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The Devil Wears Prada: A New Musical Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.5 Stars)

Number of reviews: 40



5.0 star rating Karen Herrmann from Chicago, Illinois


A very humorous and lively play. The actor, Megan Haley...(Emily-the 1st Assistant)... really stood out with her appearance and performance of this rich and funny character.

5.0 star rating J. Mitchell from Chicago, Illinois


We ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERYTHING about this play! A 5 Star talented cast, tremendous musical numbers, excellent script, sets and wardrobe were beyond stunning! DO NOT believe any negative reviews; our Sunday evening audience gave this event an extended standing ovation at the end!, laughed throughout, and had ONLY positive things to say upon exiting!

5.0 star rating A.T. from Chicago, Illinois


Absolutely Bwy-worthy job. Strong cast, especially actors playing Miranda, Andrea, Emily and Nigel, costumed fashionably. (For our performance, Andrea was played by the understudy, Megan Masako Haley, just as beautiful and personable as Anne H, with great pipes. Cannot imagine the actor she replaced could be any better). Miranda was perfect — the gravitas and stage presence of Meryl coupled with a strong voice and impeccable timing. All of your favorite lines and the speech are intact, as is Andy’s familiar cell phone ring. Elton John’s music works (lyrics incorporate more movie script) and moves the plot along. The scenery is clever. The first production number (Andy’s fruitless job hunting and then the call from Elias Publishing) uses a big photograph of the Avenue of the Americas next to the publishing bldg with Radio City on the right as the backdrop. As Andy enters into the elevator and ascends to Runway’s floor, the photograph changes — from street view going upward to top of skyscrapers. There are some, minor differences from the movie to streamline the story. Emily falls in the office (not breaking anything) after feeling faint from a diet for the Paris Trip. Miranda tells Andrea that Emily isn’t going to Paris at the Met Ball. Eliminating some dance numbers with no songs might be another beneficial steamline. But, essentially it’s the same story we all love with great songs and strong actors, warmly applauded by the audience.

5.0 star rating Margo from St. Louis, MO


We thought this was better than the movie! Loved Nigel! Loved Andy and Emily. The stage design and direction was outstanding. We were thrilled to see this and feel lucky that we are a part of this world debut! Our audience was very into it!

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


We loved it and actually saw it twice! I loved the song Dress Your Way Up and Seen. I did wish Miranda had ice silver hair, and didn’t think the roommates were needed. I smiled and laughed and had a great time.

4.0 star rating Robert Domagala from Chicago, Illinois


Fabulous scenery & over the top costumes make this a feast for the eyes. Most talented & young cast make dance numbers awesome. Music works well & fits this well known plot from the smashing film.

4.0 star rating Laura from Chicago, Illinois


Opening song is boring. Main character is overdoing the excitement and giggles and needs more intelligent dialogs instead. Bf/friends being so scorned about Andy having no time for them ... i cannot even. It isn't really clear what Miranda pulled in the last speech. But everything else we really fun and entertaining.

4.0 star rating Denese Barrera from Chicago, Illinois


First; what I loved; Nigel! Amazing singer and a beautiful voice! Great actor. You just felt him. So naturally talented! Loved his look, and he made the songs his own.I loved the dance number he was in, in the beginning! And the back up dancers and singers were amazing! Dance choreo and costuming was exciting! Loved the tall blond with the long legs, she should have been in it throughout the músical. I know she was but in a different costume, The set changes were incredible! The Eiffel Tower was outstanding! Loved all the back up dancers and singers. Costuming for them was eye catching. But dance choreo after the begging was only ok. Barely spins, leg kicks, how about some snoody pirouettes? Emily was perfect in her role, vocals, expression, acting, hair, makeup, costuming, all, spot on!!! Loved her!!!! Andy vocals-great, acting-great. Loved her soulful voice. A few songs brought you in but sad to say, the other songs she was given, where “yawn” 😒 I didn’t know she could dance till later in the show. She should have danced more early on! Who ever dressed her should be fired, or made to wear what she wore, and see how they would have felt. I’ve been an extra 8 or more times in Chicago and my clothing was way more exciting! The first outfit with the thigh high boots was cool! But after that, she looked like she was 40 and going to church. “Lord, let us pray, lol”. The dance part when they put the black hat and jacket on her, why black? Um black absorbs light, how about vibrant color like the dancers??? Perhaps go to some Chicago Drag Clubs, Untitled, etc… to watch their shows for ideas? Her boyfriend had great vocals but his acting wasn’t convincing. Loved Miranda, don’t get me started with her clothing, and she’s supposed to be the the fashion police??? Come on!!! Loved her acting and vocals All in all, I am super happy I went, great date with my daughter and I did love certain parts!

3.0 star rating Paul Garry from Chicago, Illinois


I really wanted to like this show. Unfortunately, it just misses the mark. The songs are not quite memorable, the lead character Andy Sachs is ok but is not the combination of intelligence and glamor (after transformation) that the character demands, the second acts bogs down, the character of Emily is not given enough to do while several of the other supporting cast fade into the stage set and, perhaps most shockingly, the costumes while good are not breathtaking enough. While the characters of Miranda and Nigel are wonderfully played, they cannot quite make up for the other inadequacies which reduces this play from a blockbuster to a play that is just ok.

3.0 star rating Grace from Chicago, Illinois


Saw DWP on Wednesday 7/20. I went in with really high expectations as the cast and production crew is quite stacked on paper. However, the production as a whole doesn’t quite gel and there are several major weaknesses that should be addressed before it advances to Broadway. The most glaring of these weaknesses for me was the lyrics; many of the numbers would benefit from some rewrites with the “show don’t tell” principle in mind, particularly Andi’s opening number and Nigel’s solo song in Paris. It was also a crime how underutilized Emily’s character was especially in Act 2, as she was in my opinion the most effective actor on the stage. Andi’s descent into self-absorbedness happened far too quickly in Act 1, thus setting up Act 2 to have poor pacing (the Paris sequence as a whole took up far too much time). Kayla and Lauren did a nice job with the material they were given but at times their presence felt very unnecessary. Overall a good foundation, but needs fine-tuning.

3.0 star rating Greg C from Chicago, Illinois


While enjoyable the production is a little all over the place. Beth Levell is under utilized to the point that the devil is lost in the show. The theme song needs a rewrite or more prominence in the show. The actress playing Andy has a gorgeous voice but you leave the theater without a song replaying in your head. Staging is strange often set changes steal focus from the lead singing her emotional ballad. move the furniture later. Would love to see a duet between Miranda and Andy. The boyfriend and two friends also need some better moments. In all the pieces are there for a great show just needs some reworking. Also runs long and needs tightening up before New York.

3.0 star rating Nancy from Detroit, MI


The musical got bogged down in secondary characters ( the roommates) which didn’t allow enough interacting songs between Miranda and Andy. I thought the opening number would have worked better if Miranda appeared in it. Nigel was great and his dialogue and singing were memorable.

3.0 star rating JLR312 from Chicago, Illinois


I saw the play on 7/23 so I few days into the production. I loved the costumes and set designs. The music was good but not great. The stand outs for me were Beth Leavel as Miranda Priesly and Megan Haley as Emily. I think Megan Haley is wonderful, It's not the casts fault for not having a better score and Lyrics.

3.0 star rating D. J. Beiler from Milwaukee, WI


I was so excited for the preview of this show but then reality hit. The first act was without a doubt the most lackluster! It really bothers me how a skilled group headed by Elton John can right a musical that doesn’t provide a song you can walk out humming to. In addition, how can a script include a four year romance between Alex and her boyfriend, yet no expression of the problems or joys through a duet. The Theme song and dance number of The Devil Wears Prada was boring and forgettable! Four of us attended the matinee today. We are all Broadway musical regulars and higher caliber attendees, in any, Chicago and various regional venues. Your problem is not the performers other than Beth Leaval being under utilized. Just hope you read these reviews and act upon it!!!

3.0 star rating Danny from Chicago, Illinois


I saw the matinee on 7/23. I loved the movie so I was disappointed that the show fell flat. No memorable songs, costumes looked cheap, roommates were cool but got too much attention, Emily and Miranda underutilized, Christian seemed half-drawn as Andy loved him and then hated him even though they didn't have much of a relationship and he was mostly a side character. The writers seemed to try to use a pool table as a metaphor for Andy's relationships with her friends and Nate but made the show look to be on a tight budget. Beth Leavel has amazing stage presence and should have had a lot more time on stage. Harry Potter was gone from the show even though it showed a real transformation in the movie. They spotlighted HR Sharon from the book which was cute but took too much time away from the meat of the story. The clackers at the intro were too ominous and gave horror vibes even though the most horrible thing that happened was Miranda called too much. The show has potential but needs work

2.0 star rating Prabha Parameswaran from Chicago, Illinois


Attended the premier of The Devil Wears Prada: A new musical at the Neederlander in Chicago on Tuesday 7/19/22. First, the live orchestra was horrible - not a good start for a MUSICAL! Second, while a few performances were "good", overall the quality of the singing and "script reading" was ho-hum at best. Given that Beth Leavel is a Tony recipient, was expecting so much more out of her which we did not get last night. Taylor Iman Jones showed promise last night but her timing was often off and awkward. Javier Munoz (who plays Nigel) stole the show in my opinion but could not save it alone. The Ensemble provided many moments of joy thankfully in this 2 hr + production. Lyrics really need to be cut down to make this a more enjoyable and memorable musical. Had a really hard time recalling any lyrics to any song including chorus/ refrain as just too wordy and surprisingly (given Elton John wrote the score) no catchy tunes. Stick to the movie folks !

2.0 star rating J. Graziano from Chicago, Illinois


I REEEEAALLY wanted this to be sensational as ‘Devil Wears Prada” is one of my all time favorite movies, it’s one of those you have to keep watching no matter what point you find it on TV….Gladiator is like that too…But if I am honest, this was a huge flop. The book and score were barely mediocre and ALL the most important moments fell flat and did not ‘land’. The arc of the characters were extremely muddled and this led to nothing really having any emotional punch. Even the costumes, which one could imagine would lend themselves to be downright out of this world fabulous, looked gaudy and ‘costume-ey’. They missed a wonderful opportunity to really celebrate the fashion world, even pay a sort of homage to past decades showcasing iconic looks and fashions icons but Nope, we got cheesy, lack of focused, cheap looking, stale, stereo typical looks. The whole thing was just awful. And the music… C’mon Elton, really?? This is what you came up with? There was not one single song that lent to any real emotional feeling…. Not one beautiful melody or even pop style song that you wanted to tap your feet or sing along too. All the music felt disjointed, like it didn’t know what it wanted to be. But the worst was again, every moment that should have been vital for the unfolding of character developement, that should have been poignant and pivotal shaping the characters arc with substance was completely and utterly missed. It was convoluted by bad lyrics, indulgent excess dialogue and unnecessary distractions. Don’t waste your money unless you want to be mildly entertained from a few good dancers who know how to strut like models. Ps: I worked as a professional on stage for nearly 25 yrs so I do have a more critical eye, but also more expertise.

2.0 star rating Rebecca from Crown Point, IN


At intermission, I said the show was “kinda boring.” I should have waited until the show was over because the second act would be best described as an insomnia cure. Very disappointing.

2.0 star rating Megan B. from Chicago, Illinois

MEH - 6/10

Adaptations have to be done in a way that stays true to the story, while still bringing something fresh, relatable, and moving. This..just was none of those things. The jokes were updated and didn't land. The lyrics were forgettable. The acting was fine but more like good acting from a local production rather than a professional stage. I liked the ensemble the best. The production and set design was amazing. If this got anywhere near Broadway, there would have to be a LOT of reworking

2.0 star rating Lba from Chicago, Illinois ( by way of Kansas City )


It’s no Billy Elliot. It’s no movie Prada. It’s a disappointment. It has a few bright spots. But it is slow, disjointed, dull, uninspired, cliche, and a real let down. Should be way better on all the levels. Everyone has to know this. No NY for this show without serious work.

2.0 star rating LMP from Chicago, Illinois


I saw this musical last night. It was disappointing. I think it's fair to say the movie was centered around the glamour, clothes and the evil Miranda. This was non existent in the musical. Miranda's character was lack luster and her "look" was outdated. Andrea transformation was poor, especially using an old Gucci bag as part of her accessories. I agree with the other comments as well. I will say the cast did have beautiful voices. My favorite character was Emily. Her costumes were appropriate for her role. It's a shame the ball was dropped with Miranda & Andrea.

2.0 star rating J. Gordon from Chicago, Illinois


The set design was great. The rest disappointing. Saw play on 7/31. Can not recall one song. No need for Andy to have friends as they were not needed. I never believed her relationship with Nate. For a play about fashion, her little transformation was a huge missed opportunity and her Paris dresses were BORING. Miranda’s dialogue was not cutting enough and Emily and Nigel steal every scene with great personality and that’s the problem. Everyone is more interesting than Andy Sachs.

2.0 star rating E. Quinn from Chicago, Illinois


I saw the July 24 evening showing. Loved the movie and was very excited to see Broadway's take on it. There were a few bright spots, but overall, very disappointing. No memorable songs for a musical is what stands out the most. The Christian character was not good at all, and Andi was just okay (although she did have a lovely voice). The Nigel and Emily characters were the stars and I did enjoy many of the colorful costumes. Good thing this is pre-broadway and there is time to fix some things before hitting Midtown.

2.0 star rating Colin from Chicago, Illinois


A very strange play. While set design is very impressive you get the sense that the creators of the show have a disdain for high fashion. I understand it is not everyone's cup of tea but if your are making a play based on The Devil Wears Prado the costumes need to look amazing not a hodgepodge of baggy 1940s styles and mocking of haute couture. The dress Emily wore for the gala was ridiculous and not in a fabulous way. There were no memorable songs and the only standout characters are Nigel and Emily. The transformation of Andi was chunky and honestly the actress really did not seem really into the role nor did she have chemistry with the love interests. I understand this is not the final product but oh boy does it need work before it goes to Broadway.

2.0 star rating Larry O from Chicago, Illinois


I am surprised that no-one has mentioned this yet: a boss verbally harassing a subordinate is no longer acceptable. Maybe the playwright hasn't heard of the Great Resignation? No-one deserves to be treated this way...and it's not humorous. Perhaps, it would have worked better if they had set it in a previous decade (?). If this does go to Broadway, audiences may enjoy the fashion, but the NY press will eat it for lunch.

2.0 star rating Susan from Chicago, Illinois


While there were many funny moments and some characters were spot on, overall, the show needs a lot of work. First of all, it’s too long at nearly 2 1/2 hours; it should be much tighter, especially as some of the scenes simply don’t move the story along. Next, the choreography and costuming are a mess. Finally, the structure is off. What should be the lead song is nearly unintelligible, not the blockbuster it should be, and the show ends in a whimper. When it was done, we asked ourselves, “that’s it?”, rather than jumping to our feet to clap enthusiastically. I really wanted to like it, and maybe I will if it’s reworked before Broadway.

2.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


All I will say is that two “moments” from the movie. Miranda’s two monologues. We’re slobbered all over in terrible song choices. I could barely make out what she was saying. Good thing I know the movie. I was disappointed.

2.0 star rating Liz44 from Chicago, Illinois


Expected better since the move was great. None of the songs were memorable and showed off the actors voices. Disappointed in the costumes as they have the potential to be awesome. The whole show I kept thinking this would be better as a play and from someone who loves musicals that is a sad thought. Tickets were cheap (won the lottery) but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Will be surprised if it lasts long.

2.0 star rating JLO from Chicago, Illinois


Expected to be wowed with such a formidable cast and production - however the whole thing was just a bummer. The songs/score were shocking dull and forgettable. Script/story was pretty good but clunky at times. Choreagraphy/dancing was dull too. Just meh. Hope they can re-work it because it should be great with that cast!

2.0 star rating Patti from Chicago, Illinois


Very simply - the first half was a bright, witty and comedic look at a twenty- something journalist figuring her way in the fashion industry. The second half is entirely dark (even the lighting) and dramatic devoid of comedy, Huge shift in tone. And unfortunately the Elton John score is unmemorable and falls flat. p.s. If you're there to see photo shoots or cover illustrations or up-to-date fashions - this is not the show for you.

1.0 star rating John harris from Chicago, Illinois


Songs are forgettable. Voices are weak. Opening number is weird. Tries to be relevant and politically correct and fails

1.0 star rating Paula from Chicago, Illinois


We saw the opening of devil wears Prada…it was awful! No memorable songs or acting. The best thing was the set which is hardly enough to make a great show. Don’t waste your money. Watch the movie!

1.0 star rating Bob Johnson from Chicago, Illinois


The Devil should sue that his name is in the title.

1.0 star rating Gigi from Chicago, Illinois


It was just bad. The songs weren’t memorable, the characters were annoying, the fashion was terrible. At least spring for reputable fashion if you’re doing a production based upon the high fashion industry. I suffered through the first half and couldn’t bear the thought of another hour. I left at intermission.

1.0 star rating Lassen Hisami from Chicago, Illinois


Went into this musical excited for the show, songs, and characters. Left EXTREMELY underwhelmed and regretting that I even went to the show in the first place. The story is weak and has no originality, the characters are basic and have no likable traits, none of the songs are memorable, the choreography is dull, and not a single actor could sing well. I’ve been to many musicals and even have participated in them and never have I seen one as disappointing as The Devil Wears Prada. The concept was promising, but the execution and acting skills completely eliminated any hope of this musical being anything more than a complete waste of time. If you’re even slightly still interested, just watch the movie, at least the acting skills are decent.

1.0 star rating Christi Shepherd from Chicago, Illinois


We planned our entire Chicago trip around this event. I’ve seen 30+ Broadway or traveling Broadway productions and I’m sad to report this is the most disappointing one I’ve ever attended. Honestly, I was shocked by how much work it needs. I’m not sure what was the worst aspect of the show - the off-key singing from nearly every cast member, the lack of choreography for long sections (though some moments were great), or the incredibly slanted woke agenda of the script that fell flat for the audience. Even the gay couple sitting next to us left at intermission and never came back, so we took their seats. I really hope the best for everyone involved - but sorry, I don’t see this show thriving on Broadway without some major improvements.

1.0 star rating Denise Smith from Chicago, Illinois


Was so looking forward to seeing this show. It was missed cast with marginal thought into the wardrobe or finesse a Broadway show should deliver. Andy Sachs, played by Jessie Hooker-Bailey was a far stretch. Not showing any transformation in a girl stepping up in the fashion world. To be honest there was not fashion in this show as Miranda Priestly played by Beth Leavel appears in a tweed pants suit looking like it came from Target in the a gala event seen. RREALLY! Don't waste your time and money on this one! I had a hard time keeping my eyes open after the intermission........

1.0 star rating Linda from Chicago, Illinois


Like others, I so wanted to live TDWP. Alas, for the first time in 50 years I walked out of a live performance. Although the set design was great, the dialogue was essentially the screenplay and lacked the zip. The direction was poor. The costumes were frightening. The great Sir Elton John’s music was just ok. Best performance was by the actor portraying Amanda Priestly. On that note, I’m so sad.

1.0 star rating KLF from Chicago, Illinois


I had High hopes but I was extremely disappointed. If you have never seen the movie, this play makes no sense. The nuanced parts of the movie that explain how hard Andys' s job is etc do not translate here at all. The dancing, the singing, the fashion all looked like dinner theatre. The dresses Andy wears looked like the clearance rack from Macys. Itt Made no sense when Emily shows up Ina hospital bed. Elton John wrote these songs? I just don't believe it. BORING!!!!! The biggest applause was for one set change to the Eiffel Tower. Says it all

1.0 star rating Robyn from Texas


This musical reminded me of a bad Disney show. A few popular one liners, 2 friends that had no purpose, a lame boyfriend, and terrible costumes. It was like they went to TJ Max for costumes. They put Miranda in a Hillary Clinton pantsuit for the finale. I can’t imagine this making it to Broadway. Skip the show and watch a replay of the movie online.


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