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Summary - The Best Show On Broadway
Review - This is truly the best play I have ever seen and will see! The actors are magnificent. Their voices are so strong and powerful, yet delicate and perfect all at the same time. The seats of the rear mezzanine were spectacular. I sat in the front row, and I was absolutely pleased! I would take anyone who wanted to see this to this utterly magical play. This play is beyond worth-wild to see! It would be the great start to a magical, romantic evening with a lover, family, or friends. This will definately be the talk of the town for weeks! I shall never forget the evening I went to see this mysteriously romantic opera. It was truly a night I will remember for the rest of my life. Go see it as soon as possible for a night to remember!
Source - Brian
Review ID - 524
Location - Edison, NJ USA
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2007-05-25

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