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Summary - I'd take the seasick crocodile...
Review - This was a first for me- I've never walked out of a play 20 min in before. I hate when "it's for kids" becomes an excuse for doing a piss-poor job at something. They butchered the story- went way off from any grinch story line I know- and rewrote it so carelessly even the 4 year old next to me heckled "thats not how the grinch goes!". The musical numbers reminded me of the snl skit where Fred Armiston and Kristen Wig are supposed to be musicians but it is obvious they are making up the lyrics as they go.. Max the dog narrates as an old dog, with plenty of scenes where he duets with a younger version of himself- suddenly we are in a bad tribute to time cop (only segal was a better actor than the dog). We were bored and pissed, the kids were bored and not interested, and even they knew this was a hack job. My advice? Find a high school performance of a christmas carol and save the $.
Source - Ethan
Review ID - 3432
Location - New York, New York
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Date Review was Added - 2012-12-20

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