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Marc Anthony Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 87



5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I went with my sister and niecez we loved it. He seemed to enjoy this concert and the crowd was amazing. He is truly a star! Planning to attend other concerts on this tour. Would recommend it. Not one empty seat.

5.0 star rating JD from Boston, Massachusetts


Amazing!! His presence and voice fantastico ese hombre!!

5.0 star rating Suarez from New York, New York


Had a fantastic time he blew the roof off the joint...amazing voice and talent

5.0 star rating Ralf Lucas from Augusta, Georgia


Marc Anthony blew the roof of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta! With a mix of old and new material and several solo appearances by the guitarist, the keyboard players and the drummer this was a must see! Moreover, he connected great with the audience. My wife and I had an unforgettable evening. Muchas gracias Marc!

5.0 star rating Ledesma from Rancho Cucamonga , California


Had such an amazing evening. Marc Anthony’s voice was amazing and got the crowd going. His presence at Citizens Arena, Ontario, Ca. Was worth the wait. Great performer will definitely see him again .

5.0 star rating Elizabeth from Naples, Florida


Absolutely fabulous show. Barely heard MA sing though because the crowds (of 8,000+) belted out every single song of his. They were electric, dancing in the aisles. but MA's voice (when I heard it) was fabulous. A really super voice. One negative was that he sang Spanish songs exclusively, not one English song, and being a non-latino I missed that. And the bling was amazing, the ladies went all out, nice to see. While the men, so many in their all-black outfits, were also a sight to see. All round - quite the experience.

4.0 star rating Jdyow from Toronto, Ontario


Opening act was a comedian who was not funny. He gets 1 star out of 5. Marc Anthony had us on our feet from beginning to end. I was looking forward to hearing his English songs like You Sang to Me, but those were missing from the show. Other than that, I found he engaged with the audience and is a great performer. I'm glad I went to the concert!

4.0 star rating Jay from Montreal, Quebec


Montreal Nov 11th, Amazing show but did not last long enough, only about 1:20 min, I had to wait 2 years because he canceled last year... not fair.

3.0 star rating Ed marcano from Uncasville moeghan sun


I expected alot more.A brilliant singer but a lackluster performance. No change of clothes no dancers missed alot of great songs!A wack comedian for opening actt.His earlier concerts were much better than this

3.0 star rating Audrey Ospina from Bethpage, NY


Only did salsa music. None of his hit songs were sang. Was disappointed in his show. Came out late and on stage and only for an hour and a half. Was expecting much more. Sorry we went.

3.0 star rating Johanna from Lancaster, Pa


I have been a fan of M.A. forever and it was in my bucket list to see him in concert, I am extremely dissappinted and will never spend a dime to see him again, at least not if I have to pay. Arrived on stage super late, constantly requesting that the audience sing his songs, I did not pay to hear other peoples voices, just his. Took forever between songs as if he had to rest before the next song, totally disrespectful towards his fans. He has amazing musicians that should try to stage their own show to rock their talent, but I did not pay for M.A. to showcase them individually for over 10 minutes while I was paying to hear him sing. When he sang, his voice as usual was amazing, but it's sad that he would take advantage of his fans and short change them like that.. I'm over him!

3.0 star rating Philip from Dallas, Texas


So this would be the fifth time I have seen Marc Anthony live. My wife is Central American, so I know many of the Spanish only songs, and unlike other reviewers, believe that is his best work. Show started at 10:16PM, with a ticket face time of 9PM. Previous times we have seen him i have been in awe and have commented on what a professional entertainer he is. A latin Frank Sinatra, all business. This time though, I felt he let the audience sing too much of many of the choruses of the songs. As the show went on though, it was as if he fed off the energy of the crowd, and it got better as it progressed. From reading other reviews, his encore has been Vivir Mi Vida. In Dallas we got treated to two songs, "Tu Amor Me Hace Bien", and "Vivir Mi Vida". The encore was worth it, and you could see he was impressed by the crowds adulation after the first song. He should fire his sound crew though. Instrumentals were set too high and drowned out his voice at times.

3.0 star rating Mary from Washington, District of Columbia


The comedian was very disrespectful making jokes about races & sex only & and how he doesn’t believe in covid. Not funny at all. You could tell everyone had serious faces while he kept taking..

3.0 star rating Milena Alvarez from New York, New York


This was my third concert with him and I don’t remember any of the others been so boring. He should have done much better, especially after the pandemic. Starting that late is getting really old! All those music solos were too much. Missed a lot of the good songs.

3.0 star rating Jorge Berrios from Orlando, Florida


The concert was scheduled to start at 8:00pm. Marc showed up at 9:45pm. I know he's a celebrity, but if I can be there early, so should he. Marc had either a weak microphone or his voice was fainting. In any case, I know the quality of singer he is; I was very disappointed.

3.0 star rating Natasha from Orlando, Florida


This was my sixth time going to see MA and I must say I was disappointed. I am used to him being an hour and a half late so I am never there on time. At least this time he had an opening act to make the wait go by quicker. That was the only positive. The music was so loud that there were times when you could not hear his voice. The backup singers were overpowering and the worse part of the show was the downtime between songs. It was LONG and the crowd died down each time. The energy was not the same. He barely sang, and when he did he took a lot of breaks making the musicians the focus. I must say this will be my last show. Not worth being in a crowd of people, specially during Covid for that performance, or lack there of.

3.0 star rating Alex from Fort Myers, Florida


said 7pm comedian showed up 830 I think marc showed up 9:32pm super late. this was was second concert same place with marc.

3.0 star rating Carlos Pepin from Miami, Florida


The concert started one and a half hours late, he looked tired and the public sang most of the time, The warm up comedian was not funny at all, even he tried to. The stage was nothing spectacular like for a Marc Anthony concert, I’ve seen lot better for less famous artists. In the middle of the concert he sang a medley of ballads and slow songs that a lot of the public started to stand up their seats to the bathroom or to get something to eat or drink, it was like a break. As a proud Puertorican i left more and very disappointed because he didn’t sing our second national anthem, Preciosa !! I gave him a 3 because he had a couple songs that he put his heart to it, very few. It’s a shame because I admire him very much and have been following him for many years. Maybe he had a bad day !!

3.0 star rating DDKL from Los Angeles, California


I agree with the overall reviews which I read while we waited and waited in our seats for 1 hour and 45 minutes for the concert to begin. (8pm start time but Marc Anthony did not appear on stage until about 9:45pm). This was inconsiderate to his loyal followers who did arrive on time. He sang ballads in the first hour, which did not set the tone for the fire we expected Marc Anthony to bring. At close to 11pm, he told the crowd the ballads would be over and the lively salsa we were all waiting for would begin, but it really didn't. There were significant pauses/breaks between each song, a lot of long instrumental moments, and less of Marc Anthony singing (and about half the time, while singing, he faced the band and not the audience). He was also hard to hear over the very loud music. Some of his connecting with the audience "moments" where he stared off into the crowd on the precipice of emotion, appeared contrived. It was a Latin concert but at least 1-2 english songs would have been nice to hear. The liveliest, get on your feet moment, was the finale, when he sang Vivir Mi Vida. A few years ago, I saw Marc Anthony in concert and his performance was electrifying. We were on our feet the whole time. This was definitely not that. Sorry Marc Anthony, I am a huge fan but I don't think you gave the people what they came for. Your last concert of the year did not bring it.

3.0 star rating BSYKIK from Long Island NY


Truly disappointed. Concert was to start at 8PM Marc Anthony did not come on stage until 9:30 and was done 11:15 with zero performance in English. I was really looking forward to his English version songs and would have been nice to have them in the mix😟

3.0 star rating Imelda DeLeon from Ontario Ca


First time to watch the concert of Marc here at Toyota Arena last Friday, Oct. 28 ‘22 the Concert start at 8 pm the Man hosting were not even funny it bored me . He was an hour &half late . We are Asians watching and he never even sing English throughout his more than an hour concert. The amplifier were so loud we couldn’t hear each other. Pause in between songs and the group band were great but he didn’t perform well. He could have sing English songs coz his audience were diverse audience not just Spanish people. I read most of his reviews a lot of his fans were disappointed . Will be my first and last to watch his concert not worth my time and money.

3.0 star rating Karin Hurtado from Toronto, Ontario


Yesterday I attended the Marc Anthony concert at Scotiabank Arena, ( nov 10,2022 )the venue was great, lots of security, supposed starting at 8pm but that didn't happen, comenzó tarde y con un comediante que por ratos daba pena , creo que hubiese sido mejor un grupo de salsa para comenzar a hacer ambiente, Marc Anthony como siempre canto bien, pero el concierto fue corto ,falto un monton de canciones,q si son muchas podria a ver hecho mas popurris ,no entiendo x q despues de cada cancion tenian q parar completamente y apagar las luces,nunca vi esto antes y como que desubica al publico ,y hay veces eran muchos minutos entre canciones No iria de nuevo a otro concierto de el,a no ser que sus reviews mejoren Me encanta sus canciones pero me que un sin sabor El publico merece mejor en especial despues de esperar 1 año con los tickets comprados

3.0 star rating Angel R. from Toronto, Ontario


Toronto - scotiabank arena November 10th- it was mine and daughter’s first time we have seen him. And it was a downfall of MA which made my daughter bored and sad. I agree with all these reviews: late , tired looking, repetitive comedian (sexist and covid doubts) , and you ,MA , you came to Toronto where English is spoken and crowd was mixed, not even a song in English , at least speak English , respect your crowd , arena was full , full of your fans ! I paid 400$ .., if I was you I would be worried that your fame is fading with age or indifference ?! Which one ? You can’t take the money and run...

3.0 star rating Mfisher from New York, New York


Had VIP Suite 109 and it was awesome. 20 guest enjoyed food and drinks. We eagerly awaited Marc Anthony who was almost 2 hours late. I’m grateful we had our own private space which made the wait tolerable, He started the concert energizing the crowd who awaited his arrival, it was upbeat and definitely got you off your feet. I just wished he did one or 2 song in English. My Baby you for starters. Overall it was okay, we had a memorable time.

3.0 star rating Conchita Rodríguez from Portland, Oregon


I love MA. But last night was a disappointing. We waited one hour and a half. When he finally showed up. There was not “I am sorry “. We deserve respect. His show is good but I was expecting that he will sing more songs. So sad!😞

2.0 star rating MP from Orlando, Florida


The concert started a hour and half late . The sound was poor . He did not even care to interact with crowd - none of the pop songs were song . Needless to say I will never attend another one of his concerts.

2.0 star rating from Houston, Texas


I've caught several of his shows in the past and this recent performance left much to be desired. The sound was terrible. It seemed as if at times he stopped singing or his voice was not audible. There were also lengthy gaps between songs that left you wondering what was going on. There were too many moments when he would just inexplicable gaze out into the crowd waiting for I don't what.. Lastly, and a cardinal sin in my opinion, he would have the crowd sing half the song. I did not spend money to hear the crowd's version of any song. I paid to hear him sing. Very disappointed..

2.0 star rating from Orlando Florida


So the presentation and setup was cool and marc is a good performer.. however, 1. He was very late 2. He didn’t play any of the popular songs, old or new. Only sang salsa songs that all sounded very similar. 3. CRAZY LOUD!! The subwoofer or base and speakers were so loud that it pounded your heart and shook your whole body. Felt scary. Didn’t like that and I’m young, imagine the older people... anyways the audience was awesome, everybody dancing.

2.0 star rating A López from Toronto, Ontario


This is my first time attending a Marc Anthony’s concert. My sister and I are concert junkies and this year (2019) a lot of Latin artists have come to Toronto, Canada - which has been a blessing. We were very excited for MA concert however he disappointed us. Tickets said 8pm and he came out after 9:30pm, Scotiabank arena was packed and he didn’t sing an entire song alone, the public did most of the job. Also, he appeared to be tired, or intoxicated. He sang for only one hour and did not interact with the public as a singer of his caliber could be expected. We attended last month Mana’s concert and although Fer was sick they sang for almost two hours and Mana gave an spectacular concert. As other comments here, there was no show per say. Get it together Marc! Tickets were $175 so not cheap at all!

2.0 star rating Alberto Gonzalez from Miami, Florida


He's a great artist, no one can say differe t. However expectation is hig, he needs to understands that. 1 1/2 hr concert, i simply bot enough. Based on most reviews on this site, that's what you can expecy when performing in the US, Miami being LATAM back yard, didn't scape from those very short 90 mins.

2.0 star rating KT from New York, New York


Once again, seemed to be pure salsa review. Blasting and blaring brass sections, played over singing. Played absolutely no bilingual or English favorites. Came out one hour and half late, after a comedian and younger talent. Performed for about 1 1/2 and seemed to encourage the audience to do most of the singing. I was dying to hear his ballads and his true voice, but the blaring accompaniments diminished everything. Had one scene with invited guest Wyclef Jean which was phenomenal. Also his drummer and guitarist did length solos which were truly excellent. But as for the singer, himself, what a disappointment. At times just seemed silly.

2.0 star rating Concerned Fan from New York, New York


My first concert ever. My boyfriend bought us tickets and he was so sweet to attend with me since he is not a fan and don’t understand Spanish. 1) Horrible Comedian Act (not funny and wasted time). 2) Then a local singer came out and he was ok. 3) Show was supposed to start at 8:00 pm and Marc Anthony came on at 9:15. 4) He was seemingly not himself. He did 5 songs and I went to the bathroom. By the time I returned (12 mins), he was already slowing down. Only Salsa music. Non of his classics. Such a lazy performance. Long breaks in between songs and he made the crowd sing most of the songs. He also just starred into the crowd for very long periods of time. I am so sad because I love him and his music.

2.0 star rating Lala from Denver CO


Concert at 7 pm. Bad comedian as opening act. 930 and Marc Anthony finally showed up. Great vocals, but took too many breaks to let the audience sing. Breaks in between songs too long. Allowed the musicians to pick up his slack.

2.0 star rating Ana Maria Moran from Toronto, Ontario


I went with friends, my niece and her friends. I motivated my friends, to come 9ver from Saskatchewan, but it was such a BIG DISSAPOINTMENT! Boring, he hardly sang, was extremely late, and after every song, lights went off and he didn't say much. We were all wondering if there was a problem with the stage technicians, because the stage was boring. We wondered at the end 9f the concert, if it was a problem between him and Carlos Vives, because thwy didn't sing together, the energy was dead. I will never spend that much money for his concerts. I truly have more fun paying half or less, to see other big bands, and just buy his cd.

2.0 star rating Madeline Bloomfield from Pennsylvania


I went to Marc Anthony’s Pa’lla Voy tour concert in Madison Square Garden last night. He was an hour and a half late, and seemed to be wasted/high the whole time. The concert didn’t flow together at all. He took breaks between every song, and the audience did most of the singing. He also only preformed for a little over an hour. I’ve been to 2 of his concerts, and they were both pretty much identical, with the exception of adding or subtracting a few songs. My friend and I still had fun and enjoy his music, but unless he makes drastic changes, we both agree that we won’t waste time and money to see him again. The whole performance seemed very sloppy.

2.0 star rating Gloryvie Reyes from Buena, New Jersey


MARC ANTHONY- PRUDENTIAL CENTER NEWARK. Show was to start at 8pm, comedian came around 915pm, he started off funny, but once he spoke about Coronavirus, race & sex, people were not laughing. Marc Anthony didnt come on until 945pm. 1 hour 45 mins late, that is Disrespectful & plain Rude. He sang old songs and only two new ones. A total of 12, the last two, because the crowd asked for it. He took breaks of 2-3 mins in between songs, he gave his back to the crowd a lot! I've seen Marc many times, and his done way better concert. He needs to be more respectful to his fans, waiting 1hr45mins is no bueno. Very dissapointed at his performance this time around.

2.0 star rating Rose from Oakland, California


I have never been to a Mark Anthony concert nor will I go back to one. It was un-believable that he left us waiting for 1 hr. 20 min. There was no apology, not good music to listen too during such a long wait. There was a promotional loop that played over and over again! Horrible. Finally Mark Anthony comes out and he looks like he's going to the grocery store. No apology, showed no true heart or love for his fans or even genuine happiness in being there. The song choices were poor too. Extremely unfair to paying fans and doesn't make him look good at all.

2.0 star rating JL from Phila, PA


Having seen Marc Anthony once before I was disappointed in this performance. I concur with other people's assessment. Excessively late start - 1:45 after start time. Not the same energy as last time. A lot of instrumental features (although the one with him playing drums was a pleasant surprise). Many more slow songs this time. Too much crowd participation and not enough of him. No wardrobe changes. Voice - definitely off in comparison to last time. I honestly thought that he may not have been feeling well. For the price of tickets these days, I was extremely disappointed. Nevertheless, I has fun so I'll give it 2 stars. Life is what you make it!

2.0 star rating Marie Emmert from Los Angeles, California


Went to see Mark Anthony after years of wanting to attend one of his concert as I am a huge fan. My husband got me floor tickets which cost him a good penny. The concert time was 8:00 - 10:00 pm. Mark came out at 9:47 and left at 11:17 pm. This has been by far the shortest performance I have ever seen. His songs were very long and laggy. Very little energy. It seemed as he didn't have the need to perform his best, as if he didn't have the need to anymore. I waited such a long time to see him and now I am a bit hurt and very disappointed. Too sad.

2.0 star rating Coach from Montreal, Qc


Started 90 minutes late .... no emotions. Like he just went to work ... I even asked people around , leaving Bell Ctr and so many were kinda surprised, not in a good way .....

2.0 star rating Gustavo from Montreal, Quebec


This is the 3rd time I have gone to a Marc Anthony concert, and overall, the experience was disappointing. The act started with a "comedian" which had a terrible sense of humor and jokes which were 30 years outdated, to the point he was booed out of the scenario. Then the actual concert started around 21:15, 1:15 after what was programmed, after 10 min of the band playing solos while Marc Anthony was arriving. Marc Anthony started strong, but quickly faded, making a big pause between songs, his voice, sometimes powerful, sometimes completely lost, so it was difficult to hear him sometimes. He gave way too long time to the solos of his band (guitar and drums). The worst, is that instead of him singing, he just started the songs and let the crowd sing the rest of the songs, this is unacceptable, i paid to hear him sing, not to sing myself or listen to others sing, ?I can go to a Karaoke for that. The overall concert lasted around 1:20, if we consider the solos and pauses, he "sang" for about an hour.. A robbery.. I read other reviews of this tour and this seems to be a constant. I do not know if it is age, o he simply does not care about his fans anymore and just wants to make a quick buck, but definitively, I know I will not pay to see him again.

2.0 star rating Carlos from New York, New York


Nosotros esperamos mucho tiempo por este concierto, las espectativas eran muy grandes!! pero salimos muy decepcionados del concierto, Marc Anthony se suponia empezar a las 8:00PM pero el comenzo a cantar como a las 9:45PM, esto es una falta de respeto al publico, solo canto en total como 1HR si eso sin cantar mucho, ponia a la gente a cantar muy seguido y los intermedios entre canciones muy largos, la musica estaba demasiado alta que la voz no se le escuchaba mucho, demasiado publico para un pobre concierto.

2.0 star rating Alex from Phoenix, Arizona


The real concert started late we had to listen to a mediocre comedian pre show. When the wonderfull Marck Antony finally started singing, about one hour and half late he paused between songs. Stage was dark between songs for quite a long time. We paid more money for an area that had some space to dance. When we started dancing a very aggressive gard approach us. In stead of explaining nicely he just said "if you continue dancing I will quick you out" This concert as a whole was very unpleasant dissapointed experience due to the fact that we had high hopes, because we like Marck Anthony so much.

2.0 star rating Devora from Washing DC


I love Marc Anthony and I was so excited to see him in concert with my mom for our birthday in DC. He had no opening act, he didn’t start playing till 9:15 pm and if you know how DC traffic is we were there super early waiting for the doors to open. When he got on stages he sounded amazing but only played for 90 minutes with a lot of breaks and weird transitions to the next set. His play list was okay but didn’t even play his very popular up beat songs. A lot of his romantic slower songs. Overall, the experience was very disappointing.

2.0 star rating from Newark Prudential Centwr


We went to see Marc Anthony at the Prudential Center on Saturday Historia Tour 2024. First let me say ,his band is amazing. These guys are tight and sound great. There were drums set up but I never saw anyone playing them, so I dont understand why they were there. I will also say the man can sing his rear off . Now here is the bad. My tickets say the concert was supposed to start at 8:00, there was no openeing act and MA did not hit the stage until 9:15. He sang one song and things went dark for about 3 minutes before he sang his second song. There were videos between songs and by 10:45 the concert was over. So I would say he sang for about an 1hour and 15 minutes. I felt the show lacked energy, he looked tired and at one point we were wondering if something took place backstage. For us it was disappointing. I will not attend any other concerts MA promotes. We payed well over $500 dollars for tickets and I was left with buyers remorse after seeing the product he puts. One and done

2.0 star rating Jose from Washington D.C.


MARC, first let me say, I appreciate your singing talent and all the great songs you've contributed to Latin music over the past decades. With that said, your performance this past Friday night, 9 Feb 24 at Capital One Arena NO "Valio la Pena!". My girlfriend was so excited about going to see you. It was nice to see her enthusiasm while preparing thru the week to see your concert. We made it there "On Time". I was hoping you'd make up for another poor performance from you I witnessed some 3 years back. I thought you may have gotten your s**t together by now. I was wrong. Marc, how dare you disrespect us paying "customers" by showing up 1 1/2 hours LATE, then "perform" for 45 minutes; so disrespectful! Not even a warm-up act. Look at yourself; your old, tired, bored with your own act, a known alcoholic and drug addict. My advise, save some dignity and stop with your late, lazy, boring shows. Just keep pumping out music from a controlled studio environment. Sorry, your live shows suck.

2.0 star rating Hector from acrisure arena


Okay concert, however had to wait for over one and half hours.

2.0 star rating LaDonna from San Jose, California


Concert “started” @8pm. A DJ came out @8:30pm & began to spin for 30mins. MA did not appear until 9:30pm. Totally killed the vibe waiting for an hour & a half. He yelled at us for sitting. Then stopped singing 1hr 10mins in + 2 encore songs. Latest starting artist with THE shortest concert. It’s not right. His music his amazing. But this isn’t acceptable for anyone. Cannot disrespect people & expect praise.

2.0 star rating Cindy from Las Vegas, NV


Traveled to Vegas excited for the show that started at 8pm only to show up and it took forever for him to come out. Show began at 9:30pm, everybody was already too drunk waiting and leaving to the restrooms. He sang everything in pieces leaving the audience to sing most of his songs. 2 songs were not even his (Juan Gabriel and Jose Luis Perales). The atmosphere, band, crowd was great but Marc Anthony i'm sorry but i would love to get my money back. I was there to HEAR YOU sing not the audience. The lady that got on stage with the grandma wanted a picture with you since you brought them up on stage and you brushed her off at the end gesturing to continue walking.

2.0 star rating from Las Vegas, Nevada


Very disappointed, he was late one hour, no apologies. He didn’t seemed with energy. His concert least 1:45 he took a break between songs, turn off stage lights then started to talk, then sang a mellow song, took a break another mellow song a break again. Then he asked why we were seated and falling asleep really? I honestly think he is very disrespectful to his fans, he seems to be very arrogant forgetting that all his money comes from all of his fans. This tour was the worse in my opinion. I won’t wasted my money on his concerts any more. Be more thoughtful about your fans!!!

2.0 star rating from Oakland, California


Started 1 1/2 hrs late. Only sang for 80 minutes, long gaps between songs.

1.0 star rating Pat from Los Angeles, California


At the Forum we waited one hour & a half outside to get inside then we waited another half an hour to go to our seats. Tickets said 6 p.m. Marc came out at 9:15. Then he was waisted. He did not sing a whole song. The audience did most of the singing. Will in 0t pay to see him again. No recomendations. I will rather see hos videos

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Para ser Marc Anthony, sinceramente yo esperaba muchisimo mas! Es la primera ver que voy a un concierto de el y no sali contenta y no me prendio en ningun momento! Empezo mal desde que salio tarde....... el publico pudimos percibir que algo andaba mal.... el audio estaba fatal..... el mismo se veia forzado a sacar el trabajo lo mas pronto posible...... no tenia bailarinas..... cada cambio de cancion apagaban las luces y aprobechaban para hacer ajustes.......... no creo que este mal dar oportunidad a su equipo para que miestren sus abilidades en tocar los instrumentos, pero muchos minutos?????? ........ No hubo show ni al abrir ni al cerrar y si “canto” por 90 minutos fue mucho!! Si puso salsa y baladas qque es lo que me gusto! ........ casi no interctuo con “su gente”........ amo su musica, su voz, su talento!! pero en concierto, por lo me os en este que se veia mal organizado, no me sorprendio y no me gusto!

1.0 star rating BeardMan from San Antonio, Texas


He estado en varios conciertos de Mark Anthony en Colombia, pero este en San Antonio TX. fue realmente un desastre, el concierto empezó tarde, muy poco animación al público, concierto fue por 90minutos, Mark Anthony lucía enfermo tosiendo en cada intervalo de percucion... apagaron las luces y sonido en cada cambio de canción lo que me pareció de mal gusto, para 90 minutos se esperaba una presentación mucho mejor, puedo decir que el 40% del público lucía desanimado, para los que pagamos un poco más para estar en la parte de abajo fue un desastre... la tarima se encontraba con muy poca elevación lo que hizo que fuera casi imposible ver las pantallas, mucho menos a el artista.... Honestamente fue un desastre en my forma de ver, con mucho respeto, es mi opinion.

1.0 star rating Nina Martell from Orlando, Florida


We attended the Marc Anthony concert yesterday at Amway in Orlando, 1/27/19 and were extremely disappointed! The show was to start at 8pm. He came on stage an hour and half later, at 9:30pm. This demonstrates total disrespect for his fans ( now former fans). I will never again attend one of his concerts. We had to leave early since we had to work the next day (Sunday night concert). I also have a circulation issue and cannot seat for hours, waiting for nothing!!! The weather was horrible and we waited on line for awhile to hear him. He has a terrific voice but did not sing a complete song. The audience did a lot of the singing. The place was completely booked. The audience loved him. A lot of time was spent showing off the talent of his band. He looked very tired throughout the concert. If he wants to continue touring, he should start on time. It's totally disrespectful to the fans!!!!!!!!!!

1.0 star rating Dan from Orlando, Florida


Warm up comedian was not funny at all, concert started 1 1/2 hours late, I've been to many concerts this one by far had the worst sound ever, you couldn't tell the words, separate instruments, everything was drowned out by the bass, everything muffled. $400.- down the drain....

1.0 star rating C Palacios from Houston, Texas


Worst concert ever!!! We have seen him like 5 times. This was the last time. 1. He came out late at 9:38pm on a Sunday when people need to go to work on Monday. 2. Boring! We did not play all his hit and pop songs. 3. He left the band play too long without him singing. 4. The sound was terrible! Too loud, you were not able to even hear his beautiful, talented voice. 5. So disrespectful to turn off everything after each song! We got bored and left. This was a very bad concert compare to his previous concerts. We did not enjoy the comedian either. He kept saying his name, have no idea his name, did not pay attention to his jokes. We never do! If Marc Anthony wants to continue his music career, he better come back with a better concert! This is not a rock concert for the lead guitarist to play the electric guitar for sooo long. We did not pay to see the musicians play their instruments nor for the crow to sing!!! He needs to sing and bring the songs that made him Famous!

1.0 star rating Dr. Harold Recinos from Dallas, Texas


The concert started was to start at 8, but began at 9:35. The staging was uneventful and ordinary. Marc gave a disappointing performance and was too busy basking in stardom to treat fans to a genuine musical experience. Flat, boring, and dull!!

1.0 star rating MariaJose Recinos from Dallas, Texas


He started one hour and half late. He did not sing much, constantly asking the audience to sing. He used the time to show case different members of the band instead of singing. There were not dancers , the concert was plain and boring. He used a trashy comedian that focused on making fun about the " Latina stereotype" Very trashy concert. So disappointed that Mark A. did not think the Latina/o community deserved a great show and respect. Never addressed the public in a proper manner nor he apologized for being so late.

1.0 star rating Felipe A. from Dallas, Texas


Bad Comedian to start. Performance was very Low energy. Why the breaks between each Song?. Bad sound as drums drowned out his Voice. Fame has gone to his head, as he seemed almost bothered the crowd was not asking for an encore. You have to work the crowd. I’d Ike my money back

1.0 star rating Mónica from Dallas, Texas


Started 1,5 hrs late! No grand opening or closing. Too much time between songs. No new songs. 👎🏼 No continuity between songs. WILL NEVER SPEND MONEY Seeing him again. We were a group of ten 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 🤮

1.0 star rating ADWARE from Newark NJ


I’ve waited YEARS to have the opportunity to see Marc in concert! I’ve NEVER BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED! He played 6 songs TOTAL! About a 3 minute break between songs where the stage went completely dark. The instrumental portions lasted 5-10 minutes and most of the songs were sung by the crowd. I really wish I could demand a refund! Happy I didn’t spend any money on merchandise! Don’t waste your money watch his videos online!

1.0 star rating from San Diego, California


Was a big fan because of his vocal abilities. Hour and a half late. Very disrespectful. Band was great. Marc Anthony himself was very disappointing. I’m sorry we went, I’m sorry we paid money for that.

1.0 star rating Daniel from Washington, District of Columbia


Show started about 1:30 hours late. There was little energy and he only performed for about 1 hour. This is my fourth MA concert and I felt supremely let down. The name of the concert is Opus and he only sang one of his new songs.I felt robbed and likely this is the last time I see MA in concert.

1.0 star rating Eva Borromeo from Washington, District of Columbia


Such a disappointing performance. Warm up comedian was not funny at all, focused on white vs Latina stereotypes, repeating his name to the crowd and asked to follow him on social media. MA came on stage 1 and ½ hr late, looking tired or intoxicated. Did not sing full songs, and I did not spend money to hear the crowd's version of any song. I paid to hear him sing. Very disappointed. The sound was awful, the ‘Arena’ did not have any screens other than the ones behind the stage which was ordinary and uneventful. I felt robbed of my money (and I paid a lot!). Will not go see him again or buy his music, his fame has gone to his head so much that he does not even show respect for his fans with this lazy and dull performance. A Supreme let down! Avoid the Opus tour

1.0 star rating D.S from Dallas, Texas


SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! My second concert, My hubby bought us tickets and before the concert they had a Horrible Comedian Act (not funny and wasted time)Show was supposed to start at 8:00 pm and Marc Anthony came on at 9:15. 4) He was seemingly not himself. He did 5 songs amd he was already slowing down. Only Salsa music. Non of his classics. Such a lazy performance. So disappointed what ever he Is going through stop the tour and recoup or get it together a.s.a.p. and unfortunately it's sad to see him look like he does not care.

1.0 star rating Monica La mera mera from Dallas, Texas


Marc Anthony showed up late. There were long breaks between his songs. He did not sing many of his songs. He made the crowd sing it. Also the drummer amd guitarist had long solos. Also he yelled at us because we were siting down instead of standing. Well what does he expect? I was actually surprised that nobody boo him. Also the bass was soo loud like to drain his voice or something. I think he owes us an apology or something. I would like to get my money back!

1.0 star rating Doug from Fort Myers, Florida


i saw him in miami and now in fort myers. both times the show starts at 8, but he doesnt come out till after 930 and sang for about 90 minutes. and from 8 to 9 nothing was going on, very boring. at 9 comedian come out, he was ok. and i was a little disappointed he didnt sing not one english song

1.0 star rating Caroline Parra from Los Angeles, California


First time going to MA concert & will be the last. He was 1.5 hours late. That disrespect of our time, after paying so much money, is disheartening! The comedian was lousy! Marc seemed be lackluster.

1.0 star rating Sandra Baez from New York, New York


This is the 7th time I see him in concert and I felt sad. It is sad that such a talented performer has let himself go to this point. He arrived late and he did not look well. His voice is not what it used to be. Very disappointed and sad. I kept thinking, doesnt this man have anyone on his team who love him enough to stop him from falling from grace?

1.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


I’ve seen Marc before but this concert was very TERRIBLE . The comedian was ridiculous very inappropriate definitely not the place for sex/race jokes!!! Concert was to start at 7 he didn’t show up till 9 done by 10:30…..He’s definitely not doing right by his fans!!!! NEVER AGAIN

1.0 star rating Alejandro from Boston, Massachusetts


Waiting for 2 hours until he showed up. Show very boring, he sang for one hours, stage very simple and performance very disappointing. Ended with a bad taste. Better stay home listening your Playlist.

1.0 star rating Sergio from Boston, Massachusetts


It was late 2 hour, concert started at 7 and he showed up at 9 pm. No respect to fans that were on time. comedian started the show, he sand a few songs, not the best, not English ones. there was no connection with audience, he limited to sing and interact with his band. My wife and ended with end bad taste. We expected more from him. It seems he does not want to work for the money his fans pay to see him. I want my money back!

1.0 star rating Maria Pie from Toronto, Ontario


Waste of my time and money. By 8 PM the arena was so empty. They had a screen with a message running over and over and over. Terrible comedian for one hour. MA came on and terrible noise with the music. Seems like they opened the doors and flooded the arena with free tickets. He seemed off. Very Very terrible.

1.0 star rating Mia J. from Toronto, Ontario


I wish I would’ve read these reviews before I bought VIP packages for myself and hubby. We have always been big fans of Marc however, his show last night at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto (Nov 10/22)left us feeling completely ripped off. The comedian that came out before Marc was absolutely out of place and very inappropriate, denigrating women is nothing to laugh at here in Canada. The stage was absolutely horrible and the lighting was very poor. Not surprisingly, Marc was late, sang about 10 songs, the show lasted just 1hr 45mins; he seemed to have difficulties engaging with his audience and it seemed he was there because of the commitment not because he was really enjoying it. Shout out to his bad thou, especially his backup singers, outstanding performance! Marc, you need to retire with dignity and keep your reputation as the great esqueleto de la Salsa, don’t continue disappointing your loyal fans who don’t mind paying the high priced tickets but expect and deserve a show of great magnitude. I need my money back lol!

1.0 star rating CV from Toronto, Ontario


Marc Anthony disappointed greatly in Toronto. He did not sing the latest popular songs, he sang too many romantic salsa songs and oldies. He seemed off, low energy, did not connect with the crowd and wanted to end the concert after only 70 minutes.... The music crew were amazing, they really enjoyed the solos etc but he was very bad. It reminded me of when he came to sing with Carlos Vives, they were both mediocre and I thought having his own show would make it better but no... Never again

1.0 star rating Betty from New York, New York


I gave him one start only because I love his music. I attended the Miami concert on 11/18/22, paid for floor tickets, what a waste of money! He was disrespectfully late, seems intoxicated, the pause between songs was terrible, he never sang a complete song, most of them he let the audience sing, seemed that he forgot the lyrics, the guitar solo was too long and didn’t go well with the song. All the bad comments are 100% true.

1.0 star rating Carmen de Vallois from Miami, Florida


He appeared one hour and 47 minutes late. Had the worst comedian performing to try to enter the crowd during the wait time. Piercingly loud salsa music playing during the wait time. Came out and never apologized and played piercingly loud brassy salsa music. I left after three songs before I pierced an eardrum.

1.0 star rating Maria Antonieta Esquivel from Miami, Florida


He estado en 3 conciertos de Marc Anthony y ayer fui al 3ro en el FTX ARENA en miami, la verdad fue el peor show que he visto, la energía en el público se percibía, no interactúo nada con su público, no hablo, de veía cansado y aburrido, utilizo mucho los instruméntales para no cantar, apagaban las luces entre canciones, el sonido estaba malísimo, el se veía que lo que quería era terminar el show, no hubo ningún elenco de animación, el canto maximo 9 canciones (si no es que menos) la verdad muy decepcionante! Amo a Marc Anthony pero es mejor verlo que quedó de él en YouTube.

1.0 star rating Maria Carrasco from Miami, Florida


This was the worst concert ever. He came 90 min later, no introduction at all, no dancers, audio super loud, his voice was horrible, he barely sang because his voice was out and audience sang most of it. Is was a minute or more pause after each song, he looked so tired and like he had a really bad day. No background lights or nothing. SO disappointed. No changed of clothes, no good ending. I wish I can have my money back.

1.0 star rating Carlos from New York, New York


No tengo palabras de lo malo que fue el concierto!! No vale la pena ver este cantante.

1.0 star rating Dougie from New York, New York


Very disappointed not one song in English and no previous hits what really is so disrespectful he came out at 945pm for a 8pm start no apology I guess he don’t care he has a beautiful voice and I was always a fan but this concert was way to short it was done before 11pm no dancers no nothing it seems this was a get it done and over concert no flare and boring you be better listening to the music and videos on you tube we paid a lot of money for what.

1.0 star rating Alberto from Chicago, Illinois


Not sure what Marc Anthony concert the other person in Chicago saw, but the one I was at was a true disappointment. Went with my daughter and wife and we all felt equally let down. He was 1-1/2 hours late. He had a comedian open or cover up for his typical lateness from what I can gather from other reviews. That really had me fuming, I did not pay to go see a comedian! I have never been to a concert we’re the artist is this late, was really looking forward to seeing him as always enjoyed his music. Never again will see him again as long as he is “Viviendo!”

1.0 star rating Anna from Glendale, Arizona


3/3/2023 Glendale,AZ My first Marc Anthony concert, sprung for floor seats, was counting down the days, so very excited to finally hear MA in person...what a let down. Show was supposed to start at 8pm, must have been a misprint or MA never got the memo, since he didn't show up until after 9:30 pm. As other reviewers have mentioned, took too many breaks, band solos were way too long especially the guitar solo ( talented but too long) only one song for encore. We were out the before 11 pm. I could have overlooked almost all the negative if he had only sung Dimelo but I left the show feeling thoroughly cheated. Bad form Marc first MA concert is my last. I can't even listen to his music anymore...too d isgusted. I would give zero stars if that were an option

1.0 star rating Mr. B from Washington, District of Columbia


He was late, the sound was horrible and he let the crowd sing most of the song. Would stare at the crowd then do his little move, then take a break while we watched a video! Wash, rinse and repeat!! Maybe he was sick..

1.0 star rating Phil Costa from Newark, New Jersey


1st time going to a Marc Anthony concert and it will be the last. Concert was schedule to start at 8 and he popped up past 930 pm. Concert was over by 1050. No opening acts, no merchandise to buy, stage set up was bland. Understandable he is a celebrity but it does not make him special or nor excuse him for making his fans wait. Which it appears he has a habit of doing. After my son wasting his hard earn money to surprise me with these expensive tickets, even though his performance was ok, we will never attend another concert and he lost a fan.

1.0 star rating M. Lynette O-A from San Jose, California


The concert was supposed to start at 8 p.m. Marc Anthony started the concert at 9:15 - an hour and 15 minutes late. Totally a disrespect for his fans, especially the senior citizens and really everyone! He had really no personality or true contact with the audience - sang so, so, and was just not into it, very noticeable. It felt as if he didn't give one, and that he didn't really even want to be there. Lights turned off after each song, didn't bother to sing one song in English - and simply just a horrible performance!

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