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Summary - Oustanding performances
Review - I was at the play in October, with my teen daughters (14 and 17). I was a little bit apprehensive about our understanding and appreciation because we are French and not very fluent in English. Two minutes after the play started, I was completely into it. I chose the play mostly because the subject seemed to reach me but I was pleased to discover a play that was at the same time a real good moment. I equally laughed and cry and some parts I got goosebumps when Miss Linney shows in such a marvellous way the distress of the character. We were pleased to see Miss Ricci in theatre and perfectly doing the job for the character she had, so different from what we are used for her in movies. Even if we were in the back of the theatre, second last row, the view was perfect, as well as the sound, we didn't missed a sigh. A special thank you to miss Linney, kind enough to exchange a few words with the people who waited for her at the exit and she thanked the public for assisting. She's adorable.
Source - Marica
Review ID - 2320
Location - Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
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Date Review was Added - 2011-02-03

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