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Average customer review: 4.5 star rating (4.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 27



5.0 star rating Michael and Maria Maloney from San Diego, California and Virginia Beach, VA


For those with a casual interest, you got your Pretender, Everyman, Running on Empty, Doctor My Eyes, Take it Easy, Shape of a Heart, Fountain of Sorrow, I'm Alive, Looking East, These Days. You got great musicality from his razor sharp band, and you got a warmed up, very toned singing voice. You got a three hour show with a 15 minute intermission. (Hey, we ALL wanted Late for the Sky- oh well) If you weren't a dedicated fan, you may not have loved the cuts from his new album, including the brilliant Birds of St. Marks. The dedicated fans loved to hear the long explanations about each song. We all got to appreciate his wit and humor. He was playing in his backyard and felt really at home and he said so. So go!! The casual listener needs to enjoy the musicianship of the first set and wait for the crowd pleasers in the second. GREAT SHOW!!

5.0 star rating Jim and Rory Mcdonald from 6466 Kings Drive Oakdale Minn.


What a great show and what a great songwriter and singer.Brought my 26 year old son and had the time of our lives.Thanks Jackson ! PS Me and my son want to quit our jobs and travel the country with your band and sell your Tee Shirts at your concerts.Just to listen to every show me and my son will buy a trailer down by the river just to be able to hear you sing.Fsntastic!.

5.0 star rating Rick Platt from Vancouver, British Columbia


The gentleman who wrote the pc. about his buddy, his wife and his daughter mirror my own experience. My daughter is now 24 and really no change. My son on the other hand, has more eclectic tastes...but he gets it. True Americana. Sums it up. Great pedal steel, and guitar player duo last night. I was lucky enough to have third row centre seats. Like he was in my living room [almost]. Not as up to date on his new music as I should be, for a devoted fan, so will take a closer listen. It was privilege to be in the same room, reality with such a great artist and such a part of my life. Just a peaceful easy feeling. Would recommend The Centre 100%, Those mirrors can be tricky for old guys and railings. Seat was great, though I prefer easier access in and out. Sorry for those I interrupted. Yes would take children absolutely. The restaurant Jimmys beside the Centre did not have enough help. Bit of a pain, but once we got to the bar it was great. Thanks for treating me Roberto.

5.0 star rating Michael Catizone from ROCKLAND ONTARIO


Jackson Browne is one of the hardest working singer/songwriters of all time his voice ,guitar harmony and music brought tears of joy at being able to him perform Thank you yous are fantastic

5.0 star rating Ted in Los Angeles, CA from Los Angeles, California


Unlike sports, musicians are only people you get to watch perform even after they enter the Hall of Fame. Got to share the great Jackson Browne with my 23 year old son. The night at the Greek was as great as seeing Jackson at the Troubadour in the 70's! Soulful music with lyrics that tells a story! What more can you ask? If you have a chance to go, DO IT!

5.0 star rating Keith Kirkpatrick from Rockwall, Texas


This was the first visit to the Red Rocks Amphitheater for me and my wife and I need Walt Whitman or Mark Twain to attempt to do justice in prose to this musical venue. Seeing a concert at Red Rocks is an absolute must for fans of live music, there's nothing like the natural beauty, setting, and weather this venue has to offer. I love Jackson Browne, but to my wife he is almost a deity. So for us to share this night with friends and in this hallowed place of live music was something we'll never forget. The set list, band, and Jackson were phenomenal. It's amazing that his voice still sounds like it did 40 years ago. The man may finally be losing a little hair, but he is most definitely still at the top of his performing game. Highlights included "For A Dancer", "You Love The Thunder", "Shape of a Heart", "Sky Blue and Black", and "Your Bright Baby Blues". Thank you Jackson for continuing to share your special gift, you're truly an icon and an American treasure.

5.0 star rating Virginia Vernon from Phoenix, Arizona


I have to say that the Jackson Browne Concert last night was one of the best I’ve ever seen.. no opening act just him & his band. Played for 2 hours then an intermission & came back & played for an hour & a half!! Jackson’s band was new & updated but complimented the man & his music superbly!! And JB talked to the audience telling little stories of how he loves Arizona and has been here many times since he was 8 years old & came with parents to work on the Hopi Reservation, then later on playing at Arcosanti, and writing Take It Easy in Winslow. He also mentioned that he loves to go to all the crazy antique stores we have all over the state. He was laughing that one time he found someone’s teeth in a jar at one antique store!! He said he will never forget that! LOL!! All in all JB is a Class Act & gave the audience 150%!! I have to say it was so good to sit & listen to really really good music & Jacksons voice was as good & clear as when he was 25!!

5.0 star rating Mark W from Indianapolis, Indiana


Fantastic , totally awesome. .His voice sounded great seasoned with age , his band extremely tight , slightly different arrangements on some older songs , roughly 2 hours 35 minutes of playing time I've probably seen him at least 15 times over the years , all of them great , but this one sticks out for , especially from a set list standpoint . To anyone who's never seen him , young or old I highly recommend , Keep rocking Jackson😎

5.0 star rating Sharon from Indianapolis, Indiana


Although the average age of JB's audience grows, the impact of his music is legendary for us "old timers" - his lyrics speak to our youth, young adulthood, middle age and beyond. He is a Poet Extraordinaire and his voice is still strong and his guitar/piano work is beyond compare. Amazing band with him and thank you, Jackson, for giving me another concert to remember and thank you for writing "Take It Easy" - we still miss Glenn Frey!

5.0 star rating Jane from Louisville, Kentucky


Jackson and his band were in fine form in the Derby City. Like Triple Crown champion, Justify, they were excellent from start to finish. Great pace of the show, mixing in hits and deeper album cuts throughout. Jackson's voice in fine form. Sounded just as good as he did in his 20's. Amazing show!!

5.0 star rating Susan Buckley from Battle Creek, Michigan


One of his best concerts in years. The band is outstanding and, as Jackson Browne stated, they click together just like a Rubik’s cube. As usual, he started at the exact start time and played for almost three hours with a 15 minute break in the middle. Teaming with members of a gospel choir enriched the music; their addition to the ending of Lives in the Balance was spot on! Browne’s interaction with the audience was perfect so we didn’t get a “cookie cutter” performance. He is still on top of his game.

5.0 star rating Jack Straw from Cincinnati, Ohio


After seeing JB 40 plus times he still doesn't disappoint. great interaction with the crowd, good lead into the songs with some background, friendly, happy, good band and back-up singers and playing at Riverbend/ PNC in Cincinnati, can't get any better than that. What a venue, Easy in Easy out. JB still has it. he sounds like I 1st heard him over 40 years ago. What a talent. Can't wait to see him again. he's definitely one of the best musical talents that has performed flawlessly in over 5 decades....not many like him. HM

5.0 star rating Dan Serpico from Boston, Massachusetts


I had never seen Jackson Browne, before, but it was worth the wait. At age 69, his voice is still strong and he was engaging and personable with the audience. He played 25 songs! While he played a ton of hit songs (Doctor My Eyes, In the Shape of a Heart, The Pretender), he also mixed in less well known, but great, songs like: For A Dancer, Before the Deluge, Your Bright Baby Blues. He mixed between guitar and the piano and mixed up the pace, with upbeat songs like: Red Neck Friend and Running on Empty, but slowed it down and showed his soul with songs like: These Days and Love Needs A Heart. Finally, there were songs off his new album (The Long Way Around), but he also covered Warren Zevon's Lawyers, Guns & Money. it was really terrific. If your a Jackson Browne fan - you have to go see him

5.0 star rating Dave Cassella from Syracuse, New York


No glitter. To all his fans from the beginning- Jackson Browne could sing “ Row your boat” for 3 hours and it would be enjoyable. The cozy Landmark Theatre in Syracuse is a perfect venue for his show. His female backup singers were terrific and his band just awesome. But it’s one of the most identifiable voices ever in music that made this a night to remember. 70 years old(almost?) and the pipes appear to have no rust. Good guy too.

5.0 star rating Callie from Hartford, Connecticut


It was September of 1974...I was a senior in high school. My first year at a new school living in a new state. Lisa and Jeannie befriended me...2 of the best influences I ever met. The first time I heard Jackson Browne was on a Saturday night, after a great SNL episode, slightly buzzed from one of Lisa's awkwardly, but superbly rolled joints, and man was I hooked. Fast forward 44 awesome son gets us tickets to see Jackson at the Oakdale Theater in Wallilngford, CT for my 61st birthday. The magic that captivated me the first time I heard his voice gave life to the depth of his words all over again. Thank you Jackson Browne for being present in my life...the good times and the hard times. You still rock forever in my heart. And a big shout-out to my son as well, who enjoyed the show "almost" as much as his mom.

5.0 star rating Amy bown from Rochester, NY


Sublime. Inspiring. it was so moving to see one of my greatest heroes--not only because of his music and poetry, but who he is as a human being. I cried many times. The world is a better place for having Jackson Browne in it. And his band was A-MAZING. The acoustics were perfect. Usually sound at concerts is distorted and so loud, it just becomes noise. This was a wonderfully intimate setting and you could hear every wise word.

5.0 star rating Jenni from Honolulu, Hawaii


After an absolutely amazing performance by Jackson Browne and his band, the powers that be "pulled the plug" and shut down the music right in the middle of his encore . A huge disappointment for all the fans, and an embarrassment to Jackson Browne and his band. The Waikiki Shell management owes everyone a huge apology. What a rude way to treat a music legend!

5.0 star rating Shaka Brah from Honolulu, Hawaii MAHALO


So Jackson comes out for his encore... he's sings the Load Out... which segues into Stay... : “Jackson Brown closing with the ultimate encore song, “The Load- Out/Stay” with lyrics like, “... people stay just a little bit longer, we wanna play just a little bit longer..” but in mid-song at 10 pm, the City turns off the PA system!” Honolulu has a noise ordinance. All outdoor concerts have to end at 10pm This was due to a 1981 BLUE OYSTER CULT CONCERT @ Andrews Amphitheater on the UH campus. I lived nearby when that happened. The wealthy home owners lobbied for the noise ordnance. & tonight was the first time I've seen it enforced. & on a closing # about 'Staying... A Little Bit Longer. Hilarious His 3 hour show was incredible. New, classics, and so In tuned to the audience. We’ve never seen him so relaxed. & his voice was in perfect tone. His guitar runner slagged... but that added just the right comedic edge to the perfectly delivered show. & talk about Tight(?) the band was great!

5.0 star rating Lisa from Orlando, Florida


Talk about being transported back in time wonderful my only regret is I had to leave at early because my sons insulin pump wasn’t working, wish l could’ve stayed for every minute, he was the genuine heartfelt great from the past-

5.0 star rating Michael Carroll from Dublin, Ireland


Went to the Beacon Theatre on Sunday - travelled with my wife from Ireland to be there, as we do as often as we can to see this great artist. Loved the show, would obviously have loved a full show by Jackson and his band but the 3 hours plus shared with Lucius was a gem. Thanks to all 16 musicians/singers for a really uplifting night - roll on Jackson's next tour (in Ireland again, Jackson???!!!). If you’re a devotee, you’ll know what I mean - if not, treat yourself to one of life’s better musical experiences

5.0 star rating Suzanne Kinman from New York, New York


Three hours of amazing music! Lucius started things off and they were little BOSSES. My first time hearing them and I loved them! Jackson Browne was kind, funny and amazing. His interaction with other artists is magic🙌

4.0 star rating Dana Aeschliman from Montreal, Quebec


I asked my friend to come along because my wife's tired of hearing singer- songwriter 'country music' since we got together 15 yrs ago. My buddy's rteally into Floyd, the Doors, Harmonium and Beau Dommage but he insisted on paying for his ticket *before* we went to the show. He's still my buddy. I loved it but as my friend said "C'est dans ton ADN". Browne's music is what is now known as 'Americana'. Always great to see a show at the Place des Arts. Woulda loved to take my daughter but she's only 7 and hates my musical taste more than my wife, I think.

4.0 star rating John Morcaldi from Cheshire, Connecticut


In his 70th year, Jackson Browne still has the ability to move a crowd with his lyrically adventurous and inspirational songs. While his set list included a fair number of hits (Somebody's Baby, The Pretender, Running On Empty), the evening was mostly given over to deep cuts from his 17 albums, including well loved songs like "For A Dancer" and Little Steven's "I Am A Patriot", the latter having been requested by an audience member. One disappointment was that the encore did not include the expected "The Load Out / Stay". It did include a welcome homage to his good friend, the late Glenn Frey, with whom he wrote the Eagles' first hit, "Take It Easy'. The version performed here more resembled the Eagles' than his own recorded version. The audience was with him throughout, with several standing ovations and called out requests, some of which he performed, such as the luminous "Shape of a Heart". All in all, a warm and emotional evening with a great singer-songwriter.

4.0 star rating Robin lang from Honolulu, Hawaii


Couldn’t have asked for a better professional show by incredible musicians! He honored the Hawaiian culture talked about the Hokulea voyage, and even wore his “slippas” Everything was top notch until,... The Honolulu city ordinance 10:00 PM curfew cut all of electricity and soundstage off in the middle of his encore “Stay”. Shameful, but he seemed gracious. Love Jackson!!!

4.0 star rating Billy from New York, New York


This was a gift from Christmas for my wife. Could have played some more older songs for the crowd. Overall very good just not excellent. Would definitely go again.

3.0 star rating from Honolulu, Hawaii


I love love loVe JB but I am soooo embarrassed that the shell actually turned off the sound and lights IN THE MIDDLE of his finale song! Are you kidding me? How embarrassing for the state of hawaii. Shame on you Waikiki Shell. This is why so few artist even want to play respect.

2.0 star rating Laura S from New York, New York


Had great seats at the first show at the Beacon. He sounded great but his set list was blah. Too many songs no one knew. You can see people all leaving for either the bar or bathroom. He took no suggestions from the audience, he hardly talked, all in all it was kind of boring. And he finished with a Tom Petty cover, really????? Still had a great time the entire day with my daughter.


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