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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.5 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating Jerry Alford from Jacksonville, Florida


This concert blew me away. The opening act was fantastic and set the bar for Cher to do better. She did spades. As always, she looks amazing. A fantastic set, terrific dancers and musicians, and her trademark glorious costumes. Cher provides a raucous, thoughtful, colorful trip down memory lane. Thank you, Cher, for 50 years of music. Can we have just one more Farewell Concert?

2.0 star rating John Williams from Jacksonville, Florida


On a scale of 1 - 10, I'll give the Cher concert a 3. Had floor seat, lots of drunks spilling drinks etc.. Poor song choices, to few songs, super long break between warm-up band and main event. long costume change times and poor ending. Was more like a musical you would see at a dinner theater. Will not see another of her concerts.

5.0 star rating Kathy white from Charlotte, North Carolina


just keeps getting better

5.0 star rating Leah from Charlotte, North Carolina


Cher was awesome!! She still brings it when she performs and doesn't just go through the motions like some other established artists may do after years of performing. You can tell she still loves what she does and what she does is ENTERTAIN!! Great choreography with the dancers and the musicians were fantastic! Nile Rodgers and Chic as an opening act too! Wow! Just Wow! Thank you Cher. You are every bit worthy of your legendary status!!

3.0 star rating Bruce c from Cleveland, Ohio


Cher barely sang an hour, if your into watching dancers and videos of her singing her hits maybe you should have stayed home and watched MTV. The last time I saw her and it was 17 years ago she was spectacular, time has passed her bye and all she did was take our money. She still has a great voice too bad she didnt use it more for us at the Q.

2.0 star rating Matthew from Columbus, Ohio


I have seen Cher many times and usually I am very impressed. This time she clearly called it in! Songs did not go together. She wasted a long time talking about the same stories she has told over and over again. The ending was terrible. We always know she will do Believe but she normally comes back out for a final song where she gets on a lift and goes over the audience. Not this time! As I mentioned earlier, she is calling it in but still taking our money. No longer for me. I will see high energy acts like Taylor, Pink, or Ariana!

5.0 star rating Paul Hudson from Detroit, Michigan


Cher was AMAZING!!! What an Awesome evening ! This was a concert and broadway show in one night ! I can’t wait to go to Vegas to see it again. Who does this a 72? No One ! She really really loves her fans to do this for us There is No One like her. The best voice in music today. Loved EVERY second of this show. What a cast of people she brought with her. OMG The dancers were Phenomenal, the band sounded incredible! I decided to go in and hear the warm up Chic and we loved them too ! PS. Pay the money for better seats It’s that good Enjoy ! Thanks Cher for coming to Detroit. We love you !

1.0 star rating Marcie Sanders from Las Vegas, Nevada


She didn't come on until 8:45 and it was to start at 8:00. Never welcomed crowd just talked about how great she was at 73. Sang about 35 minutes total, lots of video and dancers. She looked bored to death. At $550 for two tickets felt ripped off and i was a big cher fan. Time for her to give it up and go out on good note not some washed up old lady

5.0 star rating Susan Delgado from Las Vegas, Nevada


Loved loved loved seeing her! She can still rock it with not only the voice gorgeous but the beautiful body! She motivates me to lose weight and be my best every day! My daughter surprised me with this trip and show as I missed Cher in Seattle a few years back. I’ll definitely be seeing her again.

5.0 star rating Johnny G. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Cher was absolutely amazing......For 72 years old, she looked fabulous.......And she still has it as far as voice goes.....The woman is ageless....Always have been a fan and am so glad I went.....She is a legend as far as I'm concerned.......

5.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


One of the best shows I have seen. She still has it, fabulous voice and sang for the whole time.

3.0 star rating GC from Toronto, Ontario


Having been to a few of Cher's concerts I was very disappointed with this one. There was a major sound issue. Cher's back up singers were louder then she was, at times I couldn't even hear her. Even thou I was in section 103, I could not see much of anything due to the stage set up. Saying all of that, I still love Cher but felt I over paid for the concert and will not attend anymore.

3.0 star rating PR from Toronto, Ontario


Too many costumes changes, not impressed having-to watch videos or dancers until she came back out. Cher has so many iconic songs, so was totally disappointed she sang 3 ABBA songs.. paid to hear Cher songs. Not even a goodbye Toronto,, people were thinking she would at least do an encore..but no, we got a wave goodbye and the. The lights came on

3.0 star rating Sally from Toronto, Ontario


I found the concert boring and she barely moved. She is 73 and still in great shape but her age showed. I would not attend another concert of hers. It felt too much like a production about Cher and not really a concert. The sound was horrible and I think she was lip syncing. Disappointing.

3.0 star rating Debbie Rees from Toronto, Ontario


Saved up to go to this concert, what a disappointment the sound was awful couldn't hear Cher. her lead guitarist was way to loud lots of vibrations I don't remember any of her song having all that guitar. won't go back or change her sound system

1.0 star rating Chris from Chatham Ont


This was on my sisters and my bucket list! It was terrible! Travelled to TO to see backup dancers, trapeze artists and old pictures of her and Sonny! She hardly sang anything! Not even all her own songs! Couldnt see her even on big screens. Just dancers! Didnt say thanks for coming. goodbye or anything! She wasnt on stage for 45 minutes all combined! Very disappointed . Never again!

3.0 star rating Greg from Buffalo, New York


First, I would like to say the stage setup was amazing and we were near the center on the floor so the sound was great also. I was disappointed because I paid to see Cher sing, live, not watch music videos which I can do on YouTube for free. She spent a good part of the show telling stories and telling us how great she is. She did not sing, live, for a good portion of the show. She has a killer voice! I just wish I could have heard more of it. I also went to see Elton John a few years ago and he played for 3-1/2 hours! Granted, he is a year younger than Cher, but still... This concert reminded me of the movie Office Space and the interview that Peter Gibbons had with the Bobs where he explains that in a given week, he only does 15 minutes of actual work. That's about what Cher did. Her outfits were amazing and I realize it takes time to change into them but still, we would rather have heard her sing.

5.0 star rating Phyllis from Buffalo, New York


Cher is as always a true party !! Giving it her ALL!!! I have never missed seeing her when she comes to Buffalo NY!!! She's a blast from the past and and a legion for the future!

2.0 star rating Michael from Buffalo, New York


Cher was tired out she barely sang an hour and did not do some of her classics she talked about the same things as she did in the past shows I have seen, I paid for the best floor seats FL5 when I purchased my tickets back in October I talked to people last night that just got in the 4th row on the floor up front, many drunks spilling drinks not a good experience. I do hope this her final farewell because it is mine. I do love Cher but I thought Chic did a better job

5.0 star rating Cher Fan from Boston, Massachusetts


Cher looked and sounded great in Boston! The songs, outfits, dancers, EVERYTHING was just spectacular. This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen Cher. She keeps on getting better - even at 72!

3.0 star rating Patsy from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw her 5 years ago, fantastic.. This time I was disappointed. Had to wait, too much talking and lousy ending. She just left the stage, lights went on and it was over. Like WOW is that it?She still looks great,

5.0 star rating Nancy and Mark from Boston, Massachusetts


We loved every minute of it! The warm up band was great. Cher was amazing her voice unbelievable. We loved all the small videos very appropriate for a farewell tour.

3.0 star rating Mark from Boston, Massachusetts


We waited 30 minutes after the warm up band finished for Cher to come out. She didn't seem too engaged. Cher told a story that went in many directions and went on too long. She has so many songs of her own but sang other performers songs. Her agility on stage appeared limited but I guess that comes with age. She was on stage for an hour and a half and some of it spent talking. The ending was bad with bad, just a wave, nobody knew if it was really over or not. It was my first time seeing her live. I should have gone when she was more in her prime. Still love her songs..................

3.0 star rating Mary Lee Pagliaroli from Buffalo, New York


I love Cher, & was excited to see her again. Last time was her "Farewell Tour" in 2003. The show was great, but a lot of it was exactly the same as it was 16 years ago! I can't believe the show hasn't changed much since then... Disappointed it was too short & had a lot of filler. I felt like she is calling it in. She's still fabulous, but it's like she doesn't have to try anymore.

4.0 star rating Shylo- Manitowoc WI from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


When seated straight across from the stage (228) and the large screen on stage does not show what is on stage..... the smaller screens on each side of the stage do nothing for us! I am more disappointed with the size of the screens at the Fiserv. Summerfest screens are larger and more plentiful and provide an ample back up for those who are not immediately in front of the stage. VERY disappointed with this venue who should have thought of everything when spending that kind of money! The 4 stars are for Cher----the venue should get a 1.

2.0 star rating Jane Bussy from Omaha, Nebraska


Wow I am shocked to pay $78 to watch Cher lip sync. Not a tour if not live singing. I don’t expect her to do things she did in the past but this seems like taking advantage of peoples time & money. On top of the lip syncing they played numerous videos of her and acts where it was her dancers & she was not on stage probably in costume change. Came on 30 minutes late too. This is the first bad review I have left ever for a musician. I would rather she tour with another person & sing rather than see this mini non live musical of her career. Yikes no wonder resales of tix I noticed were 1/2 price of tix cost. Sad.

4.0 star rating Robin from Omaha, Nebraska


Ok. I'm being truthful. I seen her 14 years ago here in Omaha and that show at almost 60, was phenomenal. This concert was still fantastic, however, I did not expect her to lip sync. And, you can argue that she didn't, but technical difficulties proved otherwise. I know she's 73. I was just surprised. The transition between songs was so awkward and so long. The videos were abundant. The song choices were strange, not understanding this obsession to sing all ABBA's songs on this new album and 3 at the concert. I personally dislike Abba. She has enough of her own amazing songs to sing. It ended as awkward with just a hand shake. I understand her age, but she's the queen. Come on! The one thing I will say is that she looks AMAZING!! Lord, please let me be so sexy at 73 years old.

2.0 star rating Carol from Omaha, Nebraska


I love Cher but this was a disappointment. The mediocre lead band (called Chic) went on for almost an hour. Sound quality was bad, and the woman whose solos were primarily her screaming needs to get a voice coach or find another career. Then, we waited 45 minutes with no announcements or anything - I think it was to set up stage. Sets were wonderful but overdone. It would’ve been better if she spent more time singing. She sang 3 ABBA songs that didn’t suit her at all. Her band and backup singers was too loud - between that and the poor sound quality we rarely heard her voice.

4.0 star rating Erin Thomas from Vancouver, British Columbia


Enjoyed the show the first act was uplifting and motivating to get the crowd going. Cher was really good and proves that she still has class and style. She still has her same voice no different and did not disappoint. Her team was entertaining between her fabulous costume changes. I was glad I saw the show. You go girl. For 73 she rocked it!

5.0 star rating Madeleine T from Vancouver, British Columbia


I'VE NEVER WITNESSED ANYTHING SO ICONIC IN MY LIFE. I mean I am only 20 and was one of the youngest audience members but STILL. Highlight of my life honestly. Nothing and nobody can ever compare to Cher xx

4.0 star rating Richard Hansen from Las Vegas, Nevada


Cher in LV, okay we're in! We get great seats and paid for it, granted. It was our first time seeing her live. We sat, and sat,and sat,....and sat. We were on time, but where was Cher? 45 minutes plus and finally the lights went down. Funny thing was, I think the audience was having more fun enjoying the Bee Gees' song than to have to wait for "the show". A number of people were saying their were walking out. The first song happens and there she is in front of all of us. Then, we get to hear 'a story', a long, unimportant story of name dropping, and more name dropping, and a long personal important part of her life (to her). Were we there to hear her speak or lecture? We we're not going to ever no why the show didn't start on time. We were not going to ever get those 45 minutes back. We were going to accept that we paid a dear price and enjoy what few songs were going to fit in what was left on the time clock before the end of the show. She never introduced her backup people. Those people filled and completed the performance. Never have I ever witnessed a lead performer not introduced their back up people. Since it was the first and only concert with Cher, it was fun to see her live. She should have remembered her first shows years ago when they were hungry. Even though they have performed "it" thousands of times, the audience came to see it fresh, new, and not familiar. Imagine meeting that special person for the first time. That is the feeling a performer needs to put across to their audience every time they step on the stage. Never met her, never saw her live. We came to hear her sing. She did. Should have been on time and limited the talk to her backstage friends... not her audience. A lot of us never saw her perform before. We were taken advantage of on Saturday the 24th. Like the story of the $28k, hopefully we paid the bill.

2.0 star rating DRL from Las Vegas, Nevada


Cher was late starting the show, appeared to have slurred speech when she was telling old stories. She still has a great voice from what I could tell but this show was not worth $300.00. I really felt cheated. In addition, a you g woman and her 2 male companions were descriptive using the small area for seating to dance. I was struck by the young woman several times and when she would return to her seat she would nearly sit on her drink. I opted to leave 45 minutes into the performance. A total waste of time and money. I think Cher needs to seriously retire. She looks great and I love the time she and Sonny performed together. I did not spend $300 to see how videos and audios of time past.

5.0 star rating Kristene Bowers from Las Vegas, Nevada


Wow! This woman kills it. Rocking on at 73!!! She looks and sounds amazing and the wardrobe changes are awesome! See it! Just go see it!


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