized scree that had no purpose. I’m mad and sad

1.0 star rating Geraldine from Albuquerque, New Mexico


Very disapointed!!! He started 1 1/2 hour late. Came out screaming. Had the audience sing his songs. Stopped and disappeared for another 1/2 hour. Total waste of my money and time. I will never attend another Luis Miguel concert! Maybe he forgot how he became famous #fans.

1.0 star rating Academic Artist from New York, New York


I saw him years ago at Radio City when he was formidable. The voice was pure and strong; the show was purposely varied. This show was a loud, confusing assault to the senses. He left the stage several extensive times - only to return with either no tie or a tee shirt and paraded the stage as if he had achieved world peace. Then he pointed to the audience so they could sing FULL VERSIONS of two of his great romance boleros. Were that not bad enough, he countiuously pointed in long increments around the audience to get adulation. I love my CDs of his music and will stick to them. On a positive note, he has always used world class musicians and they saved the night from being a total abomination.

1.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


I had high hopes for this concert and was so disappointed. Like other reviews mention, Luis would leave the stage every 30 minutes or so and the entire venue was in the dark. No explanation as to why he kept disappearing. Did not enjoy his setlist, didn't recognize most of his songs. And then when he did play the ones that everyone knows, he would point the microphone to the audience and have them sing along, barely singing any of the words. The entire show was terrible, and my friend and I ended up leaving early. I would not pay $$ to see him again ...

1.0 star rating from Salt Lake City, U


The sound was horrific! It was too loud and the trumpets sounded like somebody was scratching a blackboard with his nails. It was very obvious he cut the concert short. In fact, he just left the stage without saying thanks or good bye.. I went to the concert 3 years ago and what a great one, but this one? I am ever going back to this concert or to USA a

1.0 star rating Angélica from Tucson, Arizona


Very bad , disappointment,disrespect,no consideration, was 2 hours late, left the stage for at list 8 minutes no explanation just everything all dark, he never apologize for coming late , never heard his voice to say hellooo, in an other words horrible , will never again will pay to see him not worth my time my money ,never again. Will not recommend

1.0 star rating No longer a fan from Tucson, Arizona


I had not seen Luis Miguel live for about 13 years. Last time I saw him, he put up a good show. This time, total disappointment. The music was boring, and the interruptions between songs was ridiculous. What about when the crowd sang No Se Tu for him. All he did was yell a few notes at the end and left. The piano part almost put me to sleep. I couldn't handle one more "technical" interruption and was about to walk away. Poor people that paid thousands to see his lame performance. Never again.

1.0 star rating Tony Muñoz from Modesto, California


The most boring concert I have ever been to. Started 35 minutes late. Then bored the hell out of everyone for an hour with no variation of rhythms, and even stopped and left the stage and came back and blamed the audio engineers until the Mariachi came out. And then he wasn't sure which song to sing. kept singing out of sequence and timing. the worst lighting concert that i've seen. Blinding the public with white bright lights 95% of the time.An artist is suppose to earn cheers and clapping, NOT demand them or wouldn't sing. What a waste of talent. Instead of calling him El Sol de Mexico it should be The Eclipse of Mexico because he doesn't shine anymore.

1.0 star rating JTelles from Sacramento, California


You would think an artist with so many years of experience could get all the sound and equipment working properly before the actual concert and not during. Very distracting and made the concert not very enjoyable. Not only that , he throws his sound guy under the bus, blaming him for his sound problems. If that is the case, hire the best and pay them well. I was looking forward to an excellent concert but definitely did not turn out that way. Get your sh-t trogether, people are paying good hard earned money and expect the best out of you.

1.0 star rating Carlos Darwin from Chicago, IL


40 minutes late and he cannot sing anymore. Complete fraud, I don't understand why people still cheer and applaud. LM probably had a stroke or something.

1.0 star rating Desiree from Boston, Massachusetts


He has lost his magic, he never did a complete song and he looked uncomfortable on stage, always looking at himself on the screens on the sides of the stage, I think he should retired. Not worth the money and we paid 4.00 per person and got a free upgrade for seats that originally cost over 100 usd per person.

1.0 star rating Debbie Rodriguez from Raleigh, North Carolina


This was an anniversary gift to us from my husband’s parents. He was more than 2-1/2 hrs late with no explanation to the fans for the delay. We patiently waited until 11pm before leaving b/c my husband had to get up super early for work the next day. Total disregard and disrespect for his fans to be soooo late. Huge disappointment especially since this was a special date for my husband and I. I hope my in laws can get their money back.

1.0 star rating Juana pinguin from Raleigh, North Carolina


EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO ONE OF HIS CONCERTS!!!!! he was more than 3 hours late!! No explanation or apology. Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! I am furious !!!!! No longer a fan.goodbye

1.0 star rating Aimee Busquet from Tampa, Florida


My husband and i saw Luis Miguel in concert in Miami over 15 years ago. It was a magical evening with amazing performances and varied sets. We expected the same thing last night. What has happened to Luis MI? He was one and half late and never apologized, nor even spoke to his audience. He came on and just sang form song to song. He was off key and then allowed the audience to sing while he just danced around. It was simply pathetic. We were extremely disappointed. As hard-working people to go out on a Tuesday night is a stretch, and for him to leave us waiting for him without ever offering an apology of explanation is completely unacceptable. He did not earn m applause last night. After an hour of his shenanigans, we left. I will never pay my hard earned money to see him nor buy any of his music again. Last night was a sad spectacle of a former brilliant artist.

1.0 star rating Roxana Sandoval from Eugene, OREGON


I have been follow Luis Miguel since he was 11 More tan 38 years we went all the way to Las Vegas for hin. Horrible experience we had strong lights o. Our fave the whole time. The sounds was horrible I finish with a headache. The bed was when Mariachi Vargas came The pain is and the saxophone amazing but .... Luis Miguel start screaming that is. It singing. He ruin it! Sad

1.0 star rating Andrew from New York, New York


After reading all the reviews about him always starting late we decided to show up 20 minutes late but he started earlier than scheduled per the MSG manager and was done by 9. We got to see 4 songs, although it was a loss for everybody. If at performer with 40 years of experience can’t sing for more then 1 hour just retire!

1.0 star rating EDGAR HERRERA from New York, New York


He doesn’t sing no more, not once he “really” sang, he lets the audience sing…and the quality of sound balance was pretty bad! He never talked to the public, he didn’t acknowledge nor thank his musicians…I was bored, definitively will never pay again to see him. I actually want my money back! Did I mention that he started 30min late???

1.0 star rating Maria Lenkins from Houston, Texas


Luis Miguel at Toyota Center was a disappointing act. The sound was off, we could barely hear his voice. Half the time the microphone was away from his mouth and it sounded like mumbling. When we did hear his voice, it left much to be desired. He does not acknowledge the public whatsoever. It seemed like a bad karaoke set of our favorite oldies.

1.0 star rating Tatiana from Seattle, Washington


Cannot believe the level of disorganization at Climate Arena in Seattle on April 4, 2024 Staff under qualified, no sign if real Security. Only 2 entrances. Doors opened 1.5 he’s late and queue had only moved about a quarter after 2hrs… Thus is not what I paid for and this is the stuff that makes fans unfollow artists… no need for this with the level that is expected of a production company behind Luis Miguel. Are we still cutting corners after all that’s happened? Outraged !

1.0 star rating Maria Castellano from Seattle, Washington


Tarde porque estaba ensayando y la gente afuera esperando con frío, desconsiderado! Su voz? Adonde se fue? Nunca subía los tonos, cuando tenía que hacerlo le apuntaba el micrófono al público. Cambió los tonos de las canciones para no hacer las notas altas, que decepción. Lo único que tiene para ofrecer es su voz y no se escuchó para nada! La gente no se da cuenta simplemente lo idolatran, aunque muchos se salieron antes de la mitad del concierto.

1.0 star rating Humberto from Las Vegas, Nevada


It seems his physical condition restrains him from performing live.. Saw him el TMobile at las Vegas 2 days ago. At the beginning I though something was wrong with the audio, but then I realized it was Luis Miguel not being able to hit the notes of his songs. He couldnt even sing a full song of his set, the whole time he allowed the audience to sing for him and he just siging in a fee moments of the songs but just as a seconday accompanying voice. Quiet deceptive. In the other hand 3 highlighted aspects: - Show started 40 min late with any apology of any kind. ~ He didnt say a word in the whole concert, a Hellos Vegas, Good Bye Vegas would have made him connect a little with the audience. ~People asked for an ecore, and he didnt do it, my impression is that he s uncapable to do another song. He barely sang maybe 40 % of the whole concert. -Mariachi played las mañanitas and some other mariachi songs, but while mariachi was playing I could tell it was only the mariachi singing. -Its also clear that sound engineer has LM voice volume to the minimum, so its difficult to distinguish which song he was playing, without a leading voice standing out, ~ Despite all the above crowd asked for an encore, he came out again but just raised his hand was uncapable to deliver one more song. ~ Camaras never made a close up of his face in the entire concert. why? He was an top notch singer and his songs are all awesome, we all grow with his songs. I really respect him, but In mu humble opinion its about time to retire.

1.0 star rating Jb from Tampa, Florida


Del 100% si canto 20% es mucho, el resto lo doblo y el público lo canto. No tiene voz. Cero interacción con el público. Al principio del concierto se notaba totalmente que no estaba cantando. Descanto total. No volvería a verlo.

1.0 star rating María Quintero from Orlando, Florida


El concierto fue un desastre. O Luis Miguel no estaba cantando o el sonido de su micrófono no funcionaba. Puso a cantar al público en todas las canciones. Todo el público gritaba “No de Oye” los auxiliares de sonidos hicieron todo lo posible pero El alejaba el micrófono todo el tiempo. No duramos sino 40 minutos al igual que muchas de personas. Por favor fue una falta de respeto

1.0 star rating BDS from Orlando, Florida


Que lamentable que un artista como Luis Miguel haya realizado un espectáculo tan decadente. Es una falta de respeto que después de posponer en varias oportunidades el concierto en Tampa, no tuvo la amabilidad de agradecer al público o disculparse. Adicional a que no canto todo el inicio del concierto lo doblo, las canciones movidas tampoco las canto, mucho show con la boca, pero solo para simular que estaba cantando era obvio que todo estaba pregrabado. No se escuchaba absolutamente nada. Lo saco del fondo el mariachi que fue lo único que sirvió del concierto “no soy mexicana”. Una decepción debido no es lo que esperas cuando vas a disfrutar “escuchar cantar” a un artista con esa trayectoria. Será mi primer y último concierto.

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