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Summary - Amazing!
Review - November 28, started out as another day! We had tickets to go see "The Merchant of Venice" and I was hoping to go because lately I have been having a few medical problems that we will not get into right now but we arrived in NYC after my dear friend took me and my mom to the Broadhurst Theater. We arrived a little early so we stood there for a few moments and decided what to do? Because as many people know there are about a billion things to do in NYC! So instead of leaving we actually stood out front of the theater and we waited for a few moments and a woman started talking about Al Pacino and what type car he arrives in and I said out of the blue "Oh I think its a Black SUV!" and just as I said a small black SUV came around the corner and stopped for a moment, a security guard approached and instantly my breathe felt like someone had taken it away! It was him! Al Pacino, "The Godfather" "The Merchant Of Venice" "And Justice for All!" The list goes on! He actually drove himself to the theater and he stopped and smiled at my mom and then me. A swarm of people who stated they were waiting all day came rushing towards him but instead he came towards us. He is mild mannered, polite and wore his sunglasses. He looks amazing and his security guard stayed with him. He signed for a few people and my mom Elizabeth (Betty) walked right up to him and said I waited fifty six years to meet you and he smiled and said thank you and signed my "Godfather II" DVD from the boxed set and he hugged and kissed her. I thought for once after meeting so many people my mom was going to faint! LOL I yelled Mr. Pacino I love you, your amazing and he turned waved and smiled. He tossed his sharpie he was using to sign photos to the crowd. He went into the theater and said he would see us in a bit! I felt like I was in shock! I grew up watching Pacino, DeNiro and Brando! They are it! The amazing ones! We waited for a bit and the security guard said they would let people in at 1:30 and we could get something to eat or get a drink. Instead we took in the sites and sounds that only New York City could offer. The beautifully lit buildings. The crowds of people waiting in the cold to see a legend who many of us only see on television or a DVD. We walked around and went to Sardis, my mom told me stories about how she went there when she was young and she loved it! We also went in Carmine's and just stood on the streets of NY! There is no place on earth like New York City! It brings you to life! As we headed back to the theater to get ready to see Al Pacino on stage. All I kept thinking was I am going to watch Michael Corleone perform on Broadway! It felt like I was in a dream and waiting for someone to wake me up! We all went into the theater and the staff was very polite. They escorted everyone to their seat and we waited a mer few moments and the first act began. They received a rousing applause from a rather good group of theater goers. Besides Pacino, starring in the production was Lily Rabe, David Harbour, Byron Jennings, Jesse L. Martin (who was very good and full of energy!), Gerry Bamman, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Christopher Fitzgerald, Peter Francis James who was brilliant on "OZ" in an unforgettable role and Isaiah Johnson, Charles Kimbrough, Heather Lind, Seth Numrich, Matthew Rauch and Richard Topol. Pacino was on right from start of the production! His genius and fire truly comes out! He becomes the wonderful characters that are portrayed for him. It was one of the great honors in my life, if not thee greatest honor to see Mr. Pacino perform and then have the chance to meet him and make my moms dream happen after everything she has done for me. She is a true fighter and makes you believe in yourself. Mr. Pacino was amazing! Beyond talented and brilliant! I will never forget that day and thank you Mr. Pacino and the entire cast for putting on a brilliant performance! I could not walk for over ten years and my mom is a cancer survivor and she had bilateral knee replacements and helped me walk again after getting a total hip replacement and she also had Achilles tendon surgery. My mom is amazing and to see her so happy meant the world to me!!! Much peace and thank you, Janel Spiegel
Source - Janel
Review ID - 2260
Location - Reading, PA
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Date Review was Added - 2010-11-29

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