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Customer reviews for Radio City Christmas Spectacular (US Tour)
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Number of Reviews: 10
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797 of 1206 people found the following review helpful:

no magic this year, Nov 30, 2012
reviewer: Jersey Girl from new Jersey
The Christmas show has changed so much, what happened to the decorations?? the garland and wreath, gone??? some of the songs were are not sung anymore, why?? The best scenes and songs are gone so is A Solitary Life, the living nativity was so short and un eventful, I left thinking that I will never return to see this. However this was my 8yr old Granddaughters' first time and she liked it. The show has changed for the worse, and the scene with that Mother screaming about a doll??? And 3D, we don't need it, save that for the movies. Sorry I will not go back.

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Truly Wonderful, Evolved through the years, Dec 10, 2011
reviewer: Happy mom from New York
I used to go to Radio City often as a child, and I last saw the Christmas Spectacular about 10 years ago. Each year, I felt there was always something new added, and so I really looked forward to seeing it with my daughter for the first time together. I knew it would be special, and it was. I was so impressed with the way the show has changed and evolved with multimedia, visuals, and musical tones to appeal all ages. I appreciated the variety and non-stop entertainment. Quite frankly, the Rockettes steal the show - they are an amazing group of beautiful talent. I cannot imagine the amount of rehearsing they do to accomplish the effects of wonder they achieve in this show. Everything else is great, too, the music, and Santa. It is not a perfect show, but with the level of dancing, music, theatrics, acting, and stage changes, I really see the professionalism and creativity shine for Christmas!

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434 of 845 people found the following review helpful:

The Rockettes were super!, Dec 06, 2011
reviewer: Karen Eldracher from Boston
I brought my two daughters (14 and 16 yrs old)...they thought it was wonderful. We loved the tin soldiers dance. It was absolutely spectacular !!! Their uniforms were so particular, clean and straight...they did looked and moved like tin soldiers with wonderful music. The pleasant surprise was the scene of baby Jesus being born. High quality and elaborate costumes. Now a days...shows shy away from the meaning of Christmas and this production should be praised for their work. Super Job ! Finally, they use a high tech back screen to add to the show. There is a NY scene that makes you feel like you are moving in your seat with the rockettes. Highly recommend this show to all viewers...young and old.

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431 of 1008 people found the following review helpful:

Where did Christmas Go?, Dec 10, 2011
reviewer: Kathie Z from New Jersey,USA
I have viewed the Xmas show almost every year since I was a child and it was enthralling. This year is the first year I have been disappointed. There was no lighted garland surrounding the outer opening of the stage that always made it spectacular; the song Christmas in New York evaporated years ago; the creche scene is more abbreviated;the soliloquy "A Solitary Life" is gone;many of the holiday songs aren't sung and to replace these memorable pieces is a woman screaming about a doll she can't locate backed up by a screen version of robots (no more raggedy anns). Please tell me why?

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417 of 841 people found the following review helpful:

Words can not describe!, Dec 12, 2011
reviewer: Marcin Janusz from New Jersey
I'am 16 years old and, to my full honesty the show was simply superb! My friends told me that my parents will enjoy the show but as to me I'll be bored. Well, they were wrong! It was my fist time seeing a show in the Radio City Music Hall, and it left me wanting more. I can surely say that I'm coming back next year!

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412 of 803 people found the following review helpful:

awesom, Nov 29, 2011
reviewer: Geraldine from New Jersey
The christmas show was truly spectacular!The decorations were absolutely breath taking.The Rockettes and other dancers were so talented. Santa and his 3-D fight was exciting. But most impressive was the Nativity with the extradinary costumes and REAL animals.Thank you for keeping Christ in Christmas,He is the reason for the Season! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

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400 of 807 people found the following review helpful:

!, Nov 19, 2011
reviewer: Linda from New York

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374 of 741 people found the following review helpful:

It wasn't what it used to be, Dec 12, 2011
reviewer: Alix Suescun from Washington DC
I was expecting a full show, with Intermission and all that but I realized that the show has been reduced to a little more than one hour. Why? It is a great show indeed, but why so short now? It went from a traditional family show to a 3-D, high tech display of nonsense. I will not recommend it to those who have seen it in the past.

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310 of 616 people found the following review helpful:

Hot dog and basketball shorts, Nov 27, 2011
reviewer: Judith from New York
Hot dogs and basketball shorts...The show was really spectacular and amazing. We adults really enjoyed it, having fun, until I smelled hotdog...I turned back and in the row behind me a family of four were eating HOTDOGs in the theatre. UNBELIEVABLE. WHere is this nation and culturegoing. Who let them in with food. It's bad enough that we let people eat and drink during the performance, but that hot dog smell just ruined everything. Other distraction - men in basketball shorts, hoodies and hats and all those picture taking and recording. People forget how to enjoy the moment...

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309 of 626 people found the following review helpful:

Christmas Spectacular, Nov 25, 2011
reviewer: Colleen B. from Jamesport New York
My Children, 6 and 9, left disappointed last night after Santa told them that there would be 2 opportunities to view 3D scenes and there was only one. Apparently scene 10, Santa's Video Game was omitted. Humbug to you Christmas Spectacular. We were left sitting in the theater with 2 little boys holding 3D glass thinking it was their fault, that they must have missed the magic word. Pretty sad when a sweet 6 yr old leaves what should have been a magical show crying.After explaining that it wasn't his fault, that he didn't miss it he asked innocently, and I quote "why did Santa lie?". Looking for a way to speak to someone personally about this. Kids did enjoy the show until the abrupt ending.

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