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Summary - March 8, 2008
Review - This play was simply awesome anyone that is looking for a great night out. I recommend this play as the one to see and have dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. My guest and I perferred a brazillian near 48th. I would not carry my children below the age of 12 due to some of the language and sex indications, But I would take my mother. The cast was really in character and demonstrated the effects of being there with them in each performance. We really enjoyed this as Brick avoided Maggie, the noisy brother and his wife. We had perfect seating in the orch level on the fourth row seats D 103 etc. I would take others to see this play as the opportunity arises. I live in Atlanta hope to see that it makes it South to the Fox. This play was so real!
Source - F. Strickland
Review ID - 889
Location - Atlanta, GA
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2008-03-12

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