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Classical & Opera in New York - September 2015

Our carefully curated selection of the Best Classical & Opera in New York for the month of September 2015


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: Closes 30th January 2016

Sworn against love by the death of her mother, proud Princess Turandot prefers watching her suitors meet a grisly end and having their heads placed on spikes at the palace gates, yet they still vie to win her hand. When Calaf takes up the challenge, the unattainable beauty may have met her match in this lavish spectacle and final masterpiece from Puccini. More info

: Closes 9th January 2016

This emotionally powerful opera depicts the last days of Anne Boleyn, the doomed second wife of England's heir-mad King Henry VIII. As his attention in his wife wains, her last days at court are numbered as he prepares the altar for his mistress and Anne's friend and confidant Jane Seymour. Defiant, but increasingly delusional as a fatal plot is cooked up against her. More info

: 2nd September

The White Snake is an immortal serpent living atop a high mountain in this breathtaking adaptation of a Chinese folk legend. When she steps off her perch and into the human world, her life is changed forever when her heart is won by a mortal. So begins a moving supernatural adventure about transformation and the fight for true love. Presented by the China Arts and Entertainment Group, and performed by the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, with acclaimed artist Zhang Huoding in her U.S Debut. More info

: Closes 6th May 2016

One of the Metropolitan Opera's season staples, Otello, returns this year with Aleksandrs Antonenko in the title role, opposite Hibla Gerzmava as Desdemona and Zeljko Lucic as Iago. When the Moorish commander of the guard returns from a successful campaign, his scheming aide Iago starts planting doubts in his head about his beloved wife Desdemona and turning him into a paranoid man. Can Otello break free of Iago's influence before it leads to tragedy? More info

: 3rd September

Marking a triumphant return of the tradition of Peking Opera, the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts is proud to present The Jewelry Purse, a lavish tale of fate and family, love and kindness. The historical art form is a stunning combination of dance, mime, singing, acrobatics and music, and is divided into four roles. This production stars Zhang Hioding, a leading performance master in the Dan (female) role. More info

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