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Customer reviews for Grey Gardens
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Never before and never again...., Oct 18, 2006
reviewer: Kevin from NY USA
Buckle your seatbelts, Christine Ebersole takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster all through the performance. An absolute amazing performance which will win her the Tony award. Also amazing are her co-stars headed by Mary Louise Wilson. Do not miss this amazing true story which is sure to leave an impression for long after you leave the theater.

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Must see for Beale/Bouvier fans, Oct 16, 2006
reviewer: Brian from LA., Ca.
Anyone who is familiar with Grey Gardens will be very pleased with this new musical now on Broadway. Based partly on fact and fiction, the story is fascinating and the songs are well executed. Bravo to the leads Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson for portraying the characters with such a haunting resemblance both visual and vocal. Hint: see the documentary at least once before seeing the show.

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Theatre at its best, Oct 24, 2006
reviewer: Simon Dejong from Fire Island, NY
Stunning perfomances and crackling, funny, tragic dialogue. Go see it...

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Fantastic, Jan 08, 2007
reviewer: S. Whitney Adams from Houston, TX.
I have been coming to New York often for 25 years and I always see a show. If I live to be a hundred years old; see a show everytime I return to New York, I doubt that "Grey Gardens" will ever be topped for me. I loved the original, I adore the musical and Christine Ebersole is divine. Its simply the best thing ever to happen in America!!

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Magnificent and moving, Dec 17, 2006
reviewer: Dave from Washington DC
This show takes the eccentric and amusing Beale women and let's us all see our own lives' meaning through them. The song lyrics are sometimes brilliant - and very memorable. The performances are 100% perfection. Christine Ebersole must win a Tony for this performance or there is simply no justice at all. She is a goddess in this show. The show will mean more to you if you have seen the documentary first, but anyone should love it. It is universal. If you see the documentary, however, you will realize how brilliantly the Beales are portrayed here. Both women literally come back to life in the hands of these brilliant actresses.

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Grey Gardens is the hottest ticket, May 22, 2007
reviewer: Jean-Paul Acco from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I went to see Grey Gardens on April 26 for the 2nd time & I have to say I will never forget it, for two reasons. 1st it is the most amazing performance I have ever seen on stage or in a movie. Christine Ebersole is so wonderful in her roles as Big and Little Edie. What a commanding performance, it must have been exhausting for her, but that actress can do it all, a genuine triple threat. I loved all the performances & my money is on her & Mary Louise for the Tony Award. This musical really gets to you. The 2nd (sad) reason is that it was the night I lost my Cartier key chain, which was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. It is tube shaped with a platinum finish & has Cartier etched on it. It twists open & inside has a message from him. I've been so devasted because it was the nicest gift. He bought it in Paris. Can you forward this review to the theatre manager,he can even email me for a pic of my lost keyring at Sorry for using your site for this & thank you

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