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Summary - What you would expect from Disney
Review - My husband and I saw the Oct 14th preview show. It was one of the best shows we have seen on Broadway. Today we went out and bought the movie. The actors were brillant. The sets were magnificent. Children would love it. I hope it stays here because I want to go back. Our only complaint which has nothing to do with the musical was the theatre seats. They are very very tight and lined up were you sit directly behind the person in front of you. That was the most frustrating part because as much as we enjoyed the show the seating is terrible and if you get stuck behind someone tall (like my husband and I both did and my husband is 6 3') then the show is hard to watch comfortably. We were on the mezzanine level too. Aside from the seating obstacle we did love the show. I DEFINITELY recommend getting as good seats as possible especially for the little ones in order to really enjoy this magical treat.
Source - K. Dakis
Review ID - 267
Location - NY
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Date Review was Added - 2006-10-15

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