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Dance in New York - October 2015

Our carefully curated selection of the Best Dance in New York for the month of October 2015


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Stomp is one of New York's most unique entertainment experiences. A rotating cast of eight energetic young performers create rhythms and, yes, music, with their hands and feet and all manner of noisy objects, such as hammers, garbage can lids, buckets, and so on. Their technical skill is truly awesome: this perfectly synchronized ballet of juggled sticks, drums, and what-have-you is indeed thrilling to witness. More info

: Closes 25th February 2016

Five incredible young choreographer's works are celebrated in this impressive program from the NYCB, showcasing the company's dedication to innovative new pieces and talent. More info

Remain upstanding, folks, for this water and light spectacular that has taken London and Buenos Aires by storm. You may get wet, you may get dirty, but bring your pals and your comfy shoes, to prepare for a visual and sensory overload that will have you gasping in awe - and possibly to catch your breath! More info

: Closes 29th January 2016

Two of the New York City Ballet's most revered talents, George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins are celebrated in this double bill which is as thrilling as it is contrasting in styles. As guiding lights of the company, their works still draw large audiences both in Manhattan and the world over. More info

: Closes 11th October 2015

Dedicated to the late dance master and co-founder of the NYCB, this double bill includes two of Balanchine's finest pieces, set to music from Tchaikovsky and Brahms. More info

: 30th October

Rounding off a successful set of engagements, principle dancer Marcelo Gomes premieres Frederick Ashton's haunting ballet that centres on a pas de trois, accompanied by the ethereal music of Eric Satie. Company B is a modern ballet that celebrates 1940's American life through the eyes of three youngsters Lindy, Jitterbug and Polka, set to the party-like songs of The Andrews Sisters, including the tunes Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Tico-Tico and Bei Mir Bist du Schon. More info

: Closes 29th November 2015

Subversive, edgy and unsettling, this all-children production by Gob Squad sees seven lives age rapidly before your eyes. Separated from the cast by the use of one-way mirrors, we as the audience are desperate to try and preserve our own youth; not so, the youngsters make it their mission to age from angst-ridden teens to hunched geriatrics within an hour, and nostalgically look upon their recent pasts, as they leave childhood forever. More info

: Closes 18th October 2015

Balanchine's Black & White piece is a groundbreaking presentation of neoclassical ballet which forgoes the elaborate costumes and sets synonymous with productions of the ballet master's calibre to showcase his astounding musicality simply and succinctly. The work employs a blank canvas approach in order to emphasise the skill of his dancers and the beauty of the music which accompanies them. More info

: 29th October

Alongside the highly anticipated third piece exclusively for the American Ballet Theatre by Mark Morris are two more brilliantly inventive and impressive works from Alexi Ratmansky and firebrand Paul Taylor. Piano Concerto No. 1 dazzles from the off with a display of impossible kinetic energy from the company as they take on soaring leaps and twisting jumps before the emotion of an abstract but dreamy pas de deux. The energetic atmosphere continues in Taylor's classic Company B, where the dancers become the teens of 1950s America, throwing off the shackles of the past and making new memories. More info

: 23rd October

A ghostly pas de deux with the fleeting memory of one's first dance leads this evening's marvellous programme, alongside a Balanchine jewel, 'Valse-Fantaisie' a revival of Jooss' anti-war statement based on the medieval dance of death, 'The Green Table' and a Mark Morris Premiere! More info

: 25th October

Immerse yourself in an afternoon in the company of one of America's greatest ballet companies as they take you on a journey that starts with Frederick Ashton's hauntingly poetic Monotones I and II, takes a brief stop the heady world of 1940s teenagers courtesy of Paul Taylor's 'Company B' and ends with Kurt Jooss' ground-breaking look at the futility of war, 'The Green Table'. More info

: 21st October

American Ballet theatre rings in the fall of its 75th Year with a spectacular gala opening for the 2015/16 season this October. In addition to a brand new work by Mark Morris, there is a revival of Twyla Tharp's piece for the 60th season, 'The Brahms-Haydn Variations' and the company premiere of the legendary Frederick Aston classic, 'Monotones I and II'. More info

: 28th October

Immerse yourself in an afternoon in the company of one of America's greatest ballet companies as they take you on a journey that starts with company premiere of Principal Dancer Marcelo Gomes' Aftereffect - a loving tribute to the lush melodies and energy found in Italian lyricism, then takes a brief stop the heady world of 1940s teenagers courtesy of Paul Taylor's 'Company B' and ends with Kurt Jooss' ground-breaking look at the futility of war, 'The Green Table'. More info

: 24th October

A smorgasbord of American talents old and new make up this evening of mixed repertory with Paul Taylor's kinetic Company B leading on style with an authentic 1940s soundtrack of The Andrews Sisters making the dancers Jitterbug and Lindy-hop to their heart's content. Alongside are two pieces inspired by the fantastic - Fokine's 'Le Spectre de la Rose' and Balanchine's 'Valse Fantaisie'. Twlya Tharp's ABT 60th Anniversary work 'The Brahms-Haydn Variations' brings us down to earth for a dazzling and joyful finale. More info

: 27th October

Esteemed choreographer Mark Morris premieres his third work for the American Ballet Theatre this season, promising an all new piece set to the score of Johann Nepomuk Hummel's chamber piece,Piano Septet No. 2 in C Major. This evening also presents another work new to the company, Frederick Ashton's 'Monotones I and II', known for its haunting and captivating nature and a revival in the form of Kurt Jooss' 'The Green Table' that sees the dancers play the roles of warring countries in this emotive statement that still seems as apt today as it ever was. More info

: 24th October

Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening of magic from the American Ballet Theatre, beginning with the ethereal memory of a young girl's first dance, Michel Fokine's 'La Spectre de la Rose' and ending with a 'Company B' - a retro step back to 1940s life - expect a jitterbug or two, and including a brand new work from Mark Morris, his third for the ABT. More info

: 31st October

American Ballet Theatre's 75th Anniversary Season is packed full with visionary choreography, technical prowess and classic elegance. This special evening features The Brahms-Haydn Variations from award-winning choreographer Twyla Tharp, the world premiere of principal dancer Marcelo Gomes' Company in Aftereffect and founding father of Tanztheater Kurt Jooss' bold political statement piece about war and its overwhelming cost. More info

: 22nd October

In addition to the wonderful 'Brahms-Haydn Variations', created by the iconic Twyla Tharp for American Ballet Theatre's 60th Anniversary, this evening also hosts Frederick Aston's marvel 'Monotones I and II' and ends with the powerful 'The Green Table' from Kurt Jooss. A stark portrait of the turbulence and futility of war, it is a spectacularly dramatic finale to what is sure to be a fine evening. More info

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