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Review - Attended: 3pm matinee, Sunday, 6/3/07 This was one of my favorite shows of all time. It is simply spectacular in every way. The set is awesome, and adds to the stunning performances of this talented cast. I had not heard of this story before my son asked to go, an am I ever glad that we did!! "Wicked" was our main reason for traveling to NYC! If you are in NYC, the show is simply a MUST SEE!! You won't regret it if you do, only if you don't! We took the "Behind the Green Curtain", tour (only on Saturday mornings at 10am), and were given a lot of insights that we might have otherwise overlooked. It is a "tour" given by two of the men who were or are presently in the cast, and they were very interesting and enlightening. Don't worry, no "spoilers" are allowed. You must take the tour if you can! A wonderful experience for the whole family, would love to go again very soon.
Source - B. Miller
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Location - USA
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Date Review was Added - 2007-06-04

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