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Summary - Great dancing but not much else
Review - The dancing was excellent but the storyline was so predicatable that the dancing couldn't keep my interest. The characters are stereotyped and completely one-diminsional. From the time they walked on the stage, I knew what each character would "learn" by the time the show ended. I am sure the writers thought the language was "authentic" but it seemed to used more for shock value than for authenticity of characters. At any rate the crowd seemed to enjoy this aspect of the show and squeeled each time something naughty was uttered. The show was just not up to the level of a Broadway peformance and it is surprising it was included in the season ticket package. Many subscribers are not going to enjoy sitting in a pack of screaming teens so I am hoping this was just an opening night crowd. The highlight of the night was the actress who played Bridget. She had great comedic timing and a pretty good set of lungs.
Source - Anonymous
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Date Review was Added - 2012-03-28

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