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Summary - Hot feet is hot!!!
Review - The show had one of the strongest cast of talented dancers I've ever seen on the broadway stage. The storyline was extremely strong especially compared to Movin Out which lacked story and dance ability. Fabulous performances from the lead characters coupled with great music, lots of costume changes and light/stage effects simply made it a joy. Vivian Nixon can dance her hips off however, Allen Hidalgo as the devil was my favorite along with Michael Balderrama. It was also great to see Keith David up there. I was in the front row and the show simply leapt off the stage for me. The packed audience gave it a standing ovation in NYC on 4/22 at the matinee. I would go back and see it again with a friend and will recommend it to others. Ignore negative reviewers who seem to want deep drama. It is a musical people! Enjoy the simplistic story line and just be entertained. It is a dance enthusiast's dream.
Source - Pam
Review ID - 60
Location - Baltimore, Maryland
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Date Review was Added - 2006-04-22

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