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5.0 star rating Miller from Hartford, Connecticut


The show started slowly with the crowd somewhat subdued.You could tell the band were aware that the crowd was hesitant about getting into the whole show. It wasn't until halfway through that the crowd started to give something back to Gahan as he tried to stir them up. If you watch any of their other concerts that were filmed you can see the crowds willingly participate in everything the band has to offer but not so at this last show. It took a lot of cajoling from Gahan to bring them along for the ride but towards the end we were all willing passengers on the Depeche Mode caravan.

5.0 star rating Swanee from Toronto, Ontario


The lads gave. It 100% last night. New material sounded fantastic. Shame about Toronto crowds. Lamest bunch of fence-sitting duds in the planet. Reading the the bitching and moaning in theres reviews pretty much sums it up. These folks weren’t interested in seeing a live show. They wanted a high-school reunion. If they spent half as much time listening as they have complaining about the set list, they’d have have been a part of something magical. Instead, they sat like stuck, codgy lumps - waiting to relive their bad-80’s hair fantasies. ...and then shuffled home to write negative reviews that only reflect on their own inability to age with grace and passion. Here’s a tip: Don’t come next time, ya bunch of washed-up, spoon-fed, low-energy having whiners. You bring nothing to the table and you’re an embarrassment to our city. Fantastic show! Can’t wait for a new album and another tour. The lads always bring it. Setlist, sound, stage design and delivery, all A+. Thanks again boys!!!!

5.0 star rating Q from Chicago, Illinois


Show was amazing. Depeche Mode is off the charts. the DM Library cannot be matched. They have so many great songs that they couldn't possibly do them all. I really liked the Cover Me performance. I liked the Never Let Me down Again performance. I love how they have different arrangements for some old songs. I love the Anton Corbin projections. I think they are a very pioneering Band. I stood for the whole show. It was just DM at there best. I liked when Martin performed Home which is one of my all time favorites. I like the new synth rhythms on songs like Everything Counts which sounds so good after all these years especially the new arrangements. All in all the show was phenomenal. I hope they just keep on making good records and revamping there library. 10 stars for DM

5.0 star rating Susan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


DM "Never Lets Me Down". I thought the set lists was spot on. I have been a fan since Music for the Masses and I am one of the few that wasn't looking to hear only 80's music. They played many songs from ULTRA which, in my opinion, is their best album. They also played the best ones from Faith and Devotion. I love the new album and the song Revolution. They sprinkled in some of the oldies but goodies. Their voices are strong and still awesome! From a listening perspective, they are at their very best. My only small issue was the lighting and the lack luster of the actual production. I have been to every tour they have done and it has always been a grand production. In particular, the Devotional tour (especially the opening song Higher Love) was something to see. This tour lacks that sort of grand showmanship. However, that being said, it was spectacular. Bravo Boys! Job well done!

5.0 star rating Sott Clark from Victoria, British Columbia


How can you not be blown away by 2 1/2 hours of DM. For diehard fans it could have been 6 stars out of 5 though. Some of the new stuff is tepid and to fit those in an leave out Policy of Truth, A Question of Time and Black Celebration left me with a twinge of disappointment. That said it was so close to the sweetest perfection.

5.0 star rating JJ from Houston, Texas


After previewing the Spirit Tour a couple of times on YouTube before I saw them in Houston, I had prepared myself for a slow concert. I expected things to only pickup the pace after about 45 minutes, but I was WRONG. The show was full gas from the start, lots of energy. The Houston crowd was amazing and fun to be with. There is no way DM could play all of my favorites, it just won't happen and I know they gotta get the new songs in the mix too. BACKWARDS and POISON HEART are new great live tracks. That being said they did GET THE BALANCE RIGHT all-in-all. Dave was great, he is certainly one of the best front men of all time. So good to hear Martin sing SOMEBODY with Peter on piano. And yes, even I still wonder if Andy's keyboard is plugged in after all these years. I've seen them 24 times and this tour now ranks in the top 5 for me, so there you have it. Peter and Christian are fantastic musicians too and not to be ignored.

5.0 star rating Mike Funckmeister from Toronto, Ontario


We started the night out for dinner and drinks at the nearby Loose Moose (which was awesome and fun). Then we walked done the block to the Air Canada Center. We had to find our way up to the 3rd floor where we quickly found a booth to buy a requisite t-shirt, and another few drinks. (Yes, the 3rd floor! Thanks, in no part, to the bots on TicketMaster.) We got into our seats in time to enjoy a few of Warpaint's warmup (great songs, ladies!), then onto the main event. The crowd was really revved up as Gahan, Gore, and Fletcher entered the stage, and the sound at the ACC was spectacular! The speakers hanging from the ceiling almost looked organic, and the digital sound was crisp and mind-blowing! I've seen all of Depeche Mode's concerts in Toronto since their Violator tour show at the CNE Grand, but this was by far the best of all of them. I want to wish David, Martin, and Andrew a hearty Canadian "THANK-YOU!" for all the years you've put into entertaining us! We loved it! Keep it up!!

5.0 star rating Peter from Hamilton, Ontario


This was by far one of their best concerts since the Devotional Tour. There was lots of energy during the entire concert. Dave was on the move from the opening song. I sat in the 300 section and could see everything and the crowd was right into the concert. For artists in the mid 50's, they rocked.

5.0 star rating Dan from Montreal, Quebec


After al these years, Dave and Marty still have it. We have not missed a show since the 80's and look forward to the next one already. DM are the most under estimated live band in the world - they did not disappoint! Sorry to see some of these reviews stating that they did not play 'Stairway to heaven" for them - get over yourselves....this is not simply an 80's band!

5.0 star rating Aaron Halcomb from Bourbonnais, Illinois


We had a great time, great seats on the floor corner of the jet out stage - they are great together and perform so well live - many great songs throughout their 40 year catalog - all of them gems. New music is great too -the duo on Condemnation was epic too - Dave's favorite song. Dave is a great singer and Martin is the best at harmony ever! Encore was great - yeah there were a couple of songs missing but when you have over 40 top 20 hits you cannot play them all. Glad they chose to press on after Fletch was lost. Love this group - always have

5.0 star rating Leigh P from Toronto, Ontario


I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Depeche Mode… This show was off the charts! The energy, the arrangements, absolutely fantastic. The tribute to their fallen band member was touching, the imagery powerful and moving. After 40 years they continue to not disappoint. Walking In My Shoes, Stripped, Question of Lust, Everything Counts, I Feel You and even the new Ghosts Again were all excellent. Never Let Me Down Again was epic and showed that the bank still has it after all these years. Well done, gentlemen … well done.

5.0 star rating Dan Nahmiach from Montreal, Quebec


9th time seeing the boys! I always considered the 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' tour as their finest tour, but this one totally topped it. Unbelievable energy! It's as if they were playing a setlist made especially for me! One song after the other after the other after the other ! Dave and Marty - THANK YOU !!!

5.0 star rating HelennHill from New York, New York


Started a tiny bit slow but new York embraced DM They felt IT and Gave ALL… Tremendous Night !

5.0 star rating E.Hill from New York, New York


The Happiest girl I am~ Abandon yourself, just go in with no preconceptions Let the Music move you DM is there for You and does not disappoint … Enjoy !

5.0 star rating Jason Daws from Houston, Texas


This was my 3rd time to see Depeche Mode in the Houston area. This was the first time at the indoor Toyota Center, previously saw them at the Woodlands Pavillion outdoor theatre. THEY BLEW ME AWAY with another performance I will never forget. Bought nosebleed seats 8 months in advance, but when the wait was over, got to our seats to find a perfectly clear view of the stage that wasn't as far off as I was expecting (section 416). I cannot say enough about the set. A giant letter "M" that showed live feed of the audience inside the letter and outside live video of what was happening on stage. And other combinations of colors photos, videos inside the M and outside. Couldn't wait for next song to see what cool way they were going to light up the stage. Their song library is so huge, they played a very balanced mix of new and old. Again, the set, just amazing... i want one of those in my living room with my initial LOL

5.0 star rating Dan T from Houston, Texas


I think they never disappointed in performance, passion and showmanship, I’ve see probably 25-30 performances live throughout the last 2 decades. Attention to detail, fact that not 2 shows are really the same both performance and playlist says a lot about artistic dedication. I’ve been a fan since I was about 10 and every new album they put out relates to a certain part in my life evoking emotions and memories that no other constant in my life does. People that be leave one star reviews simply because they haven’t played a couple of songs that they know are just pathetic and hope they won’t show up at future performances again. While some songs or albums are more relevant or catchy that others they tell a real story of inspiration, struggle, life evolution and that’s what music and art is about, not all Picasso’s works are equally valuable and brilliant. I hope they never perform in Canada again and all those “fans” can go see Justin Bieber instead, no pun intended. Forever DM!!!

5.0 star rating Nicole from Atlanta


I’ve been a DM fan for 30+ years and this was surprisingly my first time seeing them play, and we were not disappointed. They played a good mix of old and new-they are promoting their new album so obviously they will play songs off the Memento album. While the songs from their new album are a bit slower it was still enjoyable to see them played live. They played 23 songs and only six were from memento album, not sure why all the reviews are saying they didn’t play older songs….they did….a good mix off all albums actually. They sounded great, it was a full house, everyone stood and sang the whole time-people were not leaving, were engaged and having a blast. Dave and Martin performed very well, Dave was as usual great on stage. They’re in their 60’s so obviously their sound and stage performance is probably different compared to them playing at previous concerts-duh. Not sure why all the negative reviews are -stop complaining and enjoy the music from a group that has stayed tight since the 80’s!

5.0 star rating Michi from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


It was a great show It is a Momento Mori Tour that means they will play songs of their new album !! Where did it said Best of or Revival ?? Of course they play new songs and they are great !! I love them for over 40 years . The interact with the audience, they sing live and they have great voices !! What an ensuing show !! Europeans somehow celebrate more and are more enthusiastic. A great event - great sound ❤️❤️❤️❤️

5.0 star rating Anna kondic from New York, New York


i was very worried after having read some reviews here. I neednt have worried, the show was great, engaging, we all danced and sang. the band sounded good and the music itself was amazing with three songs from new album and many hits. Love it

5.0 star rating Antonietta from Montreal, Quebec


Saw them in Montréal. They sounded great. The old songs hold up and we’re so much fun to hear live again. The newer songs are great. I am so glad they keep releasing new music. Their chemistry is great and the energy never ending. It was a party and I did not want it to end. Can’t wait for the next show.

5.0 star rating VT from Chicago, Illinois


I have gone to many many DM concerts in many major cities since A broken frame. Tonight, we were at the Chicago United Center Nov 13th's show. It's the most sophisticated performance I've ever witnessed from DM. It showcased how artistic and untouchable Dave and Martin are. DM just outperformed themselves with their new songs and the MM tour -- which I thought it's impossible given all the previous great concerts. Unbelievable!

5.0 star rating SteveB from Denver, Colorado


Amazing show. Band energy was great from the start. Stage design and setup did not distract from the live performance. Ball arena sound system was great. Set list was good, from almost 40 years of songs and definitely some surprises.

5.0 star rating Dana from Calgary, Alberta


Edmonton Nov 21, 2023 I have been to countless concerts. This one ranks in my top 5. Dave and Martin put on one hell of a show. Their voices, their energy (mostly referring to Dave,) and the setlist was incredible. Dave didn't stop moving all night long with his pirouettes, Elvis-esque hip moves, and prancing about. He could put a lot of 61 year-olds to shame. The audience was completely into their performance, which the band, no doubt, responded to. Martin sang Strangelove so beautifully. With his gorgeous tenor voice, I was hoping he'd do another song (i.e., Home,) but we were deprived. This was the first time seeing Depeche Mode and I'm now kicking myself for waiting so long. I brought my reluctant 16 year-old son along in place of my daughter who wasn't able to attend, as planned. Well, he absolutely loved the concert (I knew he would) and Depeche Mode has another fan.

5.0 star rating Jerri from Alberta


I’ve been a fan for a long time but this is my first time seeing them live. My husband saw a band from the 80s this summer and said they were a little slow cause the guy was in his 50s. I thought maybe this would be the case with DM as well but my mind was blown! I loved the energy, the music is still epic and Dave’s voice is still so good. I loved hearing the old and the new stuff. Their encore performance was a bonus 30 minutes and they played more of their old songs. This was in Edmonton and the crowd was amazing. Dave even said we were so much better than SLC so I’m not sure what happened there! I hope they keep performing. I’d love to go again.

5.0 star rating Rosie! from Vancouver, British Columbia


I have seen DM many many times since the 80's and they never disappoint. The set list was great, heard songs I hadn't heard live in a long time. Dave is as sexy as ever and Martin's voice just melts the heart. I am a Devotee for life. Looking forward to more as always

5.0 star rating Pye from Vancouver, British Columbia


Start to finish I was so impressed and loved every minute of the concert. Everyone around me was on there feet singing along and even loved the new songs from latested Album. (C.D. ). Best concert and Dave's voice is amazing . There music is timeless and I really hope they do another tour . I will be going if they do . Also love the merchandise. Love love love Depechmode. You guys are truly legend and my favourite all time band .

5.0 star rating Fraser from Vancouver, British Columbia


Jays a moron the show was fantastic. But he’s from Toronto

5.0 star rating Steve from Portland, Oregon


Started strong and kept the electricity flowing. The crowd was awesome and gave back all the energy the band and Gahan offered. You could see it in their faces, DM were enjoying this gig. Great blend of New and Old and the perfect flow of songs. I saw them in San Jose earlier this year and this show was so amazing. Great set list, New videos, Cool Lighting effects. The sold out venue got their $ worth. Hopping they tour in 2024 and stop in PDX.

4.0 star rating Heather from Seattle, Washington


The first few songs were sluggish. I had read other cities set lists. I was kinda bummed to be honest. I felt like they did t do their popular ones. I also felt like it was short? Maybe because of the slow beginning. I would’ve like to hear Martin sing more than one at the beginning and one at the end. I missed hearing it’s no good. Strangelove!! Policy of truth. Dave didn’t dance as much! I loved it and had a great time. But I’ve seen them 8 times over 25+ years. And left lacking.

4.0 star rating Edward from Chicago, IL


The sound wasn't great, there setlist could have been better. With that said, they were awesome! Dave is 58 years old, how many of us can do anything for 2 + hours, with such energy. I thought his engagement of the audience was great, we enjoyed it immensely. Also, they did a great job with the Fletch tribute. Technically it wasn't there greatest, but I feel to expect a performance of days gone by, would be unrealistic. They left us wanting more!

4.0 star rating Aviation Enthusiast from Montreal, Quebec


The fact that they keep on coming out with new music and always evolving says something about their talent and why they are still standing after all these years. Let's face it who else from their era is still making new music? I really have to think hard on this one. Maybe 1 or 2. We saw them in Quebec City because there were no more good seats left in Montreal, and I have to say everyone in that venue was singing their hearts out. We had amazing seats, and had great view. We were so impressed that we bought more tickets for the Montreal November show. Obviously they can't play all the great songs they have written over the years. The show is a bit short because they have so many good songs. The quality of the sound was great, and you have to give it to them for putting on a great show. My only complaint is Ticketmaster bleeds you with their prices, we are all being gauged to the max.

3.0 star rating Cindy Stafford from Newport Beach


Mix in old and new - I’m not a big fan of your new music and really was disappointed by the lack of your greatest hits. Most people come to hear those too! Your new songs I need to be chilling on my couch to listen to - your greatest hits get you out of your seat. Wouldn’t go again if I knew what they were going to play. However his voice is still amazing- keep taking care of it!!!!

3.0 star rating Brad from Seattle, Washington


Hmm, third time seeing them live; I had seen set lists from other shows and Saturdays followed script. Dave shows amazing energy and flexibility for a mid 50's cat-- his vocal range is starting to narrow, but still is impressive- Martin is truly a skilled and talented man too. I could not help but yearn for their songs of my youth... I think Dave wants to "rock" more and viscerally enjoys the songs of his addiction experiences more then the music that built them. He puts more energy into that segment and it showed on stage. The tour in '88 is still the best I have seen followed by violator in 1990. Dear DM: most of us want to see and hear what we remember: the CURE do an excellent job of playing sets based on what made them. I do hope DM will tour again--and focus on the 1980's. It would be amazing and the energy and crowd will be there to support them. I remain disappointed that more of their old songs were passed over.

3.0 star rating Robert was robbed from Toronto, Ontario


I went mainly for the 80's and 90's hits. I was very disappointed. I understand that I have missed a bit of new stuff, but should have played the hits that got them there. Seen a lot of older people in the crowd too.

2.0 star rating Barbara from Vancouver, British Columbia


I love Depeche Mode and have seen every concert in Toronto since Violator in '90 and have been blown away every time....until now .Depeche has always had the perfect mix of old and new songs at their concerts with the crowd standing for most of it. Dave is amazing at bringing his crowds to their feet. This time around, they played very few classics at this concert and the newest songs were slow paced and almost boring. I brought my boyfriend and he was looking forward to finally seeing them live after my descriptions of previous concerts and wow, was he let down. I was shocked that it was that bad .I am and have been an avid concert goer since age 14 and it kills me to say this was the worst concert I have ever seen. Please guys, come back to T.O. and play what made us love you in the first place!!

2.0 star rating Kris from Toronto, Ontario


Such a boring concert! So many of us were in disbelief. New song after new song as he twirled on the stage?!?! Some people left half way through concert. The sound was off too. Im glad we stayed because the old favourites were finally played at the very end. Not worth the money -disappointing!

2.0 star rating Marc from Montreal, Quebec


They had the Bell centre on fire for the encore. I don’t understand why some bands insist in trying to renew themselves 40 years after their initial start. Play what worked for you in the past, that is what most people want to hear. Very disappointed. Unless DM announced a farewell tour playing their hits… I am done. Sorry.

2.0 star rating Riz from Chicago, Illinois


I went hoping hear to people are people and instead spent most of the time at the bar to drown out the boredom!

1.0 star rating Jay from Toronto, Ontario


%85 new stuff. with just about everyone that paid good money for the tickets being over 40 you think they would of played more of the older stuff.. The songs everyone loves. I think that was my last time going to see them :(

1.0 star rating TINA JOHANSSEN DEDELS from Beeton, Ontario


I was super disappointed in this concert. They didn't play Just Can't Get Enough, Strangelove, People are People, Master and Servant, Somebody, World in My Eyes, Policy of Truth, A Question of Lust, Blasphemous Rumours, Shake the Disease, etc.? If they don't realize they are playing to a nostalgia crowd, and think people spent $300 for a ticket to hear their new music, they are out of touch and out of luck the next time they tour. We expect to hear your hits. That is the bottom line. I saw Duran Duran and Tears for Fears recently. Awesome shows. Played all their old hits, plus a few new songs. The way it should be. BADLY DONE DM!!

1.0 star rating Sebastian from Toronto, Ontario


I'm sorry DM but you are not a "rock band" in the traditional sense of the term, so please stop trying to gig like one. Focusing more on getting the crowd going than your own performance is shameful. The bass drowned all other instruments and everything sounded like a wash, with many songs sounding eerily similar and repetitive. I'm not saying it's time to hang up the boots, but realize where your strengths are. The synthesizer is your friend and what put you on the map. Synthpop is your genre. Dave is NOT a modern day Iggy Pop or Mick Jagger. This concert was pathetic pandering to a new generation of entitled narcissists who see nothing but reflections of themselves in the band and the music. You're better than that, guys.

1.0 star rating Scott Greenlaw from Toronto, Ontario


As a DM fan since High school and having seen the band more than 20 times over the last 35 years we were really excited to see the band again. With such a great catalogue of Music the setlist could be and Should be exceptional. judging by the fans in my section as well as the corridors, most if not ALL of us aging 40+fans (I'm 52) were looking forward to reliving a little of our younger days. Seeing Depeche Mode and not hearing/seeing Just Cant Get Enough, Shake the Disease, Behind the Wheel, Strangelove, People are People (especially given todays political climate People are People needs to be there! The Stage setup was great, the sound was excellent, the band was energetic but the choice of material was downright BAD. no one was there to listen to a new record or download new songs. i get it, some would have been fine but the first 6 songs and then even further, the Kick Ass Tunes from the FAVORITE BAND of my younger years weren't there! based on our section my opinion was shared!

1.0 star rating Howie from Sacramento, California


Having seen DM several times I was expecting so much more from their sound engineer. It was painful to listen to. Tons of top and bottom end but almost no middle. This left us with a pounding but thin sound that did not do the material Justice. I left after the third song and probably won’t bother next time around.

1.0 star rating Anthony from Los Angeles


For every great song from the 80s they played two-three-four mediocre new songs. The audience was pissed. DM would play a great song and the audience would jump up and get into the concert, and then DM would immediately start playing their bland new stuff. They audience wanted to get into it, but couldn't and would quickly sit down. I don't think DM played two of their hits in a row. I would have loved to give them six stars, but I would have loved to hear their hits and they didn't care about that.

1.0 star rating Kristine from Boston, Massachusetts


How depressing. Moves that might have just been odd in the 90s have the appearance of a cheaper when in late 60s. Who wants to see that twirling around? Just sit on a stool with a hooded cloak and let us enjoy the silence. Funny. As I saw Morrissey 2 weeks before, what a difference, although the same age and genre. I am so thankful I left before they played Personal Jesus. At least that song won't be ruined by visualizing the vampire like twirling and stroking thinning hair.. The voices remain good though


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