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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating Diana from New York, New York


I thought Burn This was hilarious. I wasn’t expecting a comedy at all. It was the first night of previews so give them a break if they weren’t loud enough. They can fix that. The range of emotions that Adam Driver had really showed his versatility as an actor and I thought all the cast was very good. I loved it!

5.0 star rating Beth J. from New York, New York


Uranowitz playing Larry was a riot and there were a couple visual gags with Driver as Pale that I don’t think anyone was expecting. You could hear the whole theater cracking up, very entertaining overall

5.0 star rating Visitor2BigApple from New York, New York


they must have fixed the sound issue because I was able to hear from back of the orchestra. I thought the actors were great and there were some great, funny lines.

5.0 star rating Amy from New York, New York


The story got better and better as the play went on. I felt like I was in their loft with them, as one of their roommates! Keri projected very well, and Adam live is even greater than life than on a screen. I actually thought they had great chemistry, and I was laughing and crying through out. I would actually like to see this again! It's so worth watching!

5.0 star rating TurandotNeverSleeps from New York, New York


Driver and the actor who plays Larry the gay roommate absolutely are the show - terrific timing, hilarious physical gags and intellectual wit. Yes, even though Driver plays a blue-color “Mr. Wrong” to Keri Russell’s Anna wondering why she can’t see herself marrying the smug rich screenwriter she wants so badly to be Mr. Right. Meanwhile, she is not great in this, but to be fair, I just got done with two months of weekends binging all 6 seasons of The Americans, where she was riveting playing dozens of characters as a Russian spy. She is disappointing in this. Driver is the show - as potent as Cranston is in Network.

5.0 star rating from New York, New York


Cannot say enough good things: contrary to nay-sayers, the storyline was brilliant, the characters were realistic, and I never laughed so hard at some great lines & dialogue!! (Spoilers!) Keri Russell as Anna, grieving a sudden loss of her dance partner/roommate Robbie, conflicted re: her longtime relationship w/Burton, constant concern for roommate Larry & in a rut re: her dance career, played the role perfectly, finding an inner growth & determination, once the unpredictable Pale (Adam Driver), Robbie's brother, thrusts himself into her life (in more ways than one!). Larry (Brandon Uranowitz) adds charming & clever humor, and distant, static Burton (David Furr) finally finishes a screenplay without Anna's input... symbolic ending to their relationship, And while Anna and Pale DO NOT WANT their attraction to each other, Larry played cupid to bring them together... to let them decide for themselves. Can be uncomfortable at times but its GRIPPING! DAZZLING! LOVED IT!! DO NOT MISS!

5.0 star rating Benjamin Johnston from SLC, Utah


We saw this while the play was still in reviews. I never laughed so hard my entire week in the city than I did in this performance, but also appreciated the undercurrent of sadness and longing that was present throughout. Driver commanded presence on stage and was definitely channeling a bit of an 80s version of Brando’s Kowalski, but with more sympathetic bend. Great cast, intimate theater.

5.0 star rating Kris from New York, New York


I saw this on the first night of previews and thought it was riveting. Adam Driver enters and sucks up all the air in the theater. He is fantastic and you cannot takes your eyes off him. I thought it was excellent. I see tons of shows in NYC and this is one of my favorite plays.

5.0 star rating Chels from New York, New York


It starts slow but once Adam Driver walks on stage he is captivating. You cannot take your eyes off of him. Besides the unbelievable sex appeal he is emotional and was able to gain compassion from the audience. I cried and laughed thtrouhout the entire play. I went for Keri Russell (huge Felicity fan) and she was not disappointing! She held her own and her grief came through ten fold. She was great. The roommate also was a great surprise! Comedic timing was perfect along with softer moments. But ADAM DRIVER was beyond the best I’ve ever seen!!!! Well worth the money. I would see again and again and again...I’m Still daydreaming he will marry me!

4.0 star rating Charles from New York, New York


Adam driver had a touch of Brando in his emotional portrayal of a grieving older brother.keri Russell held her own. The two other male leads were good.

4.0 star rating Barbra from New York, New York


The play is good; all of the actors were very good--Driver is terrific; and the set is great. Well worth seeing.

4.0 star rating Alice from New York, New York


Adam Driver in Speedo-like briefs and a skimpy kimono is to-die-for. However with all that raw attractiveness and volcanic energy, one is left to wonder what on earth draws him to Keri Russel whose only concern on stage seems to be how great her hair looks (it does) and where to best position her legs to max effect. There is no spontaneity in her speech or fluidity in her movements, despite her character being a dancer. The sparks, gaiety and laughs of the play, of which there is plenty, all come from the male actors.

4.0 star rating Jos from New York, New York


We were quite entertained by this - although Russel is not the best of it.. Does anyone remember the Titel of the last song that was playing??

4.0 star rating KP from New York, New York


This play is in its third week of previews now, and I think they've worked out many of the kinks. All four actors do good work: Keri Russell's performance feels lived in and natural much of the time, though I felt like she was still working out how to play some moments. Adam Driver commands the stage, and while he consistently entertains, his character was a bit of an enigma -- not sure if that's his fault or the playwright's. Brandon Uranowitz does a great job with a role that borders on caricature. David Furr is solid and dependable. I was surprised by how genuinely funny the play was. The 2½ hour running time flew by.

4.0 star rating Patricia Girty from New York, New York


The entry of Driver in scene 2 with a cocaine fueled monologue is worth the ticket. There did not seem to be a combustible passion between the two leads - but Kerri did have some fantastic costumes.

3.0 star rating Joy from New York, New York


Russell was a disappointment: one-note, robotic, and perhaps unprepared. The male leads had much more energy and were worth seeing, but everyone needs to be mic’ed. Half the time, no one projected well enough to be heard. We were in Orch Row K and no one could hear what Driver said at the end. A woman nearby with an assisted listening device couldn’t hear either. This definitely needs work and isn’t worth the money as it stands.

3.0 star rating Caroline D from New York, New York


It’s true - Keri Russell and Adam Driver had zero chemistry. I lioved this play with John Malkovich and Joan Allen - this new production was a bit one-note with flat deliveries and a cringe-worthy emotional scene by Driver. However, it’s still a great play, and the guy who played roommate Larry was absolutely hilarious. The second act was better than the first, BYW.

3.0 star rating from New York, New York


I enjoyed the play and am glad I went. Unfortunately, Kerri Russel was completely unconvincing as a dancer, grief-stricken friend, and hot lover. Her performance was lifeless and flat. Try as they might, the other performances could not carry her, though their effort was worth the price of admission. Unlike some reviewers, sound was fine , mid-orchestra towards the back. Lovely theater.

3.0 star rating Julia from New York, New York


The character Pale is supposed to be the show. Instead and unfortunately, there is no organic energy from Adam Driver and he completely misses the mark. The play therefore becomes something else, mostly about the other three actors, who very much carry the show particularly in Act II.

3.0 star rating Corey from New York, New York


After reading reviews I knew it would be funny-- and it was. Overall I enjoyed it and I'm glad I saw it but, there are some really misses with the acting. First of all, Uranowitz was phenomenal. His timing and acting could not have been more on point. However, the lack of chemistry between Russell and Driver is such a miss. It makes the show feel disjointed and unexciting. Adam Driver really puts a lot into the show and works hard to get into to character. At times he maybe overacts a little and he can feel a little awkward on stage, often checking his surroundings and nervously hitting his mark. I also hate to say it, (because I typically love her) but, Keri Russell was not great at all. She was lifeless and calculated in delivering her lines. Much of what she performed felt like a forced character.

2.0 star rating Elisa from New York, New York


As another review pointed out - there was no plot - and I almost fell asleep at one point. I know this is a remake of a play that has been done numerous times so not sure if it's just not my cup of tea. However Adam Driver was great while Kerri Russel was very one note. If it wasn't for Adam Driver I would have give it 1 star. I will say that there was a lot of laugher in the theater, but I did not find most of the humor funny.

2.0 star rating from New York, New York


I went in knowing nothing about the show, only that Adam Driver was in it, but this has to be the most boring show I have ever seen. There was little to no plot and the acting left much to be desired. There were some comedic moments, but only enough to elicit a surprised laugh from me. Most of them felt very forced. I even saw a guy three seats down from me sleep through the entire show. I am not familiar with Keri Russell, since I've never seen any of her TV shows or movies. Her acting was just grating. It was one note and lifeless, with no inflection in her voice. It was like she was reading off a script in her head. With each line, I could feel my annoyance building. Adam Driver had more range and a lot of energy, but I can't say I enjoyed it even though he was the reason I came to watch the show. I thought I would be star struck by seeing him on stage but it was quite the opposite. Maybe I'm just not used to hearing him yell for 2 hours straight. I did enjoy Brandon Uranowitz's role as Larry. He was the saving grace of the show. Overall, there are other Broadway shows out there better worth your time and money.

2.0 star rating Debbie from New York, New York


I agree with those who felt Keri Russell was one-note and unconvincing. There was actually no believable reason to think she and Pale (Adam Driver) would wind up together after their first "we're both grieving, let's comfort each other" bonk. I liked the Larry character but thought Adam Driver's character was funny but lacking in nuance and overplayed.

2.0 star rating Pam from Orlando, FL


I saw this on March 30, assuming the actors would be mostly settled into their roles and the kinks worked out. Sadly, I don't think you can "fix" what's wrong with this play. Adam Driver excels, no surprise there. The transition from film to theater works for him, and I can't say enough about Brandon Uranowitz as Larry. David Furr plays a really solid Burton. The problem is with Russell. I hate saying anything negative, but it just doesn't work. She is stiff and as another reviewer mentioned, seemed more concerned with her hair and leg positioning than interactions with the cast. There's no spontaneity in either her vocals or movements. The chemistry between her and Driver simply doesn't exist in my opinion. She's a good actress; this performance however, was flat. I can't comment on whether the voices are now carrying well enough, as I was in the 2nd row. If you've seen everything else you'd like to see, it's okay as a filler. Otherwise, no.

2.0 star rating from New York, New York


I enjoy Keri Russell, but a 45 year playing a young dancer didn't fly. She has the body type, but didn't have the presence or stamina. Her voice was weird, her actions only focused on pushing her hair off her face, and her emotions communicated so completely dry, the audience was begging to get out of the desert. Adam Driver saved the show! Some small funny bits delivered by the gay roommate- his name not worthy looking for at the moment. If I knew I would be bored to tears- I would never had bought tickets to this long, arduous play. The ONLY redeeming fact to see it, and i would again in the front row- is to see Adam Driver. He delivers!! The rest- a snoozefest!

2.0 star rating Beth R. from New York, New York


I was so looking forward to this show, and was so letdown when I finally saw it. I'm a big fan of Keri Russell, so it saddens me to say, she was just plain old dull in this. Adam Driver's performance was the only reason for the extra star in my rating, he was really good, but still not enough to keep me interested. The plot itself was boring, I kept waiting for that big moment where there was somewhat of a twist, but it never came. Not to mention, I felt no chemistry between the two leads. I may be in the minority because I heard others gushing about it after the show was over, but my friends who I attended with all felt the same as I did.

2.0 star rating Suzanne from Arlington


Not sure why this 80s throw back merits a Broadway revival, except to capitalize on the star power of the two leads. In this age of mindfulness and meditation, does anyone want to burn like a gem like flame anymore? There are two problems with the text. One, the character being mourned throughout the play is a cipher. We are told Robbie was a great dancer with a lot of drive, but given little else. Since he is so lightly sketched, I found it difficult to buy into the immense grief emanating from the stage. especially at the beginning. It might have been helpful to have a poster of him somewhere or even some kind of video, to make him more palpable. Not sure. The other problem is that Wilson doesn't seem to understand Anna is his main character, not Pale. She is the one facing life changing decisions, but she is thinly written. We are told she had a protective upbringing in the Chicago suburbs. At one pt. she complains (confusingly) that she has never had a private life. But exactly what, pray tell, is driving her into the arms of the offensive and abusive Pale? The critic at the Daily News mentioned the "eroticism of mourning," and I suppose that works as an explanation. In times of grief, we reach for life. But, still, I didn't buy her attraction to Pale for one minute. Maybe I am over analyzing here. There are lots of enjoyable, funny bits . Driver, if a bit over the top, does captivate. And while Russell's mannerisms can annoy, she looks enchanting in very flattering costumes. If you want to see two Tony nominated performances (Driver and Uranowitz) by all means go. (The Hudson is a jewel.) But if you're looking for a meaningful night of theater, I'd say skip it.

2.0 star rating Melissa from Bergen county, NJ


I’m a a big Keri Russel fan. Loved Felicity. Loved her in the off broadway play, Fat Pig so that’s why my husband bought me these tickets for my birthday. Adam Driver was just weird. He was channeling Andrew Dice Clay perhaps? Keri Russel was just kind of just whiny most of the time and I usually love her. I blame it on the writing. The story was unimaginative and really boring. No twists no turns, so bland. Can’t believe the good reviews it is getting. Do not waste your money.

1.0 star rating Ella from New York, New York


I was SO looking forward to this, and was so disappointed. For me, Keri Russell was the draw. I knew nothing about the show. Now, the little I do know (we left at intermission) I don't like. The story (I can't say "plot," as there was not - was extremely unrealistic but it MIGHT have worked had the actors involved had chemistry. Trust me, they did not! Not a drop. Keri Russell was basically Elizabeth Jennings (which didn't work here) and Adam Driver was simply, not very convincing. I'd suggest staying far away. I see lots of shows and have never, ever left a bad review before. Do yourself a favor - stay far away.

1.0 star rating Zach s from New York, New York


I have seen hundreds of shows on broadway and even more off broadway and in regional theatre and this one is in the lower depths. Adam driver was terrible just awful, how Is he a graduate from Juilliard? He has this big emotional moment and it felt like I was watching a bad high school actor emote. The people giving this a positive review must be star struck by seeing a Star Wars star on stage. In my top 5 worst broadway performances of all time. Keri russel was not great either but she is a tv actor working on stage so it’s kind of to be expected. At least she didn’t ham it up like a community theatre hack like driver did. Just terrible.

1.0 star rating James Finderworth from New York, New York


I cannot believe this is on Broadway. It was a total waste of money! The book was awful, the acting was flat and the production was stale. Throughout the second act there literally was a man snoring out loud. Save your money people. Go see Network instead.

1.0 star rating Sebastian from New York, New York


Not good. Why? first, it appears incredibly dated. Start with the sidekick: the campy gay fool (in the royal sense) absorbing the grief and bearing the insults as comic relief to the angst being dished out center stage - He's also placed as a harmless asexual whose own story is blatantly unnoticed by the other characters - a further emasculation. This type of treatment seems naff, condescending and out of place today. What else? the relationship between the leads is unpleasant, abusive and wholly unbelievable - it just doesn't add up. I felt like I was watching a tired rerun of any other sitcom, except I couldn't channel surf. The audience seemed to like it, laughing as if on cue which was a weird experience and makes me wonder about the social entrainment of TV laugh-tracks in the 80's.. because it really wasn't funny anymore. Russell was ok if a little flat, Driver was so frenetic as to be inaccessible, and the other main (forget who), was very good.. I did like the NJ references however. respect.

1.0 star rating L morgan from New York, New York


We were excited to see this play because of Keri Russell and Adam Driver and didn’t even look into the reviews prior to purchasing our tickets. BIG mistake. No plot, uninteresting dialogue, overacting (way over the top) by Driver, beyond boring performance by Russell. I got a good nap in. Perhaps the only redeeming quality about this show. I’m embarrassed to tell anyone that we spent our time on this waste of time.

1.0 star rating Diane R from New York, New York


Well 6 of us came excited to see this. There was No Chemistry, No Rhyme nor reason to this play. Quite frankly it was painful to sit through . Dialogue was slow and boring. We wanted to leave but hoped it would have gotten better but..... I wish we could have gotten a refund.


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Burn This ticks ALL the boxes. I would see it again, and again!

Burn This ticks ALL the boxes. I would see it again, and again! Michael Mayer's direction is flawless, the performances are superb, and the set is fantastic.

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