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Classical & Opera in New York - December 2015

Our carefully curated selection of the Best Classical & Opera in New York for the month of December 2015


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: Closes 30th January 2016

Sworn against love by the death of her mother, proud Princess Turandot prefers watching her suitors meet a grisly end and having their heads placed on spikes at the palace gates, yet they still vie to win her hand. When Calaf takes up the challenge, the unattainable beauty may have met her match in this lavish spectacle and final masterpiece from Puccini. More info

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: Closes 2nd January 2016

The Met Opera will stage Rossini's The Barber of Seville in English for the first time ever this Christmas. Performed countless times by the company before in its original Italian, a more family friendly staging was thought more appropriate for this festive season. More info

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: 9th December

A disciple of Luciano Pavarotti and Zucchero Fornaciari, the blind, Tuscany-born vocalist has emerged as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary opera. More info

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: Closes 5th May 2016

Franco Zefferelli presents a magnificent cast starring Angela Gheorghiu as the frail Mimi, with Ramon Vargas taking on the role of her passionate lover, Rodolfo in his iconic production of this Puccini favorite. Innovative young conductor Nicola Luisotti oversees a glorious vocal ensemble that proves once again why this opera is the most performed at the Met. More info

: Closes 17th December 2015

Director Michael Mayer's hit production of Verdi's powerful tragedy sees 1500s Mantua replaced by a seedy and gaudy Las Vegas in 1960; the ideal setting for this eternal conflict of depravity and innocence. As with many operas, the themes of revenge, mistaken identities and divine intervention feature heavily in this; something that was quite hidden in Victor Hugo's original novel until Verdi put it to music. More info

: Closes 9th January 2016

This emotionally powerful opera depicts the last days of Anne Boleyn, the doomed second wife of England's heir-mad King Henry VIII. As his attention in his wife wains, her last days at court are numbered as he prepares the altar for his mistress and Anne's friend and confidant Jane Seymour. Defiant, but increasingly delusional as a fatal plot is cooked up against her. More info

: Closes 3rd December 2015

Alan Berg's sprawling final masterpiece, Lulu is the extraordinary tale of one woman and her quest to live life on her own terms, even if the trail of destruction left behind her is fatal to the men who are drawn to this serpentine seductress. More info

: Closes 6th May 2016

One of the Metropolitan Opera's season staples, Otello, returns this year with Aleksandrs Antonenko in the title role, opposite Hibla Gerzmava as Desdemona and Zeljko Lucic as Iago. When the Moorish commander of the guard returns from a successful campaign, his scheming aide Iago starts planting doubts in his head about his beloved wife Desdemona and turning him into a paranoid man. Can Otello break free of Iago's influence before it leads to tragedy? More info

: Closes 7th January 2016

James Levine returns to the Met to conduct a new production of Johann Strauss' beloved romantic farce, with themes that would not be out of place in a tragedy, but played with graceful parody to great effect. The action centres around a magnificent Viennese masked ball, where one man orchestrates many a misunderstanding between lovers and married couples, in order to get revenge on a prank played on him many years ago. Will his plan succeed in ruining the relationships of those around him? Or will it all be treated as one almighty prank? More info

: Closes 4th February 2016

Lifelong friendship is tested in this rare opera by Bizet, performed by the Met for the first time in a century, Les Pecheurs de Perles (or The Pearl Fishers) concerns two fishermen and the reappearance of Leila, a Priestess of Brahma over whom they each swore an oath to the other not to pursue. But love, as ever, does not observe the rules, throwing the three of them into to a powerful turmoil, as betrayal and jealousy play their deadly game. More info

: Closes 26th December 2015

A Met premiere of Giacomo Rossini's romantic tragedy, set in the Scottish highlands during medieval times. Joyce DiDonato performs as the Donna del Lago, or lady of the lake, and Juan Diego Florez as the king who pursues her. More info

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