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Summary - FUNALOT
Review - I loved this musical. Yes, I had seen all the films, but the live version is also superior. I felt there was a pact between the audience and the players that we were in on the jokes and ironic sentiments of the songs. Although the song, "I'm All Alone," is played for laughs because King Arthur is definitely not alone while he sings, the song is an excellent example of the beautiful music in the show. This song highlights the string section of the pit and offers, well, existential lyrics in the middle of all the silliness. The Shubert is definitely cramped seating; however, my view of the stage was excellent. I went to a matinee and the afternoon included an excellent lunch at Trattoria Trecolori on 45th Street. The show is all in fun; the program recommends children over eight to see it; however, I did have a conversation with a five year old during intermission who loved the French scene! Spamalot takes its own advice: it leaves us laughing as we go.
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Date Review was Added - 2006-04-22

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