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Summary - First broadway show and the overall experience was Fantastic
Review - I would definitely recommend the live show full of magic and surprises to anyone of any age. The actors and hard working people who work behind the scene obviously do their best to give a quality show. The cast and crew were able to create a magical and flawless show. The work staff of the New Amsterdam theater were even more surprising. I have disabilities and I didn't quite get to enjoy the entire show because the cold causes severe pain to my body. I asked if I could get some sort of blanket from the closest usher to me and she helpfully sent me directly to the Tim the Manager. Waiting for Tim in concessions, an usher named Adam noticed my pain and engaged me in enjoyable conversation and sincerely wished he could help me in some way. Met Tim who was incredibly friendly and helpful- he asked the engineers to change the temperature of the seating area I was in! I was able to enjoy the show much more and both Tim and Adam followed up with me to make sure I was enjoying the show.=)
Source - Cynthia Bunnay
Review ID - 3334
Location - Florida
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Date Review was Added - 2012-07-31

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