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Summary - Sister Act review
Review - We recently travelled to New York on the QM2 and booked on line in the UK for this show. The show itself was extremely good and we would recommend this to anyone else. However the same cannot be said about the mezzanine seats booked as in the front row was a security rail covered with a heavy curtain. As our two friends are quite small their view of the stage was partially blocked and they had to sit on their coats on the front of the seat to see the whole of the stage. In the UK when booking seats where there are restricted views there are notes on the web site pointing this out so you know from the outset. In this case we did not know until we got to the theatre and this certainly did affect our friends enjoyment of the show. Please bear this in mind when changing your web site. I should also appreciate your comments about this problem. Thank you.
Source - Peter Rush
Review ID - 2630
Location - Brighton UK
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2011-06-25

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