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Summary - Breathtaking!
Review - The Booth Theatre is the perfect venue to enjoy Brian Friel's intimate play Faith Healer. From the moment the curtains swish stage right to reveal a dark figure in long coat, hat and scarf, the tension builds. As Ralph Fiennes speaks, he does a slow striptease to reveal Francis Hardy, the Faith Healer. We, the audience , are audibly breathless, not a sound is heard! Cherry Jones as Grace, renders us weak with mourning and regret as she recalls her years with the Faith Healer. The smoke from her cigarettes are clouds of sadness that float over the stage. Ian McDiarmid as Teddy, bathed in a warm honey light, mesmerizes with his recollection of life on the road with Frank. Ralph Fiennes beautifully concludes the monologues with explanation for all of the questions and angst. Or does he? Truly a play to be remembered forever.
Source - Carole Smith
Review ID - 76
Location - Moorestown, New Jersey
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2006-04-28

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