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Summary - careful of what seats you get
Review - I saw Mary Poppins for the second time this past Sunday with my 7 year old daughter. We went in the Spring and took our friends back. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and we so excited to take our friends. I purchased the tickets both times with Ticketmaster the first time we were in OR row L we paid $120.00 @ and worth every penny. When I bought the tickets for this past weekend I also paid $120.00 per ticket and I assumed they would be unobstucted views. Shame on The Amsterdam or Ticketmaster for selling tickets in the OR under the balcony for the same price as the seat without the balcony OBSTRUCTION. I guess it really made me mad because I saw before and what a difference! You miss so much it is still a great show but please give us a break and be fair charge less for those seats at least then we won't feel so cheated, why would anyone think seeing the shadow of Bert is the same. I know it is difficult to give every seat the same view but please those seats should not be $120.00.
Source - Anonymous
Review ID - 662
Location - Anytown, AT 55555
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Date Review was Added - 2007-10-23

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