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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 36



5.0 star rating Paul+Kris Everett from Hull,East Yorkshire,England.


WE have just visited to New York to celebrate my wifes 50th birthday on August 10th `06.To finish the day off we went to see Chicago, what more can we say? Brilliant cast,superb music,overall a fantastic performance.A perfect end to the day.(Our advice,go and see it if you get the chance)Many thanks to all the cast.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Williamsport, PA


The show was excellent but I was as impressed by the usher who assisted an elderly women find a seat that did not require her to climb three difficult flights of stairs. Who expects any one to make an extra effort and provide consideration? Bravo the show and bravo the staff.

5.0 star rating Maddie :) from Anytown, AT 55555


I loved the show! Bebe Neuwirth is so talented, and it made my day seeing her on stage! It proves how great of an actress she is, because you would never know this was the same woman who played Lilith on Cheers!! I heart her!!!! Brenda Braxton was amazing, too!! She's very inspiring! The whole cast just gave a killer (haha) performance!! 5 stars isn't enough!! I'd give oodles more!

5.0 star rating ANNE LIVERMAN from Ashbourne, Derbyshire England


Having seen CHICHAGO in UK last month took a chance to witness the BROADWAY production on mon 14 May and was not disappointed!!It was great having orchestra centre stage with such an energetic conductor as LESLIE STIFELMAN costumes were great, singing special note must be given to R LOWE as Miss Sunshine what a voice!The cast were on fire but the sound when acting didnt always reach my ears on row D IN THE UPPER Circle hope production side will sit up there and rectify it for future visitors !!Loved the shabby chic of the ambassador theatre and the kindness of the staff it was so welcoming please dont change it. Highlight as we left, chatting to musician who was packing away his violin . A good night in New York for a first time visitor.

5.0 star rating Sarah from The Great State of Texas


Fabulous!!! Just visited NYC with my Mother and 3 Aunts. We went to see Mamma Mia and Chicago. My favorite, by far, was Chicago and I'de love to see it again and again. The women were gorgeous and the men were ...gorgeous. The movie was OK and I didn't have any expectation for the play, but I was knocked out! I laughed a lot, and what an inspiration to get in shape! I can't say enough good things about it. If you stay in Times Square or close by, try the Rickshaw ride home. We laughed even more! GREAT FUN! Oh yeah, Mamma Mia was really good too.

5.0 star rating Chris Sweeney from Brisbane, Australia.


We saw Chicago in May 08 and were not disappointed. A great show; stylish cast; and a terrific experience. All of us thought Bianca Marroquin was truly mesmerizing. (Ie: the dance sequence she does in sync with two other male dancers was breathtakingly good / outstanding.) An absolute star! You’d see the show just to watch Ms Marroquin perform.

5.0 star rating Andy Spokes from UK


Saw the show at the end of August, and what a show! The whole cast gave 100% and made the audience feel like it was the first night. May I congratulate all of you and thank you for making my dream of how a show on Broadway would be, come true.

5.0 star rating Maria from Spain


I saw Chicago at Embassador Theater in NY on 11th September of 2008. All the spectacle was very nice and high quality, particularly Brenda Braxton a great jewel as singer, actress and dancer.

5.0 star rating Bernie from Bonnells Bay \"Down Under in Aussieland\"


After lining up at the box office,I was lucky enough to score a seat in August 2008. The whole New York scene for a visiting Aussie was enough to send the senses into orbit. The show was magnificent and I feel sorry for people who criticise and expect too much of the artists.

5.0 star rating Alexander Mokretsov from Moscow, Russia


Me & my wife have seen Chicago on April, 24 2010 & totally loved it! The music and the actors were amazing. Bianca Marroquin was so marvellous playing the role of Roxy. She's a real star! Thanks for the wonderful evening!

5.0 star rating Gabor Benkö from Lund, Sweden


We've seen the show on May 18. Ruthie H, Matthew S, and Raymond B were great, thanx to the whole team for the outstanding evening. I warmly recommend this Broadway musical!

5.0 star rating Loes de Ruiter from Amsterdam, Netherlands


Me and my sister have visited the theatre on July 25 and we had a wonderful evening thanks to the leading ladies Ruthie Henshall and Amra-Faye Wright and the rest of the cast. We recommand the show to everyone we meet!

5.0 star rating Andrew and Sharon Reece from Yorkshire England


On the 22nd July 2010, my wife and i went to see chicago on the day we were married. Oh what a day, oh what a show!!!! Ruthie Henshall was magnificent as Roxy. Amra Fay-Wright was superlative in the role of Velma, and John O'Hurley as Billy Flynn was unbeatable. There were no elaborate scene changes, no flashy costumes. The show relied entirely on the talent contained within it, and it paid off in spades. WORLD, GO SEE IT.

5.0 star rating Chris from New York, NY


BEST show on Broadway! We got orchestra seats for 50 bucks, without standing in line at the booth. There's a great website for discount seats to the show - - get your tickets there, and have a blast at this awesome show! We LOVED the legendary music of Kander & Ebb, and Fosse's choreography.

5.0 star rating Roman Castillo Jr. from Austin, Texas


Hello. I saw "Chicago" for the first time on 3-17-11. It was a fabulous experience! The singing and dancing were first-rate. It's one thing to see video clips of the show online. But to see it in person is a magical moment. I was seated in the front row. Leigh Zimmerman (Velma) and Dylis Croman (Roxie) were A MA zing!! I'm especially familiar with the songs "All That Jazz" and "Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag". The Men of Chicago were also fantastic...especially two of the guys: Ryan Lowe and Jason Patrick Sands. Each did their part with great fervor and energy. Other shows rely on people floating in the air and doing acrobatics. Chicago's approach is pretty simple: sing it well, dance it with precision and act the heck out of the part. After the show, I took pics with Ryan, Leigh and Jason. They were ever so nice! Next time I'm in NYC, I will definitely see "Chicago" again. P.S. Thanks to Leigh Zimmerman for throwing me a red rose, at the end of the show. You're a doll!

5.0 star rating Sydney from Atlanta, GA


it was everything I hoped for and more! the singing was spot on and the dancing was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone!

5.0 star rating R&R from PA


I LOVED the play Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre ! The Theatre was lovely... I was sitting in the back but still felt the seats were great. The production was very, very good . The acting, singing, and dancing were beyond fantastic. I would highly recommend it.

5.0 star rating Steve Delaney from Wales-United Kingdom


This was the 22nd time i have seen this masterpiece of theatre and it certainly wont be the last!!! Sheer MAGIC. If you dont go to see this, you have never lived. WOW!!!!!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from New York, New York


OK - every single person in the cast blew me away. After all these years I finally saw Chicago. What a show! Go see it, go see it, go see it. It's thoroughly entertaining. I knew nothing about Rumer Willis, only that she's the daughter of Bruce and Demi. I think she's exceptional. Can I say that I think she reminds me of a young Bernadette Peters? (Please don't hit me Bernadette) Who knew this young woman was so talented? I think she (Ms. Willis) might bring a whole new audience to the theatre.

4.5 star rating Mary Ann from Orlando, FL USA


I saw this show last Friday. I have seen quite a few Broadway productions and found this cast to be outstanding. The energy and stage presence of the performers was great. Rita Wilson does a great job as Roxie, especially for her Broadway debut!

4.5 star rating Cdm from Massachusetts


Wow! My sister-in-law and I and our two daughters (16 and 13 years old) were very impressed with how Ashlee Simpson held her own on stage with both singing and dancing. All of us had loved the movie and had to get used to the theater format - which in the end we felt really did the musical justice. The music and acting were great. A minimalist approach, but not more was needed. Witty and wonderful show.

4.5 star rating Denise from New York City


I saw Chicago 2 days ago in New York and I can't stop thinking about it. I play the songs over and over again on my iPod. I thought the performance was amazing. It was fun and cute and I had a great time. Michelle Dejean is absolutely AMAZING as Roxie Hart. I loved her performance. I also couldn't help but notice Shawn Emamjomeh's performance as the Jury, it was great! The overall cast performance was fantastic. R. Lowe was brillant. Thanks for the good time.

4.5 star rating Neli from Dallas tx


Great show great seats saw show today paid a fair price the show was amazing great dancing & singing the actors were all very energetic and were in their roles excellent!!!

4.5 star rating Leonid Cherny from Moscow, Russia


I was in Ambassador theater at Jan, 08, 2010, together with my friends. I was impressed, really. Ashlee Simpson was funny, other cast was brilliant. I am not a big fan of Musical as a genre, but when i come back to NYC, i come back to Ambassador and try to see chicago again. PS - Deidre Goodwin, Brent Barrett and Roz Ryan - the best!!!

4.5 star rating Alan Hodgkinson from New York


This was my 1st time in New York and the theatre, so wasn't too sure what to expect. The theatre was a little cramped We were in row A on mezz in centre, providing excellent stage views. The stage appeared a little bland. Just the orchestra stack in the centre, but this was not a problem as it provided a backdrop to the play. The cast and orchestra were fantastic. Keeping the audiences attention from start to finish. My personal favourite being Chris Sullivan as Amos, the poor, husband of Roxy Hart. I would thoroughly recommend Chicago to anyone wanting to visit a broadway show. Next time I visit the theatre, I hope the experience is as enjoyable as this one.

4.5 star rating Jodi Reilly from Clermont, FL


We saw Chicago in NY and the staff at the theater were very friendly and helpful. I had my mom with me and she was in a wheelchair, we had to go in the back door and they helped us to our seats. They even came back after the show to see if they could help us. And made sure that they stayed with us so they could get us back out the door.

4.0 star rating Mike from Denver, CO


Rita Wilson may be among the lesser talented people on the stage but, she nonetheless make the whole thing work. She sings well and, her stage presence is electrifying.

4.0 star rating David from Windermere, England


we visited new york in 2005. we had to see a show , so we went to see chicago. we sat 2 rows from the front and caught a rose at the end. i gave it to my girlfriend and still have it to this day... great show

3.0 star rating Pthompson from USA


For $134 per seat each for a family of 3, I had expected more costume and scenery changes. The music and dancing were great while the plot as usual is silly, I had expected more from what I have been used to from many other Broadway productions. It was just not worth it!

2.5 star rating Vicki Sands from Virginia


I have to agree with the previous reviewer from San Diego that Rita Wilson's turn as Roxie was less than exciting. I know today that 40 is the "new 20" and while Rita Wilson is a lovely woman, I thought she was indeed much too old for the role of a young, fame-hungry dancer...oh, where was the dancing??? Nearly everyone else on stage danced incredibly, but Roxie barely moved. Her voice was lovely, but she delivered all of her lines with a kind of silly smile-- she was elegant and poised, even when trying to come across as vulgar. During the intermission we overheard nearly everyone around us talking about the same things: "She isn't dancing! Isn't she too old for this part?" Loved the small, intimate venue but was sorely disappointed in this latest run of what should be a dazzling show...but the lead fell flat.

2.5 star rating E. Akers from Kennebunk, Maine


Unfortunately, if you put a mediocre performer next to phenomenal performers, she's going to look even worse than she is. Roxy was played by Michelle Williams (the least known Destiny's Child member) and she was beyond awful. The woman can't dance and can't act. Other than that, the show was great. Velma was amazing as were all the chorus members. I would have given it higher than 2.5 stars if Michelle Williams hadn't dragged the show down so much. If I were visiting NY, I would wait until they had someone else playing Roxy before buyint tickets to see chicago.

2.5 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


I saw this show last weekend with my boyfriend and was very disappointed! The cast is small, there were no change of costumes... It seemed as though it was a low budget show! I would not recommend seeing this!

2.0 star rating Camo from New York


My daughter and I came from Australia to see Chicago on Broadway - where the place dreams are made of! We almost had that dream! The show started off without life or passion. I share some of the earlier reviewers remarks that they looked tired and old. So unfortunate. The good news is that the cast gained energy as the show progressed. But I wouldn't recommend it to friends. So sorry to say. :(

2.0 star rating Disapointed in NY from New York, New York


Was very disapointed with the show, lack of costume change, no backdrops, band on stage. It made for disapointing birthday night! I wished I would have read the reviews before attending the show, I would have picked something else to see. It was not worth the money or my time.

1.5 star rating Deeners from Canada


I was so looking forward to this show, but honestly, I sat there bored. I felt like there was no energy to the show, the cast was just going through the motions. I regret going because it's all I think about when I hear the soundtrack

1.0 star rating B. dobson from New York, New York


We saw this recently, February '19. Clearly there have been some casting changes over this run. The female lead playing Roxie could sing okay, but her stilted dancing was cringe-worthy. Also found the stage boring with the set up of the band on stage. This left little room for movement, no set changes, or costume changes. We attend a lot of theatre and were both very disappointed in this and wished we had spent that evening going out to a nice dinner...


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