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Summary - My Favorite Film is also my Favorite Broadway Show
Review - Ever since I was a little girl, The Lion King was always a favorite. When I heard Broadway made it into a show I was tickled pink. But then I realized it may never come to my town. However three years ago, my dream had come true. And it wasn't quite what I expected. It was phenomenal. The first thing that catches the audience's eyes are the costumes, puppets, set, choreography, and make up. While all of these are beautiful to behold, the best parts in my opinion are the songs and score. All of the singers, dancers, and actors. And of course the ever-lasting story. The music is exotic, energetic,powerful and at times even spiritual. The performances are full of joy, passion, and heart. They all bring to life the characters we know and love. And last but not least the story. The tale of a naieve but energetic child who has everything but is soon shattered. Now he must face his responsability and take his place in the Circle of Life. Get ready for all your emotions to pour out. A must see
Source - Lavender
Review ID - 309
Location - Ann Arbor, MI USA
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Date Review was Added - 2006-11-18

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