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Summary - Gets better and better
Review - I've seen this play three times so far, and it gets better and better. The cast has definitely settled in since the third preview, and there are little touches here and there that help. Seeing it again, it becomes clear why Nadia (Julianne Moore's character) so often comes off as "flat" in the first act...but to reveal why would give away a good deal of the second. It's not an easy play, and there is a lot of subtelty, but there is SO much in there. And yes, now that it's opened and Julianne's settled into the character, when she lets fly, she lets fly. Just not in Act One...for reasons that, like I said, become obvious in Act Two. I love this play...but then I've never been one who likes easy answers all tied up in a bow.
Source - Beth
Review ID - 355
Location - New York, NY
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Date Review was Added - 2006-12-26

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