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Off Broadway Shows in New York - November 2015

Our carefully curated selection of the Best Off Broadway Shows in New York for the month of November 2015


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Blue Man Group is one of New York's longest-running shows and one of its hardest to describe! In the show, three enigmatic bald and blue characters take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theater, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else either on or off Broadway. Although there is no main plot, the show is split into themes such as innocence and surprise towards technology, information overload, as well as an elegant dinner involving a Twinkie snack. More info

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Stomp is one of New York's most unique entertainment experiences. A rotating cast of eight energetic young performers create rhythms and, yes, music, with their hands and feet and all manner of noisy objects, such as hammers, garbage can lids, buckets, and so on. Their technical skill is truly awesome: this perfectly synchronized ballet of juggled sticks, drums, and what-have-you is indeed thrilling to witness. More info

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Avenue Q is the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. He soon discovers that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q; still, the neighbors seem nice. More info

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: Closes 27th December 2015

Fresh from its highly acclaimed Chicago premiere last year, Roundabout Theatre presents the new play by Pulitzer finalist Stephen Karam. A single 90-minute scene, the play explores the gnawing anxieties that beset Pennsylvania family The Blakes as they sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. It's directed by two-time Tony winner Joe Mantello (An Act of God). More info

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A classic coming-of-age story, The Fantasticks features two meddling, matchmaking fathers who scheme to get their children together. But once the couple is united, the real drama begins! More info

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: Closes 3rd January 2016

A witty adaptation of Hitchcock's spy adventure, 39 Steps returns to New York to dazzle audiences all over again. Following the adventures of daring hero Richard Hannay, the play features a cast of only four, who use costume changes, props and every ounce of their theatrical talent to play over a hundred different characters. More info

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The title says it all in New York's most outrageous musical comedy! This hilarious revue features 15 original songs, 8 gorgeous guys and no clothes - a truly winning combination! Hailed by critics and audiences in 27 cities worldwide, don't miss this sure-fire crowd pleaser. Great for groups! More info

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No one in the news is safe! Not to be confused with the Disney musical NEWSIES, this Drama Desk-nominated revue NEWSical is back lampooning current events, newsmakers, celebreties, and politicians - in short, everyone is fair game. With songs and material continually updated to take advantage of the top news stories, composer-lyricist Drama Desk Nominee Rick Crom's topical musical comedy is an ever-evolving mockery of all the news that is fit to spoof - and then some. More info

: Closes 2nd January 2016

It's the morning after the night before for Ebeneezer Scrooge. The reformed miser sets about celebrating his first ever holiday as a changed man, determined to throw the best Christmas Party London has ever seen! Only, he's not sure how, especially when it comes to a tipple or two. Summoning Marley once more, the two set off on another ghostly adventure to meet three new Christmas Spirits who teach him the tales behind the libations of days gone by, and those yet to come in this hilarious and informative show from the inimitable, award winning Imbible team! More info

Remain upstanding, folks, for this water and light spectacular that has taken London and Buenos Aires by storm. You may get wet, you may get dirty, but bring your pals and your comfy shoes, to prepare for a visual and sensory overload that will have you gasping in awe - and possibly to catch your breath! More info

: Closes 6th December 2015

Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire (Rabbit Hole, Good People) premieres his new comedy at New York City Center. Detailing a battle of wits between two elderly women in a care home, it's directed by David Hyde Pierce and stars Emmy winner Holland Taylor. More info

: Closes 29th November 2015

The luminous Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o leads the New York premiere of this esteemed play from Danai Gurira. Set during the Liberian Civil War of 2003, Eclipsed is the story of a band of captive wives of a rebel officer. Compassionate, witty and deeply moving, it is a portrait of morality during war, and ponders whether the greatest enemy is actually within the brutality of our own side. More info

: Closes 29th November 2015

Subversive, edgy and unsettling, this all-children production by Gob Squad sees seven lives age rapidly before your eyes. Separated from the cast by the use of one-way mirrors, we as the audience are desperate to try and preserve our own youth; not so, the youngsters make it their mission to age from angst-ridden teens to hunched geriatrics within an hour, and nostalgically look upon their recent pasts, as they leave childhood forever. More info

: Closes 17th January 2016

Starring Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Lazarus is a landmark theatrical work, co-written by David Bowie and Enda Walsh (Once). It's based on the classic sci-fi novel The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis, which follows a humanoid alien who lands on earth in search of water for his draught-ridden home planet. More info

: Closes 13th December 2015

A stirring look at the matriarch behind the Kennedy dynasty, Tony nominated actress Kathleen Chalfant stars as the eponymous Rose as she questions why so much tragedy befell her family. This one-woman play gives the Kennedy matriarch a rare voice to explore how her family's choices affected their entire destiny, and is set one week after the fateful 1969 cliff plunge at Chappaquiddick that saw the death of a young woman in the car that her son Teddy was driving. More info

Following in the footsteps of hit comedy-edutainment shows like Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl and Colin Quinn's Long Story Short, The Imbible sweeps audiences along a 10,000-year journey through history and across the globe accompanied by craft cocktails and the vocal stylings of The Backwaiters acapella group! More info

Welcome to the heady world of 1920s womenswear where Sam Greevy is at the top of his game as New York City's most in demand designer! But things are going well for his bitter rival, Paul Roms, as he starts to lead the trends with these strange new items such as 'sweatshirts' and 'tracksuits', seemingly drawing inspiration from nowhere! More info

: Closes 29th November 2015

Now at the New World Stages in New York, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus is a hilarious one-man show which takes on the classic battle of the sexes in a part comedy theatre, part stand-up format. This irreverent exploration of the sexes is presented by the incredibly talented Peter Story, the show takes on a range of topics - even the more taboo ones - from the dating to bedroom relations! Learn new things about the opposite sex - in the funniest way possible. This eye-poppingly risque show is in town for a whole month and more, so be sure to catch it with your friends, or your partners! More info

: Closes 17th January 2016

Using the decadence of the arts in the time of Louis XIV as divine inspiration, Company XIV flits between the traditional and avant-garde effortlessly incorporating baroque dance with contemporary jazz, opera, burlesque and much more. If you're looking for something a bit spicy, why not head down to their unique take on this holiday classic? More info

: Closes 4th September 2016

Prepare to open your hearts and minds to this brand new musical that explores all the best parts of the 1960s in a kaleidoscopic fantasy. Often referred to as the 20th Century's most progressive decade, the 10 short years saw a boo m in individual freedom, self expression and of course, the birth of flower power. Alongside a curious young girl, we journey through this incredible time through the culture, fashion and unforgettable music of the period on a real Trip of Love! More info

: Closes 20th March 2016

Tony winner Joe DiPietro's (Memphis) acclaimed comedy makes it Off-Broadway debut, following sold out runs in New Jersey and East Hampton. A hilarious exploration of fidelity and family dynamics, Clever Little Lies follows a mother's ill-advised attempts to save her son's crumbling marriage over drinks and desert. More info

: Closes 20th December 2015

Vineyard Theatre Company open their 2015-16 season with Gigantic, an irreverent rock musical set in a weight-loss camp for kids. Written by Randy Blair and Tim Drucker, the story follows teen Robert as he deals with the anxieties and joys of adolescence during his time at Camp Overton in South Pennsylvania. More info

: Closes 3rd January 2016

Written by Peter Parnell, Dada Woof Papa Hot explores our newly affirmed age of equality by tracing the struggles of three different sets of couples in modern day New York. This smartly realised play stars Tony winner John Benjamin Hickey (The Normal Heart) and is directed by Scott Ellis (You Can't Take It With You). More info

: Closes 30th January 2016

The wickedly funny Ruthless is revived at St Luke's in a newly reimagined form. Condensing the show into a tight 90 minutes, the musical's original director Joel Paley returns to helm this tale of frighteningly ambitious child stars and their pushy parents, which in the age of reality shows and Honey Boo Boo seems more prescient than ever! More info

: Closes 6th December 2015

Dame Harriet Walter leads an all female cast in Phyllida Lloyd's exuberant production of Shakespeare's monumental history, Henry IV. Set in a women's prison, Walter plays the arrogant but afraid Henry IV, capturing the world weary troubles of the usurper expertly. Challenging the notion of 'Who owns Shakespeare', this is the second in director Lloyd's trilogy of all-female productions of the Bard's histories, beginning with 2013's Julius Caesar, once again set in the confines of a prison. More info

: Closes 28th November 2015

He's tackled The World and America, and now Colin Quinn takes aim at The Big Apple. His third potted history one man show, The New York Story finds Quinn dissecting the history of the city with his customary irreverence and intellect. The Jerry Seinfeld directed production returns to the Cherry Lane Theatre after a sold-out run earlier in 2015! More info

Based on the novel by Jean Webster, Daddy Long Legs tells the inspiring story of Jerusha Abbott, a budding writer who is sent to college by a mysterious benefactor. A sweetly scored exploration of self-discovery and independence, this two-person musical is written and directed by Tony winner John Caird (Les Miserables). More info

: Closes 12th December 2015

Cherry Lane Theatre present New York's first English language staging of Ingmar Bergman's Nora in over a quarter of a century. Reducing Ibsen's masterful A Doll's House to its most essential elements, the play narrows its focus to the journey of central character Nora. More info

Guinness record-holding bubble artist Fan Yang brings his dazzling family entertainment to Off-Broadway. More info

: Closes 3rd January 2016

Mad Libs Live is a brand new musical where the audience make up the songs! This highly interactive show is based on the popular party game Mad Libs, in which players have to fill in the blanks in a short story, to create a completely random and mostly nonsensical tale! Suitable for ages four and up, Mad Libs Live is a family-friendly off-Broadway experience like no other. More info

: Closes 10th January 2016

Updating Much Ado About Nothing to 1960's London, These Paper Bullets is the wonderfully groovy story of rock band The Quatros' romantic escapades. The swinging sixties score is provided by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. More info

: Closes 6th December 2015

Written by Justin Rivers, The Eternal Space is a new two-man play set around New York's old Penn State Station. Copiously researched, utilising freshly unearthed photographic archives of the building, this piece is at once a love letter to a lost New York landmark and an exploration of the worth we place in our city's heritage. More info

: Closes 13th February 2016

One actor has at least five shorts of whiskey and attempts to perform a Shakespearean play in a hilarious and totally unpredictable evening! More info

: Closes 28th February 2016

An old lady has been murdered in her apartment above a hair salon, and it's your job to find her killer! Bursting with boundless energy and an incredibly adept cast of improvising, larger-than-life characters, Shear Madness takes audience participation to a whole new level. Sifting through the clues, you decide which twists and turns the show takes. It's a different experience every single night. More info

: Closes 4th December 2015

After collaborating on MCC's 2013 hit Small Engine Repair, playwright John Pollono and director Jo Bonney reunite for this intense drama. This New York premiere centers on the series of bitter recriminations and fights which erupt between divorced couple Maggie and Lou when their teenage daughter Erica goes missing. The cast is led by Golden Globe nominee Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs). More info

: Closes 20th December 2015

In celebration of Arthur Miller's centennial, The Signature Theatre revives the playwright's rarely seen 1964 one act play. Set in Vichy France at the height of World War II, Incident at Vichy explores the insidious power of evil, and the complicity which allowed the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust with such ease. More info

Perfect Crime goes well beyond traditional mystery play. It is a sexy, compelling thriller, with well-timed surprises and laughs that relieve a growing dramatic tension. The main character is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist accused of bumping off her wealthy British husband. But when a handsome young detective comes calling to investigate, is everything as straight-cut as it appears? More info

Join THE RIDE for a super amped-up experience of the streets of New York City - all from the comfort of a technologically-advanced super-bus. See life in the Big Apple as you have never seen before! More info

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