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Summary - Boring and disappointing.
Review - My friends and I were so excited about this "musical" when we got our tickets! However, it was not a true musical in the sense that there is barely any live singing. Going to Broadway in New York, you'd at least expect a live male singer singing Sinatra's songs. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Instead, Frank Sinatra's voice was merely dubbed over a live band. The dancing was incredible at first but got boring after the first couple songs. The choreography was extremely repetitive and the dancers for the most part weren't together at all. The dancers were all great as individual performers but group dances were all over the place. The costumes and set also rarely change further adding to the unvaried aspects of the production. The friends I was with fell asleep multiple times during the show and during intermission, the chatter in the bathroom line was mostly about how (and I quote) "boring" the show was.
Source - Andrea Lee
Review ID - 1909
Location - New York
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Date Review was Added - 2010-03-26

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