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Summary - Where is H. L. Mencken when we need him?
Review - I would say that the play was "very disappointing" if I hadn't previously seen "Art" by the same author which I remember as "disappointing." I think Reza is amongst the most overrrated playwrights I've seen in at least a decade (and I've seen a lot).The play was essentially a French version of the four stooges, with requisite vomiting, chasing, screaming, and over-the-top "laugh lines." (At least the original 3 Stooges did not show any pretension of sharp, trenchant social criticism...I don't think.) I thought the play was neither funny (though most of the audience seemed to think that every syllable was hilarious) nor insightful (human pretensions of civility are a pretty easy mark). It was hard to judge the actors, most of whom I've liked in other plays and movies, because the material was so over-the-top. I'm sure that most people would love the play, but then most people love Phantom, Neil Simon, Oprah, and other dreck. H. L. Mencken would feel so vindicated.
Source - theater snob
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Location - Los Angeles
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Date Review was Added - 2011-05-05

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