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Ray LaMontagne Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.6 Stars)

Number of reviews: 60



5.0 star rating TBONE from Hamilton, Ontario


Loved every minute of it. My wife bought tickets for my bucket list. The first song my eyes started to well up. He played older songs and new songs a perfect mix. The sound was perfect very professional. I sat on the edge of my seat for the whole show anticipating the next song. John Stewart from Wilco played bass and background vocals these guys just nailed it. One of my favorite shows ever, hope he comes back real soon.

5.0 star rating Bridget Red Rocks 2018 from Denver, Colorado


I couldn't have enjoyed the show more! I am a long time fan and it was my first time seeing Ray live. I was thrilled by this brilliant performance from him and his excellent band members! It was a true work of musical art from beginning to end. I found it refreshing and inspiring to hear the "artist be an artist "and play with such perfection and mastery along with fulfilling his vision of unique tones and songwriting.

5.0 star rating JOANNA from Boston, Massachusetts



5.0 star rating Rob from Scranton, PA


Ray flat out told the crowd he wasn't playing Jolene then goes into a 10 minute encore of the changing man, ha!!! Let them eat cake. POWER MOVE. His new shit is doooooope. Gained a big fan here. Killed it Ray! BADASS.

5.0 star rating Nancy K from Los Angeles, CA


Don’t pay attention to any of these haters! You’re always an amazing performer and singer no matter which songs you choose to sing! Keep doing what you do! #ATrueFanWillAppreciateRealTalent

5.0 star rating Maya J from Los Angeles, California


I have seen Ray perform live twice now, once in Seattle 2016 and in La (The Greek theater) June 2018. Both times , he was absolutely amazing and breathtaking! People need to get out of their comfort zone and just wait for the “old hits”. He sang exactly 8 older songs and 8 new songs in LA. Sure, he didn’t play some of the biggest hits, but he didn’t disappoint at ALL. He knows his music and took the audience on a refreshing journey. My sister and her husband who are not as familiar with his music (and thus weren’t waiting for “Jolene” or “Trouble” etc) thought he was excellent and so unique! I love Ray and will definitely go see him again and again... because he surprises and won’t just play same music over and over. I have my Spotify playing his hits whenever I feel like it (usually all the time , I’m a huge fan 😂) Ray, keep being you, genuine and talented, and thank you! Thank you for all the wonderful music you have created so far! Love 💕

5.0 star rating D Bernie from Houston, Texas


Mr. Lamontange is an incredible, original, brilliant musician and artist. Yes, it is odd that he doesn't interact frequently with the audience. Provided, however, the man puts his soul in to his music, lyrics and performances. Outside of that, he preserves himself from the gross consumption that affect artists. I love the evolution of his music. The performance was breath taking and unforgettable. The level of talent he and his band shared is inimitable.

5.0 star rating Kim from Dallas, Texas


WAY, WAY too much chatter and noise for a performer like Ray Lamontagne. Too often I found myself looking around and wondering why two-thirds of the people were even there. Most seemed more interested in their phones. No respect.

5.0 star rating Leila O from Los Angeles, California


What a beautiful concert! Yes, maybe the old classic hits weren't played, but his new stuff was amazing and the whole set felt like a one complete story. Plus, his band was superb. We didn't want it to end!

5.0 star rating John from Dallas, Texas


One of the best live shows that I have ever been to.

5.0 star rating Jeff Bailey from Charlotte, NC


Ray was amazing as always. I could not believe the audience was so obnoxious. People screaming out and yelling during slow songs. It was idiotic behavior at best. The Fox was escorting people down the halls for the first 2 songs. We could barely get a glimpse between all the inconsiderate people taking their sweet time. Have some respect. This was a very disappointing experience as I love the Fox and thought this was going to be a monumental experience. Not the case. Bummer...

5.0 star rating Rob Griffin from Boston, Massachusetts


Love the casual commentary. The stories behind the songs. And loved the raw acoustic versions that were better than studio versions. My 10 yr old loves him. Great 1st concert. And love new MGM theater.

5.0 star rating Jon A. from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Excellent musician, great band . Played almost all his requested greatest hits. Interacted with the audience wonderfully. Loved the entire performance . Well worth it.

5.0 star rating Dawn from Calgary, Alberta


Loved the show. Wanted to tell the crowd to shut up and turn off their fucking phones. I was surrounded by idiots. Grow up Calgary audience.

5.0 star rating Ben Bouchard from Vancouver bc


We saw Ray last night at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Vancouver bc. It was a great night, Ray was humble, soft spoken almost shy. His songs were out it there with only three musicians on stage. Really good Ray! The crowd seems to want to scream out their live of him at awkward moments. Seems they wanted to hear themselves in the show. Weird crowd behaviour to try to catch the limelight instead on just being part of the audience.

4.0 star rating Nancy from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I really liked the venue at State Theater for the performance. It was perfect with just Ray and his awesome back up singer. Unfortunately some of the audience didn’t get the difference and acted like it was in a huge auditorium - rude talking, in and out of seats, yelling for him to play Jolene after he said several times that he would, ugh! enjoyed the mix of old and new music, as well as mixing in some harmonica. Ray interacted very little with the audience and when he did it was a dry witty humor that we couldn’t hear well. Disappointing, sound crew should’ve fixed that. I wasn’t a fan of the opening act but my young adult granddaughter liked her. I didn’t think he needed an opening act in that venue. We didn’t buy seats right away so ended up about 20 rows back and way to the side but sound was still okay although he pointed himself slightly to the other side of stage and never really moved much. Overall, I enjoyed Ray’s soulful music and lay back style!

4.0 star rating Tom from New Haven, Connecticut


Ray is amazing. Dude is a wonderful talent. Would have been 5 stars if the opening act was decent, but she set a poor tone to start the evening.

4.0 star rating Bryan T from St. Louis, Missouri


Artists come with different personalities. We buy albums, songs, tickets based on the final work of art not who the person is. If u come wanting an entertainer, you’re not going to get it with Ray. U will enjoy the performance from the band, his voice, but not how he interacts with the crowd. I personally have not followed his latest work, & was disappointed not to hear his older classics like everyone else, however still enjoyed the performance. I can understand the crowds disappointment, people pay a decent amt of $ & want to hear songs they know. However, if u go just to see & enjoy the performance the band brings versus focusing on your “requirements” you’ll likely enjoy your evening more

4.0 star rating Jason from Dallas, Texas


Went to the show at the Fair Park Music Hall. Venue is top notch and the sound was some of the best I've ever heard. Ray's voice was identical to what his records sound like, which is a high compliment. So many artists are so digitally altered it's almost shocking to hear something so pure and unadulterated. There was only Ray and another musician on stage, which gave the night a very sparse, ethereal air. It was unexpected but very enjoyable. My only minor quibble was that I would have liked to have seen some songs with a full band. Other than that, for my first time seeing him, I was impressed and look forward to seeing him again. Great show!

3.0 star rating Roo from Denver, Colorado


Dear Ray: I doubt that you read reviews, and I think that's awesome for you as an artist. I have a suggestion, though, for you as a performer. Try to think of the bulk of today's concert goers as overgrown toddlers who need constant stimulus (audience interaction, movement on the stage, a hit or two, dance-able beats, ear-splitting volume, looking up from under the hat), or they will get bored and act out by yelling over you and playing with toys at inappropriate times. To wit: lots of your fans paying way more attention to each other and their phones than to you. In turn, the ones actually trying to listen to your new stuff, digging it or not- the non-hits, the slllllowwww quiet stuff, the lengthy Floyd-tribute jams complete with groovy zoomy camera shot of your guitarist's swingin' hairdo- will get frustrated. Either with the puzzling performance choices or with their seatmates. That's kind of how the crowd at your Red Rocks show felt. Bored and frustrated, and needing a nap.

3.0 star rating James S. from League City, Tx.


I have been a fan of Ray's music for years and was looking forward to his concert at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland (a great venue, by the way), however, I must say I left his concert feeling disappointed. Ray did not play the songs that made me fall in love with his music. Songs like "For the Summer", "Winter Birds", "Be Here Now", Beg Steal or Borrow", Gossip in the Grain" were no where to be heard. Ray seemed intent on playing rock 'n roll and chose to ignore his great ballads. I like rock as much as the next person (my wife and I were fortunate enough to get to see Tom Petty on his last tour before he passed away) but come on Ray, throw in a few of your fans favorites.

3.0 star rating Jim from Charlotte, North Carolina


Love the new music Ray. Love the older stuff as well. We had great seats and were surrounded by people having loud social media parties had to stand and let people by every few minutes. Couldn’t even begin to actually enjoy the concert. Felt so bad for the performers. May be my last live concert.

3.0 star rating Kevin S from Los Angeles, California


Ray is an amazing artist with a very uique voice and a joy to listen to. Sadly his live performance last night was very impersonal and the poor stage lighting made it near impossible to see his face and the other musicians. I'm all for effect but this was ridiculous. The atmosphere felt near lifeless at times, if it wasn't for the several idiots shouting out to have themselves heard. I have been a big fan of Ray's for over 10 years, sadly this didn't feel like a live experience and his encore selection nearly had me asleep. It pains me to say I wont be rushing out to see Ray live for sometime.

2.0 star rating Dana from Nashville, Tennessee


I love his music but had heard bad things about his stage presence...I was SO SAD to learn that those reviews were completely correct. Long story short, I still LOVE his music, his deepness, and the resonance, but I will NEVER go to a concert of his EVER again and the worst part is that I now have trouble enjoying his music on Pandora or Spotify as much as I did is forever marred by his stage presence. I have honestly never experienced this before. Usually music I haven't loved on the radio has made me change my mind when seeing live...opposite in Ray's case and it's the only case I've run across. He is one of the most arrogant musicians I have ever watched and seems completely annoyed to be there, has no engagement, doesn't even give the slightest care what the audience is there to hear, and thinks that he is so great that no one should speak a word while he is playing. I come from a music family and music is social as well,, I won't do it again.

2.0 star rating DeeDee from Denver, Colorado

RED ROCKS 7-10-18

Concert was a big disappointment. He failed to thank the opening act ( which was much better & I'm seeing them tomorrow nite ), no audience engagement other than to announce this was the last concert of his tour, and only played 1 radio popular song - rest were left out. Instead was an electictric guitar rock tribute to Pink Floyd-type songs no one was familiar with...not the top acoustic songs we paid to hear. No wonder the audience chattered throughout the music and eagerly left before the last song...not worth waiting for the encore. Only plus was time spent with friends in beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre... but his performance left me apologizing to my friends for spending $80 on such a poor show. RLM just got booted from my playlist.

2.0 star rating Dihlon McManne from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I've been a fan since his first album and have appreciated his artistry, lyricism, voice and musicianship. I couldn't have been more dissapointed in this particular performance. I'm not sure if it was the awful sound mix of his engineers (Heinz Hall has great acoustics) but I couldn't make out most of his lyrics and rarely could hear his unique voice. His band is top notch and loved their jams but Ray's vocals were completely lost. It also wouldn't hurt to toss in a few songs from his previous work, most other musicians do out of respect to their fans. And please Ray, learn to be a bit more welcoming toward you audience. We're the ones who buy and play your music and help to make you successful. Have some gratitude!

2.0 star rating Paul from Boston, Massachusetts


This was our first Ray gig. 1-2 times we were teased into thinking we’d get a steady flow of his beautiful soul. Every time our expectations were lost on music that didn’t really fit what we had come to expect. A brilliant singer and musician with no interest in giving fans what they wanted. We had great seats, near the front of the arena. I’ve never seen so many people leave before the end! I left feeling that he really didn’t try, or care about who was in front of him.

2.0 star rating SK from Boston, Massachusetts


This is my first time seeing Ray Lamontagne and I had been looking forward to this concert very much. I downloaded the new album and hoped that some of the songs that seemed very loud were at a minimum. This was not the case and as previous reviewers remarked, it was really loud with lots of screeching. I understand that new material should be played and this would have been okay but it didn't come off well in this setting and just hurt my ears. Such a Simple Things and It's Always Been You were just beautiful and truly moving and I take these moments with me as small nuggets of the concert. These moments were few and far between. Unfortunately as well, was the audience. We sat two rows ahead of an group that incessantly talked, laughed and paid no attention to the looks being thrown their way or the concert. His voice on the songs that were not drowned out in electric guitar and loud singing was beautiful but I can't count this concert among my favorites.

2.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


My 1st time seeing Ray live - and I was so excited! Although I did enjoy his talent and performance - I absolutely felt jipped at being denied the experience of all the songs HE INTRODUCED HIMSELF TO US BY. I realize artists grow and evolve and get sick and tired of the same ole same ole ... and I'm not saying I'm not interested in what they are currently working on ... but any artist should understand, and respect that their work is intimate. They built relationships when they put themselves out to the masses, whether they wish to or not. So what? You pull us in, we become fans and support your work and in return our wants and desires don't matter? Kind of like pulling out that little black dress that caught your partner's attention way back when - it still means something. I will definitely rethink spending my money when it's clear my experience is not as equally important. Sad.

2.0 star rating Brett Crowley from Nashville, Tennessee


I’ve been a huge fan of Ray’s for years and had been looking forward to this concert for weeks. This concert had zero resemblance of the Ray Lamontagne that I know. It felt more like a bad Pink Floyd show. Not impressed with his new direction. Everyone around us felt the same way and several people left the concert early! He definitely didn’t play to his audience. He avoided all of the hits that built his fan base!

2.0 star rating Margaret from San Francisco, California


One of my all time favorite musicians and least favorite performers. Mr. LaMontagne should refrain from touring. He hates people, hates his fans and thinks he is better than everyone. While performing in Berkeley, he never once addressed the audience or thanked his opening band. As a matter of fact, he never looked up from under his hat. I am not only disappointed but I’m boycotting listening to his music ever again. It’s no longer art for me. It’s self-indulgence. It would be classier of him to be grateful to his fans

2.0 star rating LRosy from Phoenix, Arizona


If we wanted to hear Black Sabbath, we would’ve bought a ticket to Black Sabbath. Ray...we want to hear your soulful side. We won’t be back.

2.0 star rating Mark Schaefer from Phoenix, Arizona


While I appreciate Ray Lamontagne's music, my wife is a much bigger fan and I purchased the tickets as a treat for her. We both left a little disappointed as the concert did seem a bit self indulgent. Perhaps Ray misses the point he's an entertainer and performer as much as a musician. I understand he wants to play and promote new music but how does it hurt to sprinkle in some of his older songs as well as some interaction with the audience. May make the audience more receptive to the new stuff. It wasn't bad but certainly likely not worth the $$ and lost sleep on a weeknight.

2.0 star rating Rich from San Francisco, California


Went last night 6/1/18. Beautiful venue and weather. Of course Ray is talented and his voice is unique but he failed on many fronts. First, he failed to thank his opening act. Second, he failed to address the audience, bring us in, build raport. FInally, he failed to play Trouble, You are the Best Thing, Let it be Me, Jolene and others big hits. The crowd begged for it but he delivered none of them. In fact, at one point, in response a Jolene request, he responded, "haven't you heard that enough?" Um, Ray, the answer is no. All of the people i spoke with after the show were sorely disappointed as well. Van Morrison acts this way often in concert but he can get away with it as his songs and music are superior to Ray and he will usually play his hits. Ray did not give the people what they wanted - a personal touch, gratitude, and the songs we all wanted to hear. I suspect half th audience would not return if he cam back in a year. Adios Ray.

2.0 star rating DW from Denver, Colorado


It might be stage fright, but who knows, Ray needs to be coached by a performer who can teach him the basic skills of relating to your audience. Here are some ideas, Greet your audience, introduce yourself, introduce the song you are singing, respond when the audience claps and cheers for you, don't just turn around and grab a guitar from a roadie, don't tune on stage, tell everyone you love playing for them, These are basic skills anyone can do them, Ray has an amazing voice but his show was non existent and there was zero showmanship. A real snooze fest, especially for first timers who were brought by a fan, but don't know Ray or his music. I am a fan of his recorded music, I will never attend another live performance unless he ups his game and decides to enter the arena of the "entertainer".

2.0 star rating I used to like you more before seeing you live. from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Obviously we went for the music, which sounded beautiful and sultry coming from Ray...but the lights were down the ENTIRE time and we could NOT see him at ALL (come on, how do you connect with that?), and when he spoke all of 3 times, he whispered to where you could barely hear him. It's apparent that he does NOT like performing for others and should reconsider being on tour before having fans spend a ton to see pretty much nothing. Disappointing, Ray.

2.0 star rating Rich C from Boston, Massachusetts


Simply put, it doesn't appear Ray was a concert goer before he got famous. If he had been, he would understand why his concerts come up short. I have seen thousands of concerts. I first saw Ray in a bookstore 20 years ago, then a small club, then a small theater, then a large theater. This last time we had average seats, about half way back. While people in the crowd were chattering, it still wasn't as bad as some other Ray shows I have seen. Ray should understand that whispering and turning the volume down to 3 does not work in a theater in front of thousands of people. He should also understand that when you get 3,000 people in a room that serves alcohol on a Friday night, that you are unreasonable to expect everyone to be quiet. While it might be sad, it is reality. When he spoke in the mike, he was whispering, and the same for singing. It just doesn't work! On top of that, the couldn't even see his face due to the hat pulled down tight and the way the lighting was set up. Why do we even come to "see" him in concert? Why cant he just turn it up? We came to his show to see him, and hear him. Those are the two expectations, and he dropped the ball. I love his music, but apparently he does not care about the fans that support him over all these years. I will stick to the albums in my own listening environment. Disappointing.

1.0 star rating Gigi and John from Minneapolis, Minnesota


The venue is so special at the State Theatre. We were 8 rows from stage and could not hear first 3 songs. It was just Ray and his Wilco sidekick with guitars and an occasional harmonica. No band. He did one hit song and the rest felt like a living room performance. Most people left about 6 songs in. The audience started talking and looking at their phones. We were so disappointed because we love Ray's music. We will never buy to see him live again. Don’t recommend it and only gave one star because I could not give zero.

1.0 star rating Joan from Madison, Wisconsin


I love Ray's soulful songs, at which he is masterful. His new music with the harder rock sound do not suit his voice. His growling fades out, there are no sharp edges in the delivery. He would not be famous with this set. I was disappointed - no duets, no banter, no joy. The venue is wonderful, but people feed free to talk during the performance. I wondered if that is all the time or just because of this show.

1.0 star rating Dave Trewhitt from Kansas City, Missouri


Like the rest of the reviews say, Ray obviously doesn't care about his fan base which will be dwindling quickly if he can't give them the hits along with his new stuff. (which is really good but rocks out) Hope he figures it out before his fans totally abandon him....

1.0 star rating Jay Rogers from Red Rocks - Denver, Colorado


A beautiful night at Red Rocks but did not enjoy the show at all. It was not at all what we expected or why I paid the money for the tickets. I wont go to another of his shows. It was like two different artist on stage...when he pulled out the acoustic guitar it was wonderful but then the electric screaming guitar and the psychedelic light show was like a completely different show. I have never left a show early because i generally like all live music but this was too much. Truly a disappointing experience. I wont ever go to another of his concerts.

1.0 star rating from Madison, Wisconsin


Saw in Madison, WI and he didn’t play a single song we knew. A lot of money spent on tickets and will never go to another Ray LaMontagne show again.

1.0 star rating Janice W. from St. Louis, Missouri


First time I've ever spent $90 on a concert ticket and enjoyed the opening act better than the Main Event Artist! I have love Ray's music for a few years now and had never had an opportunity to see him. I was so excited and looking forward to what I thought would be a mostly acoustic evening of his brand of music. I couldn't believe it was the same musician I have been listening to for years! I wish I had read reviews from other cities he hd already played in for this tour. I could have saved myself a lot of money. So disappointed, I left early. I will say, Neko Case was outstanding!! I was not familiar with her or her music, would definitely go see her again. Not so sure about Ray...

1.0 star rating Jaime from St. Louis, Missouri


I wish that I'd read the comments prior to ponying up quite a bit for great seats at the Peabody in STL. We've loved Ray for what seems like forever....however...this show was extremely disappointing. I pride myself on being able to listen to any kind of music...and even enjoy his new album. Iunderstand he is going thru a "rebranding" in his music. HOWEVER, the band completely drowned out his beautiful voice, and the concert dragged in places. I'm aware that Ray isn't much for speaking with the audience, but the connection between him and the audience just wasn't there. There was no one in the audience singing along...everyone was just staring at the stage. The final song was almost difficult to listen to, and involved Ray just singing "Oh" over and over for about 3 minutes...definitely wouldn't have chosen it for a closer. I won't completely hang my review up on "he didn't play any of his old stuff", but that was disappointing as well.

1.0 star rating Budabum from Boston, Massachusetts


SO DISAPPOINTED . He played one song that everyone knew. NOTHING ELSE. All of his hits like Trouble, Jolene etc. Nothing. The acoustics were awful, he played unknown music , mostly everyone around us left before the encore . Many people couldn't believe how lousy he was. I paid nearly 200$ to hear yelling , raunchy electric guitars.

1.0 star rating D Stewart from Boston, Massachusetts


I battled a cold dank night to attend this outdoor concert in the rain and was excited and looking forward to it. I have never felt as disrespected as a music fan and avid concert goer as I did tonight. This man made a point of not playing one fan favorite song the entire night. Great songs like For the summer, Beg steal and borrow, Drive in movie, You are the best thing, Jolene, and Trouble totally missing. At one point someone hollered Jolene and he replied no t happening. All I can say is what an asshole.

1.0 star rating Stashu from Boston, Massachusetts


Totally disappointed. Not a single one of his older hits. The acoustics sucked for the loud screaming guitars, sound was a lot better when he played the acoustic guitar. But he absolutely did not play what his fans paid to see. Heard MANY individuals discussing how disappointed they were on their way out.

1.0 star rating Stephanie from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw Ray at the Boston Pavilion on Saturday. He had a chip on his shoulder the entire night. He refused to play any of his known or popular songs almost as if trying to prove a point. I totally understand that he wants to promote his new music- as he should. But to purposefully not play songs that are his hit songs (hits for a reason), is like spitting in our faces (and his own, to be honest). Such a disappointing night. I hate that I now feel differently about him. Also would have been nice if he communicated at all with the audience. The only words he uttered the entire night were in response to a fan yelling for Jolene “If you’re here to hear Jolene, then you’re going to be waiting all *ucking night.” Way to go, Ray. Keeping it classy and respectful to your fans who paid a lot of money to come out to see you, and who have supported you all these years. Such a disappointing night.

1.0 star rating Your #1 Fan from Vancouver, Canada


....when your older songs are also part of the act. I totally understand that you want to promote your new music but you left many of your fans feeling like they were still waiting for you to give us what we wanted to just never happened. Great venue, Chicago!

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I went to my 4th and last Ray concert. He has a great talent. But now he is a sell out. With out a soul. I left so angry and ripped off. He clearly didn't care about the fans that pay for his great life. Never played a single song that anyone wanted to hear. All I needed was one of the old and great songs. Selfish little boy

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I've seen many concerts and have to say this one disappointed the most. Ray lacked the necessary skills to connect with the audience and definitely is self-indulgent. Agree with so many others here about his piss poor performance. Boo

1.0 star rating Rick & Rebecca from Houston, Texas


We were very pumped to see Ray again - this was our second time, the first being when he played at Verizon Wireless Center a few years ago and captivated us with his performance, most notably with the song, Empty. After that show we immersed ourselves in his music and came to love many, many of his songs - none of which were played last night at SFC. We thought that a lot of the new songs were great, but to not hear a single one of his old hits was a huge disappointment. Honestly, I question Ray's business savvy, because like many other fans, we vowed to never spend our hard-earned money on one of his shows again.

1.0 star rating JG from Austin, Texas


It sounds like Ray doesn't care about giving fans what they want. Fans are what made you successful Ray - it doesn't take much for your to work in 4 or 5 known songs to make your fans, the ones who pay for your music and tickets, feel like the concert was worth the money. I felt ripped off. This was the show in Austin on 6/9/18. Many people were leaving early and didn't even stay for the encore. We left at the third song of the encore when we figured he was not going to play any hits. Ray - just look out at the crowd. Everyone was sitting down, nobody was singing. And I am sure many thought it was a waste of money. I'll never pay to see you again. That bridge is burned.

1.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


He completely disappointed!! This was such a waste of a beautiful night, no interaction and the music was just not good. The guitar solos from his lead were flat out not good, I have seen some of the best and this was far from it. Left after 10 songs

1.0 star rating Paula from Phoenix, Arizona


I've been listening to Ray Lamontagne for over 10 years and was super excited to go see him tonight at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix Arizona. Sadly it was very disappointing. All the songs that I loved that showcase his bluesy amazing raspy voice were nowhere to be found. The audience begged him to play Jolene, ttrouble , you are the best thing.. he completely ignored what the audience wanted. I understand he's promoting his new album but I have to say that I probably will never listen to him again. Apparently his Fame has gone to his head and he doesn't care what his audience wants anymore. By Ray...

1.0 star rating Blondrea from Houston, Texas


Saw the "Just Passing Through" show in Los Angeles. Am such a huge fan, but the show was weak. Big, beautiful old theatre, but his voice was just lost. He and his co-performer (guitarist, keyboard player) stood on two big blue rugs that were just weird. All Ray's power was just...sucked into the ether. I actually put on my earbuds and listened to some of my favorite songs (like Summer) on my phone as he performed. Very disappointed. Kind of ruined my appreciation of him and his music. Hope I can get back to where I was before I went to see this weird and weak show.

1.0 star rating TS from Los Angeles


Greek theatre, Part of the Light tour 2018. Obviously knew Ray from his older stuff, but had listened to the new album and liked some of it...but didn't expect that to be the entire show. His vocals were unrecognizable, sounded like a gutteral high school battle of bands performance. Zero awarenesss or interest in half the audience who paid $200+ giving up and leaving an hour into the show. Long time fan, still love his music, but will never pay to see him live again. Worst show I've ever been too, the bad taste from the experience still hasn't left me.

1.0 star rating Rolinda Carrington from Austin TX


Saw Ray at the nice outdoor venue at Waterloo Park Saturday night. It started 45 minutes late with a mediocre singer songwriter then we waited another 20 minutes for him. He didn’t engage with the audience hardly at all and just didn’t seem very interested in his presentation. $130 later an expensive experience, never again.

1.0 star rating Hayley Clark from Boston, Massachusetts


One of the worst live shows I have been to… we were shhhushed several times in the *standing room, general AM* security telling us that the artist didn’t want noise from the crowd… all very strange. Played 2 songs we knew. Wouldn’t waste the money on seeing him live. And everyone should read these reviews before purchasing tickets. Not worth the time and money spent thinking it would be a great show.

1.0 star rating Annick from New York


I don't care if artist wants to play new songs only but come least look/act happy about being on stage playing for an audience. he looked so annoyed about having to do this show and basically said one word to us, bye Just stay a studio musician Ray, bye!

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