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Summary - Terrific show!
Review - Saw this show (08/20/10) on a whim ... sat up in balcony and had no complaints about our view. I don't think I'd take a child but merely because of the content. The show had me laughing from beginning to end, but also awed me with the dancing. While I'm not a supporter of guy rights, the underlying message gave legitimacy to the tenderness and validity of relationships, regardless of their structure. After the show we were outside of the theater when the cast exited and it was wonderful to see how appreciative and pleased the cast was with their audience. Mr. Hodge and Kelsey Grammer both took the time to sign audographs and pose for pictures. This, of course, added to the splendor of the night. If you want to see a terrific, funny show - you've got to go!!
Source - KS from NC
Review ID - 2121
Location - Charlotte, NC
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Date Review was Added - 2010-08-22

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