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Summary - High school spring musical...
Review - I have genuinely been more entertained at a high school spring musical - have been to many Broadway shows and have always been a fan of La Cage but walked away disappointed. Mr. Hodges was a true talent who unfortunately had no back up on stage. On top of the unenthusiastic show, having to deal with the seat nazis in the balcony gave a bad taste right off the bat....nasty nasty women who were there to police and perform as little as possible for the people paying their salaries....should they not be trained as ambassadors and not wardens? True stereotypes of "New Yorkers" which do nothing to dispel the myths... A highlight was the drag queen interacting with the audience before the show...
Source - Anonymous
Review ID - 2250
Location - Upstate New York
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Date Review was Added - 2010-11-22

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