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Customer reviews for Jerusalem
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

Jerusalem is Exceptional Theatre, Apr 20, 2011
reviewer: Michael Grant from Saratoga Springs, NY
Don't be confused by the title--it's not a play about Zionism.  You'll find yourself lost for three crispy hours in an unwavering world of brutal and radiant humanity. Ian Rickson's direction feels natural and clean, but fully embedded with details and layers that made me want to see the show a second time and right away.  The cheeky dialogue is cunning, hilarious and wrenching.  Each moment of this play pulls at you, forcing you to question your own judgmental nature and moral compass while profound ideological battles rage.  Mark Rylance attacks and embodies Byron with an astonishing ferociousness and sensitivity that will undoubtedly garner him further deserved awards. If the ten-minute standing ovation was any indication, this show will win a spate of Tony Awards and it will undoubtedly join the canons of unparalleled and memorable Broadway theater. Don't miss it. Full review:

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Go NOW while you can still get tickets, Apr 24, 2011
reviewer: C from New York
Rylance will win the Tony -- a truly unforgettable performance the likes of which you may not see again in your lifetime. The Music Box is a small house-- go NOW!

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You'll never see better!, Jun 07, 2011
reviewer: Barbara from Rochester New York
Incredible theater experience (this comes from an old NY girl who went to school and worked in the city!) - Last minute first and second row seat, extreme right, for a party of six, turned out to be excellent. The performances, especially Mr. Rylance, were SUPERB! Memorable! Definitely not for kids.

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A Stellar Performance by Mark Rylance, Jun 06, 2011
reviewer: Paul from Miami
Although some are apparently quibbling with the play itself, the performance by Mark Rylance is truly one for the ages, reminiscent of Olivier in The Entertainer. I don't know what the previous review was referencing, but at the matinee Saturday June 4th, the standing ovation was thunderous and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any serious theatre lover.

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Astonishing, Jun 22, 2011
reviewer: monilooch from New York
Francine is brain dead and doesn't belong in a theatre. Mark Rylance's artistry is beyond description. I have been very lucky to have seen the very finest the arts have to offer over the last 25 years and I have never ever heard or seen anything like the magic that man creates on stage. He is a force of nature and a true artistic genius. A word I never use unless is it absolutely warrented. DO NOT MISS IT.

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What a Waste of 3 hours, Jun 04, 2011
reviewer: Francine from Mill Valley, CA
While the performances were fine/good, the story was nothing more than a way for Mark Ryland to go give several monologues. There was nothing really interesting about the characters and who were content with their uninspiring drug-motivated lives. Most characters were shallow, undeveloped, and I truly couldn't care if they lived or died by the end. Perhaps one of the more unmemorable plays for my sensibilities. I prefer plays with far more depth, development of characters and desire to see them evolve or devolve, especially in a 3 hour performance. I am really unsure what the big deal was about this play. From the lackluster applause at the end of the performance I saw, I am thinking I was not alone.

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harrassment, Jun 11, 2011
reviewer: nyc lover from Mississippi
I could not enjoy this play because of the rudeness of the management and ushers. I have never been treated so badly in all of my life. I felt I was being threatened by Mafia because of a lie told them by some attendants about disturbing them by opening my bag of M%M's, that were sold to me by theater. This is BEFORE play started. Take my word for it, don't go to that theater. It is scary!

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Transcendentally Good., Jul 13, 2011
reviewer: Daniel Coo from Bradford, ON Canada
This is a great production of a great play. Through some kind of magic, playwright and cast and crew have squeezed the entire contemporary consciousness of a nation into a single play. You might wonder how the culture that gave us Shakespeare also gave us Benny Hill, or how The News of the World flourished when The Times, Telegraph and The Guardian were also available. Some of the answers are here in Jerusalem. This production will join the ranks of other milestones in modern theatre like The Cherry Orchard (with which it shares more than a few themes) A Streetcar Named Desire, Look Back in Anger, and the work of Havel, Stoppard and Fugard. Unforgettable theatre.

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