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Seating Areas

Almost all venues on our site will have a detailed chart of all the available seating areas, accessible by selecting the Seating Chart menu item for that venue or by selecting tickets for a specific dates, so please visit your desired venue for all seating area information

General Seating Area Information

Broadly our venues will either be Theatre type venues or Arena/Stadium type venues

The below lists are by no means exhaustive and won't always apply, but are a good starting point for most popular venues

Theatre Venues


'Orchestra' or 'Floor' refers to the main seating area that begins below, or at the same level as the stage and rises gradually back through the auditorium.  The center front section is normally considered the premium seating area. Rows are ordered alphabetically from the front. Broadway houses have odd seat numbers to the left, even numbers to the right, and 100 series numbers in the center section. (Seat numbers K7 and K9, are seated next to each other for example). The mezzanine levels normally overhang the Orchestra section from about row L backwards.


The Mezzanine section refers to the first tier of seating above the Orchestra section. The front section of the Mezzanine is usually considered as premium seating with un restricted views of the stage. Rows rise more steeply than in the orchestra to enable good sight lines from all rows.


The Balcony normally refers to the highest of the seating tiers and is normally the steepest and the furthest from the stage.


Boxes can differ greatly between theatres. In older theatres they are aligned in the sides of the auditorium boxes are often not on sale as the visibility of the stage is often highly restricted. In more contemporary theatres the boxes can be part of the first tier of seating.

Arena / Stadium Type Venues


The floor typically refers to the main area that begins below or at the same level as the stage. Sometimes this area will have seats and sometimes it will be standing room only. Typically when there are no seats the area will be referred to as General Admission.

The Surrounds

The layers around the Floor are typically numbered sections, often in groups of 100s (e.g. 100s, 200s, 300s) with the lower the number the closer the section is to the middle

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