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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 29



5.0 star rating Pet Sounds Fan from Grafton, Massachusetts


Excellent concert last night. I am not a huge Beach Boys fan, but Pet Sounds is one of my favorite albums and I really looked forward to hearing it played live. The 12 person band did not let me down. It was great to hear personal favorites “God Only Knows”, “Don’t Talk” and “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”. One other bonus – Blondie Chaplin’s guitar solo on “Wild Honey”! The girls, surf and cars songs were nostalgic favs and well done. And of course… “Good Vibrations”! Thanks Hanover Theater...

5.0 star rating Bruce M. from Boston, Massachusetts


The best word I can find for last night's show is love. What wonderful musicians all embracing the moments of playing one of the greatest pieces of musical history. And having a fine time doing it! Brian did well and showed humor as well as a great love for his own was apparent on his face. Al Jardine,his son matt(who truly vocalized as only Brian could do)and Billy showed a family of musical heritage for us all,and the band?One of the best professional sets ever. It sounded exactly like the Wrecking Crew was up there but at times even fresher. Not to be a spoiler but I have to say a few of the earlier songs done were a shock to me.I never expected such a fun and loving night of music as that was. I hope all of you who have not been able to get to a show manage to see this and hear its brilliance. If it is to be the last ever pet Sounds performance, then it was truly worth it. Adding Blondie Chapin, I doubt I will experience anything that good again. Thank you Pet Sounds .

5.0 star rating L PMacy from New Albany, Ohio


Last night's concert was outstanding. I saw Brian's tour twice last year and both concerts were excellent. His April 21 show in Columbus had Brian and his amazing orchestra at their best. Brian's vocals were better than I heard in last year's tourmand he appeared to have as much fun as the audience. The gentle genius of music deserved every standing ovation !

5.0 star rating from Santa Barbara, California


What a great evening seeing a living legend.

5.0 star rating from Orlando, Florida


The genius of Brian Wilson is indisputable. The audience responded to his rightful place in Rock history with a standing ovation at the start, and even longer standing ovation at the end. God bless you Brian Wilson! Your music is forever imbedded in our memories.

5.0 star rating Sandra janiga from Marion, CT


Fourth Row seats and a great show for all ages. Yes, Brian Wilson is older now but he has put together a great band and Al Jardine still has a nice voice. The man is a legend and I thank Mr. Wilson for all his wonderful contributions to music. People who expect somebody who is in his mid seventies and just had back surgery to be spry and chipper just aren't realistic. I'll take listening to Brian Wilson any way I can get him. Thank you to Mr. Wilson for not cancelling the concert. We would have been disappointed.

5.0 star rating Terri from Louisville, Kentucky


Awesome Concert,All the guys rocked,great band.Pet Sounds is my favorite Album and Brian rocked it.Al and Blondie your awesome

5.0 star rating Maureen Bowen from Kitchener, Ontario


I almost cried when I saw this living legend! Never ever thought I would get the opportunity to hear the Beach Boys music played live. All the artists were amazing and reproduced the music to perfection. I am not as familiar as I'd like with the Pet Sounds album, but the genius of the songs was absolutely enthralling. From the opening number to the end it was a totally awesome experience!

5.0 star rating Louise from Orlando, Florida


An amazing concert. The musical arrangements were so beautiful and each song flowed one after the other. The musicians were exceptional as were backup singers. I loved every minute.

5.0 star rating Warren Peskin from Ventura, California


My wife and I saw The Zombies and Brian Wilson and Friends at The Greek last night. Simply put, it was an evening of being in the presence of musical genius. It does not matter if all the notes and harmonies did not always sound like they did in 1968- Both sets were pure and honest attempts to play their music and have joy in doing so. A night to remember and be grateful for as there was no pretense from the stage- just good old rock and roll. Warren/Ventura, Ca

5.0 star rating Jason from Garwood, NJ


...what we’d be without you Brian. THANK YOU for the music you’ve brought to my life and many others. And a THANK YOU for keeping it going....the show was GREAT!

4.0 star rating Wayne Ashley from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Listening to Brian Wilson’s concert, from a musicians point of view, was a rare artistic treat. The quality and level of musicianship was outstanding, and the backing musicians’ ability to duplicate the Beach Boys vocals was astounding. Brian’s vocal ability has long deserted him, and he struggled when called upon to sing; however, thankfully the real heavy lifting in the vocal department was left to the rest of the band. The only weak spot in the concert was, in my opinion, the inclusion of Pet Sounds tracks. Although they were well performed, the Pet Sounds album generally falls far short of the brilliance of Brian’s hit tunes, like Good Vibrations.

4.0 star rating James Posta from Toledo, Ohio


Brian Wilson's band had an excellent performance at the Stranahan last night. HIs vocals were limited, though necessary to provide the BB harmony. The a'ccoustics at the Stranahan are much-improved or the BBs brought that stellar sound system to provide a great venue. The key player was singer Matt Gardene. His falsetto voice emulated the Mike Love component for the most memorable BB songs. The concert was non-stop with a short intermission. A number of the songs weren't well-known BB melodies, however, the 11-piece band was exceptional. The eclectic audience really enjoyed the reflective 60's sounds. Sad to see Mr. Wilson having help leaving and entering the stage, but his phrasing and harmonic sounds with other stronger voices is what the distinct sound of the BB is all about. It is unfortunate that the split with Mike Love eliminates a needed voice. Though not a Love-fan, it is apparent without the young Gardene the distinct BB harmony would be void of what we recall from the 60s

4.0 star rating Ronald Wesley from Kent, Ohio


Brian Wilson's band had an excellent performance at the Blossom Music Center last night. HIs vocals were limited, though necessary to provide the Beach Boy"s harmony for the wonderful "Pet Sounds Album". The a'ccoustics at Blossom are wonderful and band brought that stellar sound system to provide a great venue. The key player was singer Matt Gardene. His falsetto voice was the main component for the most memorable Brain Wilson/Beach Boys songs. The concert was non-stop with a short intermission. A number of the songs were well-known from the "Pet Sounds Album", and the Cleveland Orchestra was exceptional. The eclectic audience really enjoyed the reflective 60's sounds. Sad to see Brian having help leaving and entering the stage, but his phrasing and harmonic sounds with other stronger voices is what the distinct sound of the Beach Boys is all about. It is apparent without the young Gardene the distinct Brian Wilson/Beach Boys harmony would be void of what I recall from the 60s. I also enjoyed the Blondie Chaplin's solo on "Wild Honey"! I am very happy I did not miss this Cleveland Orchestra/Brian Wilson-Pet Sounds 50 years concert.

4.0 star rating Jilly C from New York, New York


Was so looking forward to seeing the genius who is Brian Wilson coupled with the Zombies. Colin Blunstone’s voice is still amazing and the band were on great form but the sound mix was so off, bass heavy and so unbalanced. It was heartbreaking to see Brian shuffling on stage and not really being up to the singing forgetting the words and looking vacant. The band had his back of course but it was so sad. Very difficult as us fans would have been so sad if the show had been cancelled but should it have happened? Thank goodness for Darian Sahanaja, Al Jardine and his son and the rest could have done without the guest guitarist though since when was ‘Sail on Sailor’ a rock anthem?

3.0 star rating Keith Dyar from Indianapolis, Indiana


I purchased a VIP package to watch Brian perform live, & for a meet & greet before the show. For a professional he did perform at the best of his ability, and agree to take photos with his fans. Although you can tell that he was in some discomfort due to his back surgery and the busy touring schedule, he smiled for photos and performed on cue. The Palladium is a beautiful facility and the staff couldn’t have been any nicer. I’m proud that Brian has been a continuous touring musician for the last 20 years. And I would be thrilled to see Brian again in concert. Although at 76 years old it may be beneficial he slow down just a little bit.

3.0 star rating Kate from Westlake, Ohio


Brian had to cancel 12 concerts due to ill health. His Blossom concert was his second since those cancellations. The show must go on, so they say. He had contracts to honor, and I'm sure his bandmates are depending on these concerts for their livelihoods. But he was clearly struggling, forgetting words, barely getting them out. He was clearly not ready to be on stage. But he is a giant legend of 60s rock. His band did their best to support him. Once "Pet Sounds" was over, they did their old favorites from their beach days and the crowd had a good time. But Brian was hurting, and it was so evident. He has been there for us for so many years--"In My Room," "Good Vibrations," "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" At Blossom, we paid tribute to him.

2.0 star rating Mike from Cuyahoga Falls (Blossom Music Center)


He may be a musical genius, but I would rather see him go out on top. The piano is set up with him looking at the crowd. He started off and we instantly began to question whether he was playing the keyboards or just propped up. When he sang we all looked at each other and wondered if he had a stroke. My buddy said it was like he just got a bunch of Novocain and his mouth was numb. The rest of the band and singing was great, but don't go to hear Brian.

2.0 star rating Becky Wilson from Dayton, Ohio


I was so looking forward to seeing one of my favorites of all time. So sad to see him just sitting at the piano. Very little singing or playing. Kind of just seemed propped up there. He didn't speak to the audience. Seemed like a tribute band, with him there. Time to retire, blessings to you My Friend ❤️

1.0 star rating George from Northford, Connecticut


Went to the Oakdale last night and left after 4 songs and $300 dollars out the window. He sits in front of a fake piano and bearly sings a song. I haven’t been ripped off like that ever. If you think it good, you didn’t have very close seats to see what I witnessed. They are treating his body like a prop and calling it a Brian Wilson concert. Brian, you did great things once. This isn’t how you want you success to end. Stay home great one.

1.0 star rating Ron from Kansas City, Missouri


My wife and I were also at the concert in Kansas City’s Kaufmann and agree with the other review. They helped him on stage, placed him at a piano and he basically sat there the whole time. It was sad to see. They also basically kept the lighting off of him and basically the band sang around or over him. A couple of years ago we went to the other Beach Boys group and thoroughly enjoyed it. For the price of the tickets this concert was a sham. Other venues should think twice about scheduling this .

1.0 star rating William from Kansas City, Missouri


Maybe I am not a dedicated Brian Wilson fan and therefore did not know what to expect, but I am knowledgeable of what Wilson has meant to American music and of an age that I first listened to Beach Boys in the 60's. But this concert was one of the worse I have been to. And at $100 a pop, maybe THE worse. Brian sang perhaps 5 songs and struggled to do so. The lighting crew kept the lights on everyone else and placed Brian in the shadows. It was a scam. I came to hear Brian, not watch an ill man/legend sit at the piano disengaged from all around him. And not playing or singing

1.0 star rating Tony from Akron, Ohio


Music was 6 of 5 stars. Vocal was single star. Smiled with music open like it was mid “60s. Smile came off with first vocal. Brian, God love you. Probably best to let some one else sing.

1.0 star rating Disappointed Blossom Fan from Westlake, OH


Friends invited us to this event. I was really hoping that the Blossom Festival Orchestra was going to play Brian's nuance songs with Brian contributing from the keyboards. I was sadly to disappointed to hear Brian trying to sing (when he could remember the lyrics). Although most of the harmonies at this event were decent, virtually all of solo singing was awful. I was also disappointed that a lot of unknown music was selected as opposed to Brian's strong book of tunes

1.0 star rating Jack Makemson from Dayton, Ohio


Sad to see,Brian Wilson needs to stop touring .The rest of the band did their best to cover for him.He barely sings,yawning through many songs.Do not waste your money on a Brian Wilson tour.The legend needs to give it up.

1.0 star rating While Shoemaket from Dayton, Ohio


Pathetic to see a legend like Brian Wilson propped behind a piano .He lost his great voice ,mumbled,stumbled through songs,the few he sang.This concert should not continue it is an embarrassment to Brian Wilson.The legend needs to bow out gracefully.Do not waste your money.

1.0 star rating Jeff from Las Vegas, Nevada


Saw the Brian Wilson tour at the Joint in Las Vegas. Brian Wilson is a universally acknowledged musical genius, but he should not be touring. His vocals were massively off key and delivered almost in a monotone. His bandmates did their best to cover and had fantastic soaring harmonies. Brian however, was literally just a prop they put out front. Half the time he looked completely spaced out and unaware of what was going on around him. It was sad to see and significantly detracted from the enjoyment of the concert. This type of performance can only hurt his legacy – his band needs to start carrying on without him.

1.0 star rating Michael Kauzer from Walnut Creek, California


We had to leave. Painful to watch. Wilson was there in body only, propped up behind a fake piano. It was sad. Al Jardine's son was good covering the high notes. But for most of the concert, you wanted to look away.

1.0 star rating Liz from Las Vegas, Nevada


We left early. It was very sad to see him propped up in front of the piano. He looked like a statue. His vocals were so off and a couple of times he came in late because he forgot the words. I found it painful to watch him so we had to leave. Also I don’t think it was a good idea to do so many songs that weren’t very popular. I’ve always loved the BB but I’d rather remember them the way they were.


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