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Summary - Loved it!!
Review - Just got back from NYC. The sole purpose was to see Grease and I LOVED it. The opening number was awesome and I would recommend it. It's well worth the $$$, long lines and hassle of getting around NYC. I thought Max and Laura did superb jobs, no one will ever top John Travaolta and Olivia N-John but these two shined! The cast was equally great. Great sets, all of the seats were good and the dancing and songs were well done. The "Beauty School Dropout" Angel was great! The ending was my least favorite part (sort of goofy lines) and I thought Sandy was left out of a few important songs she should have been in; however, it did not dampen the evening. The beginning act gave me chillbumps-it was sooooo good!!! It would go again and again if I could! I rooted for Max and Laura on TV every week and I was not disappointed. Thanks for a memorable time!!!
Source - Cheryl R.
Review ID - 594
Location - Clarksville, TN
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Date Review was Added - 2007-07-30

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