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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.0 Stars)

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5.0 star rating Eric Szkola from Edison NJ


This is my 6th Tool concert, but this one was the best and well worth the wait! Just about everyone respected the band's wishes and kept their phones away with the exception of a few knuckleheads. Saw a few of them get tossed. The band was completely engaged and put on an amazing performance! I was 3 rows up from the right side of the stage in section 10 and it went from a concert to almost a religious experience. They were absolutely phenomenal!! I have to admit I was shocked when Maynard gave the crowd a gift at the end. I was so close to the stage, he was completely into his performance, they all were!! Danny's solo after the intermission was insane!! Next Gen Neil Peart and absolute Master was all I could think to myself during that solo. But the reality is, all 4 members f'en crushed it with passion and perfection! For 20 years this band has been my favorite, and they always will be! Tool forever!!

5.0 star rating Brian Williamson from Nashville, Tennessee


This was my 2nd show, the first being in 1996 at Starwood. The 2020 was by far an outstanding performance, and the 1st one was too no doubt. But this show really felt special. The crowd was feeding off the energy of the band and the super amazing light show! It was a performance! Each sonds energy past on to the next to point of being electrifying. We met many people there and were enjoying themselves as we were too. I will go again.

5.0 star rating Bryan P. from Memphis, Tennessee


For the first time in 9 years. The wife and I had a date night. Days leading up to the show were ho hum, thats putting it lightly. On the way somewhere to do something I was dreading im sure. I happened to catch Syd on 98.1 mention a chance to win tix to Tool. On a whim , i tossed my hat in. Thinking I was wasting my time. I never win anything. Amazingly I WON! There is more to the story. But I wont bore anyone. Ive been a Tool fan since 1993. And missed the chance to see them at the Coliseum years ago. So the same week I begin a new job after being out of meaningful work for nearly a year. I win the tickets of a lifetime. Tool saved my relationship with my wife of 20 years. We both let it all hang out without a care in the world and smiled, laughed, cheered and did not stop moving our bodies or sit down once during the entire show. The band came out of the gate firing on all cylinders. From the first note until the last. With absolutely no let up. Being able to watch 4 craftsmen , ply their trade. In an era of music mediocrity. Has been an unbelievably uplifting experience. Injecting much needed joy and optimism into our lives. And yes, music done properly can change a lifes direction. And in this case a relationships. The wife got to see a side of me she has never seen before in 20 years of marriage. Being able to share this concert experience with her. Made it even more special. Thank you so much to the band. For being absolute professionals and creative masterminds. It is truly appreciated. And thank you to the members of the Tool Army. For being some of the best music fans, that any band would be lucky to have. Next time our children will be exposed to the musical juggernaut of TOOL!!

5.0 star rating Toolio from San Francisco, California


My wife and I went to seeTool in 2001 when we first got married. 20 Years later, we are over 50, and just rocked out asses off for 2 days straight. That’s right, we saw them in Sacramento and then 24 hours later we went saw them again in San Francisco. That was the most exciting 24 hours of my life. We totally let loose jumping around and screaming. The San Fran show was better that Sac. The crowd was better and Tool sounded a little better. Maybe the mix was better. We had a great group around us and we were coming unglued. When they played hooker with a penis I fucking lost it. There old songs had a new vitality to them. It was so damn primal and immersive. Anyone who didn’t love this concert is not a real tool fan. There was absolutely nothing that I didn’t love all night. They also surprised us with Sober. I lost it a bit then to. If you are a Tool fan, you need to beg borrow and steal to get to this tour. It may be one of the greatest nights of your life. It was for me.

5.0 star rating Michael Gonzalez from San Francisco, California


I’ve seen Tool 30plus times. I’ve seen them several nights in a row. I have to say this show was one of my favorites. Maynard was more engaged and has never sounded stronger and more in control of his voice. He reminds us that hard rock still needs finesse and melody. He sounded incredible. Danny killed it, Adam was flawless and Justin always brings it. I took my 21 year old daughter who listens to EDM. She is a convert, it was fun to see it through new eyes. I’m just sad because I felt like they were putting it all out there to say goodbye! Am I crazy? There’s no way I can thank them for all the joy they’ve put into my life, still the best band of all time!

5.0 star rating Marco from San Francisco, California


The music was spot on, I wish they would have played a few more of the older hits but it was still amazing. My only real complaint was that Maynard was in the shadows the whole time. But still an amazing concert and the light show was awesome!

5.0 star rating Bill Mintzer from Denver, Colorado


My 15 year old son and I went in Denver last nite. First tool concert for either of us. Big fans of early stuff. I knew these guys were masters of their craft but holy s--- They r on a level with few bands ever. I put them on a level of musicianship and intensity with rush- the best I've ever seen live. What a night tho. Great sound, great crowd that really 'gets' the band, sweeping, epic songs with lightning fast breaks pulled off perfectly. These cats didn't miss a note all night. Best gift was this- that level of musicianship and dedication to their craft hardly exists anymore. That my young son (a percussionist) got to c that and experience that raw power and talent so perfectly executed was very special. Son was blown away. Inspired. Dad most grateful 🙏

5.0 star rating Angela from Las Vegas, Nevada


Can not say enough about that show! It was absolutely the best concert ever! Floor seats get all the sound! Sensory overload!! Amazing! Loved it soo much I went to Colorado Springs less than a week later to see again but The sound at T-Mobile was way superior. I was 5 rows back right in the center and Danny’s base drum was slamming me right into the chest so good!

5.0 star rating Malcolm Pritchett from Hopkinsville, Kentucky


I’ve been going to rock concerts since the late 70s and this was the first time I’ve seen Tool. One of if not the best concerts I’ve ever attended. Entertaining, stimulating and engaging. The light show was fantastic. Each member of the band displayed their mastery of their instruments and collectively the true Beauty of their art. Absolutely great show !

5.0 star rating Brian Baker from Birmingham Alabama


Tools Louisville show was a face meter,and at 58 having seen all manner of bands,that's not an easy task,their curtains,lighting,lasers were all spot on ,this was my 3rd time since the new Lp and it amazes me that they have changed their show so much in so little time,that shows their commitment and loyalty to their fans,Maynard seemed to enjoy himself and that's a good thing.

5.0 star rating Jason A from Kansas City, Missouri


Seen Tool probably 6-7x. Right when you think their show can’t get better, it does. If this is your first Tool show on this tour, as the great Samuel L Jackson once said, “hold on to your butts”.

4.0 star rating Mike from Tustin, CA


What an amazing band! I just wish that I could hear Maynard better. From my seat, all I could hear was the guitar, bass, and drums and him just occasionally. I'm thinking it must have just been where I was sitting, but it was very disappointing not being able to hear him. HIs voice is essential and without it I was left wanting more....Not the band's fault. It's either the venue or the sound technicians.....

4.0 star rating Rob from Houston, Texas


Light show - 5 stars set list - 3 stars sound quality - 4 stars stage - 5 stars crowd engagement - 5 stars Although i understand playing their latest and greatest especially since it's Fear Innoculum tour, but most of the people in the crowd have been listening to Tool since the early nineties. There should have been more representation from Lateralus and undertow. some of the new songs drag on and their sound was mushy which others have mentioned. Overall it's a cathartic almost religious experience as always, just wish the sound and set-list were more of what i wanted. I still recommend

4.0 star rating Mike from Grand Rapids, Michigan


WOW, first time seeing Tool, long time fan. SOOO glad I get to check this off the bucket list. Agree w/ others, the MUSIC was spot on, amazing energy & carrying the melodies & riffs from beginning to end. HOWEVER.....where the hell was Maynard?? Was that him?? He stayed on the platform, never found a spot light or the front of the stage a SINGLE TIME the entire night!!?? Maybe this is his thing, maybe there's some component of taking the focus off of himself & making the emphasis the music makers, but it SURE would have been nice to get a glimpse of this master of the lyric & vocal chords. That constructive criticism being said, I'd buy another ticket in a HEARTBEAT!!

3.0 star rating Kevin from Phoenix, Arizona


I loved the setlist especially descending and hooker with a penis. The sound was bad. It was warm up band quality. Either Adam was having a bad night (doubtful for sure) or his equipment was faulty. Or maybe it was the venue acoustics or the sound engineers but regardless it wasn’t good. Guitar dropped in and out and vocals washed out. Volume so high that is sounded distorted. Nothing against the band whom I have seen many times, just bad sound.

3.0 star rating SY Safari from Denver, Colorado


Incredible light show and ambience at this Tool show - just a total trip to watch. Sound quality was at times so atrocious I thought they were having technical problems. Some songs early in the show were so distorted they just became an unrecognizable grind. Shame when you can barely make out Maynard's voice. Dark stage setting made it hard to see the band as well. End of show with Culling Voices and Invincible were huge highlights.

3.0 star rating Kurt Mihalik from Cocoa Beach, Florida


The worst sound stage in my 47 years of concert going (61 years old). BASS, BASS, THUMP, THUMP.... No midrange (vocals) and no treble (lead guitar). And it was not the venue. Some of the other shows also had reviews of the sound problem. When you pay $275 for a ticket, you, (I), expect some sound quality. I have never written a review, posted on social media, I don't even have a cell phone. I was just disappointed to the extent that I went and looked to see if other shows/people had a similar experience. And it seems to be a common problem for the band, which I have been listening to since the first CD. Yes, I still play CDs and vinyl and have a high power home audio system with Bose 901 speakers. So when I go to a concert and hear something so totally different than my home concert experience I have to say something. TOOL, you know better. Fix the sound and rock on...

3.0 star rating Mook from Buffalo, New York


I agree with many here. I love this band but the sound was terrible. WAY too loud and poorly mixed. Couldn’t really differentiate the instruments. Went with the earplugs for a bit but was very disappointed with the sound mix.

3.0 star rating Jeff from Chicago, Illinois


I was center stage right. I agree with all the sound issue comments as I had the same experience. I saw them in Milwaukee at Fiserv at their Halloween 2019 concert and the sound was clear, with separation and Manards awesome voice came through clear. This is not the first bad sound experience at United Center.

3.0 star rating Ann Jensen from Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Mpls show on 3/13/22 was mostly new material. We knew only 2 of the songs they played. There was times where very few people were really into it while the rest of the audience just sat there. The sound was good. It was a short set and not really worth the wait for this show.

2.0 star rating Lana Reese from Phoenix, Arizona


I took my 14 yo son, and I familiar with the more popular songs. I thought Maynard and the band sounded perfect, but I paid to see them perform. Had I prepared and read up ahead of time I would have known that is not what you will see at a Tool show, but I guess I am old school and prefer to actually see the band play and be interactive. As for my son, he was bored. Oh well... It was an experience either way.

2.0 star rating AlchemyGeek from Seattle, Washington


First of all let me start by saying I am a BIG Tool fun. I have spent most likely 1000s of hours listening to Tool music over the last 3 decades. So I was very pumped up to be in the venue. Unfortunately the show was a let down. The sounds was horrific, with the drums and base being especially pronounced and the guitar and vocals barely auditable. The band is using this very cool screen in front and around the stage that they project images and video but the problem is that it obscures the view of the band members. The screen retracted after 3-4 songs which helped. Finally, Maynard was in his usual raised platform positioned left and right the stage but there we no lighting shined in these platforms so the majority of the concert he was either a shadow or not visible at all. Oh well at least RATM are coming soon to Tacoma Dome.

2.0 star rating Josh from Los Angeles, California


I have seen tool more than I can truly count probably 50 or more….Tools N American tour in 2020 I caught the Sacramento(Festival) and then the staple center show before Covid happened…was soo stoked for this show, but suddenly the vocals half way through the set got so muddy and buried I couldn’t hear him(Maynard). I have seen a few shows at the Honda center and It has always been lacking, but I’m just curious if I’m just so used to perfection of TOOL that some sound issues jUst threw me? I’m sure it was just this one time, but I also remember when Kobe fell apart!! TOOL is in my opinion the greatest but recency bias is a thing…in a world of the greatest ability is availability! Oh man!! I took and promised my new TOOL fan that she was not ready for TOOL for a week or so before and it was gonna change her life. So now I’m depending on your next show to bring it!! Because she is clinging to Radiohead Hollywood Bowl!! God damn shit the bed!!!


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