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Summary - black out
Review - Great show last time I saw it but the venue is another story. I got very sick and blacked on my feet as soon as the lights went out, started walking out, apparently was extremely disoriented since I didnt completely pass out and then was treated like a mentally instable person. Its happened before where my tie is a little tight and I get lite headed. I guess I could see how some people might make the mistake but FYI heres some things that they could have done instead. Called the paramedics sooner, loosened my tie, splashed water on my face, got my phone off my hip and called my wife (its labeled wife in case of emergency) who was in her seat. As I came to I could hear them talking about locking me up. As soon as the paramedics got there they knew I was stable and I was on my way. Just very embarassing and traumatic. I was lucky, I could have had a sesure or something. I guess iam writing this in the hopes that I educate someone.
Source - Anonymous
Review ID - 3469
Location - New York, New York
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Date Review was Added - 2013-01-17

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