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Summary - Stiller Sizzles, Falco Fascinates & Leigh Lets Loose
Review - My first Broadway experience, and it was so perfect and amazing! Seeing actors work live is an unbelievable experience. Stiller uses his vast emotional range (down-trodden, excited, awkward, comedic, dramatic) in unexpected ways. At times, JJL has more lines than BS. Her high-maintenance portrayal of Bunnie is dead on. Yet, the irony is although Bananas is psycho, she is the sanest one of this wacky bunch. Ronnie is believable. You can't help but feel sorry for him. With such a small cast, such a beautiful theater, excellent story, outstanding actors, great props, sounds, and costumes, THBL exceeded every expectation. Too bad it closed early! Everyone should see this play. The twist on the end is unexpected, and makes you think...So glad I was fortunate enough to see this. Ben Stiller never disappoints. I left the theater thrilled. What a way to spend a Sat. afternoon in NYC! Thank you to the cast, crew, and staff at the Walter Kerr Theater. I hope BS does more Broadway shows.
Source - Sherry Perkins
Review ID - 2643
Location - DeRidder, Louisiana
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Date Review was Added - 2011-06-28

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