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Summary - hand clapping, wonderful! But..
Review - We loved the precision, aliveness, scenes and sets.We loved clapping the last 5 minutes, really getting into the music, and the vitality of the dancing. But, WHY did they feel they had to make such an inappropriate scene of basically nude statues coming to life and dancing so shamelessly. I would definitely not have wanted a child of mine (or anyone's) to see that scene. I was disgusted and embarrassed to see it. Cheap shot to attract people who normally wouldn't want to watch a fun, innocent show? They know that those that do want the nice, will come anyway. The same way Hollywood throws trash into an otherwise great show. The trash having no relation to the show at all.
Source - anonymous
Review ID - 2579
Location - New York
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Date Review was Added - 2011-05-26

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