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Customer reviews for A Steady Rain
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Number of Reviews: 6
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My Version of THE Truth, Sep 16, 2009
reviewer: Maria Wells from Manchester
Attending this event will afford you a unique opportunity to personally experience that “all men are not created equal” when it comes to a genuinely stellar theatrical performance. Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig deliver an entertaining, heart-wrenching 90 minute performance that will have you thoroughly engaged from beginning to end. Humorous jabs, escalating tension, moral and emotional dilemmas—tears of laughter and sadness were inevitable. Your emotional investment will not be in vain. I can’t argue with the comments heard following the preview I attended, that a locker room scene would have been a plus (grateful that it did not materialize as my 18 yr old daughter and I would have needed EMT assistance). We both walked away with renewed enthusiasm as we agreed that when it comes to great performances, our age difference was forgotten. These gentlemen actors will mesmerize you, once you recover from the shellshock of their presence, absent any physical body parts being exposed (you can always call on creative license as flashbacks surface). Granted, this version of the truth is all in the telling…. 2 tips to keep in mind--try to get seats as close to the stage as you can afford and save room for treats from Junior’s next door (best cheesecake EVER). We sat in the second row which allowed us to hear the actors better and to see the rapid fire display of the change in their emotions. The opening of preview night was so spectacular, we are returning for a repeat performance (1st row this time) on 9/19. Cheers!

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It's RAINING men!, Sep 23, 2009
reviewer: Maria Wells from Manchester, NH
There is only one thing better than seeing Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, for the first time, in “A Steady Rain”----seeing them a second. This duo only improves their stage presence as they meld their performance delivery. Both actors give 150% each showing, before and after the play starts. They are uniquely generous with their time and it’s well appreciated. Never should a live performer have to deal with rude theater goers (bad enough that the audience has to), but Mr. Jackman and Mr. Craig have had to do just that. Cell phone interruptions and loud, unnecessary chatter annoyed me, but the gentlemen actors were far more gracious. They acknowledged the offense with warm humor and continued their lines flawlessly. Hope you’re able to make this limited run---the story is very moving even when hearing it over & over. Hats off to Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig!

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They actually made me forget who they were, Sep 27, 2009
reviewer: Karen Parker Lemeiux from Neenah, WI
These men are completely believable in their performances. I was quickly drawn in by their characters and was actually able to forget the "stars" that they are. As a Wisconsinite, I'm familiar with Chicago accents and they nail it! I urge you to see this show, it's the best money I spent in NYC. A powerful play performed & produced with excellence!

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Actors more than Stars., Oct 04, 2009
reviewer: Frank Leonardo from N.J. USA
I have to admit that I was drawn to “A Steady Rain” due to the fact that I like the films of Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig. When the play began, I watched the opening somewhat star struck. As the play progressed though, they ceased to be Hugh and Daniel to me and began to be Joey and Denny. They pulled me in as they say and I was riveted. These men are actors more than stars, and actors of the highest caliber. The writing is also excellent, first introducing the characters, then developing the story with a great mix of humor and drama. Leaving the theater I felt the story in my chest. It’s something I’ll never forget.

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A Greek Tragedy, Sep 16, 2009
reviewer: Anonymous from Boston, MA USA
Wonderful performance by the actors in this play of human tragedy. The language is nothing new. Lots of the s and f words plus the pejoratives you would expect cops to use. I thought it was stunning.

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From overseas to "A steady rain"...., Aug 31, 2009
reviewer: Cathye B. from Paris, FRANCE
Hello, we are 2 French "Jackmaniacs" and we will attend the Schoenfeld Theater on October, 23rd and 24th. We are longing for that event..... Our only concern is about the language, of course we can understand English in everyday life situations, but what about the kind of vocabulary that is going to be used in this play ???? We would be so happy if somebody could provide us with the text of the play, so that we could at least read it first and have a chance to understand it all..... Thanks by advance.

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45 of 95 people found the following review helpful:

JUST HYPE, Oct 02, 2009
reviewer: JRoth from New York City
Celebrity status does not translate into believeable acting from either Messrs. Craig or Jackman, though the former does manage to be somewhat dimensional. The fundamental problem however is Mr. Huff's weak and lurid nonsensical script and the staging thereof. The two's mens stories should evoke gritty, tense interactions between Joey and Denny. Unfortunately those moments are rare. Sets and lighting were thoughtful ... what's with Mr. Jackman's costume? Don't be taken in by the celebrity hype.

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