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Summary - London show
Review - I saw show in London. My whole family are huge movie Mary fans, so I was expecting to be disappointed. On the contrary! I'm not a theatre expert or anybody qualified to review a show professionally - I'm just a frequent patron and I know what I like and don't like! That said, It was fantastic! Magical! It was...supercalifantastmagical! New take on songs , esp. Supercali, was superb. Set and effects were mind-boggling. I literally sat there with my jaw dropping open - as the thrills continued throughout show! I kept thinking - can it get any better? And it did! Songs are extremely catchy - you'll leave the theatre humming and singing whether you want to or not. Great show for kids, but do them a favor, and prepare them by watching the movie or reading the story first. The will enjoy it so much more! Only the song 'Temper' seemed un-Poppins like and too modern, a bit scary for small ones. (Beware - Toys turn vengeful on children, scary music!
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Date Review was Added - 2006-09-07

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