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Summary - It is another world with splendid atmosphere..
Review - Broadway show in New York: I had an opportunity to watch The Lion king – Broadway show in New York. I have been on a high since I came home. It was amazing! It was flawless. I thought it would be like the movie. I was wrong. It is splendid. The costumes look so real. You will never forget this musical. The actors really sound like the real characters in the movie! Watch it, you will be amazed. I never knew the musical The Lion King would have such a profound effect on me. It's another world with a splendid . Thank you for the 'Awesome' experience of a lifetime. I don’t have to talk much about the show for the simple reason that the show was running since 1997 uninterrupted till date. Fifteen years - not out..
Source - Kiran Babu
Review ID - 2131
Location - India
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2010-08-30

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