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Summary - Phantom Walks on Water
Review - The cast and crew of the London production of Phantom are professionals with one goal in mind, and that is to entertain and impress even the avid theatre-goer. Never have I been so pleased to sit through a musical as I sat and watched this eye-candy of costumes, music, and theatrics. This play must be seen by old and young alike and you'll want to see it more than once. It is the kind of theatre that draws you back again and again to witness the spectacle of theatre magic. I left the theatre with my friends, dizzy with enthusiasm, giddy with songs in my head, excited to talk about what I had seen and heard. The direction, acting, and singing well exceeded my hopes and dreams. This is what theatre was meant to be, this is what playwrights work so hard for, to make the audience leave the theatre walking on air believing they have just seen something phenomenal.
Source - Juliana
Review ID - 709
Location - Colorado
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Date Review was Added - 2007-11-11

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