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Customer reviews for Lucky Guy
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Great Story! Great Cast. Thank you Tom and Norah, Mar 12, 2013
reviewer: John Walker from Washington, DC
I've always been a fan of Nora Ephron and felt compelled to see her final work. In the hands of George Wolfe and Tom Hanks, I wasn't disappointed. It's an old school play with no special effects, but the story is compelling and all too human. Hanks is good, and may score a Tony for this. But Courtney Vance and Maura Tierney really stand out as actors. Seeing Tom with Peter Scolari brought back great memories, and he and the rest of the cast are top notch. I really don't have a criticism as I love good journalism, good writing and good acting. Hanks didn't need to do this.. but I'm so glad he did.. I'm sure Nora is smiling from above.

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Meh, Mar 29, 2013
reviewer: Jerseyite from New Jersey
This is not a great play. One might even question whether it's really a play at all. Way too much of the story is told to us by various cast members, much too little is revealed through dialogue among them. Over & over the characters tell us what a talented, charismatic, complicated guy Mike McAlary was, but the play rarely gives Tom Hanks the opportunity to actually show us those characteristics. Hanks does what he can with the part, most of the supporting cast are much better, except Maura Tierney, who's the weakest link (though that's partially because she doesn't have much to work with). Nora Ephron wrote some great screenplays, so we know she knew how to tell a story through dialogue. Somehow that knowledge didn't transfer to this play.

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Frequent theatergoer, Apr 09, 2013
reviewer: JPK from Commack, New York
Tom Hanks is as amazing as one would imagine! The cast members have an in sync chemistry that bonded this story line right into our emotional reservoir. Great laughs, and insight to a a story of a life, a man who fought with passion for others to tell their story. Live each day and when you get knocked down, get up. Thank you Mr Hanks, you and all were simply amazing....what a treat! Please Mr Hanks, visit us again on Broadway, you are loved and respected by many! Thank you McAlary family for sharing...... ......

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Meh!, Apr 23, 2013
reviewer: Jamie from Miami,FL
I LOVE TOM HANKS! Let me start by saying that. Just being in the same room with him was a thrill. So..there's that! The actual story was very interesting and since I use to work for a newspaper, fun to see all the gritty characters which were true to life. I did, however, feel like it was almost a story telling. A narration. I wanted to see more character development...more...acting!We had great seats and the actors did what was required. It was the writing. Not the acting. I usually love Nora, but not so much this time!

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Not So Lucky Theatre Goers, Apr 13, 2013
reviewer: Jane Anderson from New York, New York
My wife and I went to see this play on Friday evening, April 12th. It was utterly dreadful from start to finish. It was apparent that the audience were only there to whoop at the presence of Tom Hanks and, frankly, they would have cheered no matter what the man did. The storyline was weak and had no depth whatsoever. What was Hanks thinking about when he took on this role?

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