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Summary - Bloody Jackson is just plain offensive
Review - I found this play simply offensive. It claims to be satirical humor, but it's more a racist platform that targets American Indians and others. I wondered why the writers didn't just create a play based on the truth about Jackson which is far more interesting and racist than anything the play dished out. But then I realized -- Andrew Jackson is a white guy. Even though he lied and cheated and bullied and killed his way into the White House, he's still white. Telling those truths would make him look bad. I am sure, however, that good old Andy's spirit is sitting in the theater applauding this joke the Jacob Theater calls entertainment. Maybe I even passed him when I walked out early in disgust.
Source - Chala Swift
Review ID - 2235
Location - Boston
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2010-11-10

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