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Summary - Much ado about nothing
Review - "Martin McDonagh's new play is a self-conscious exercise in creeping Tarantinoism" I see someone wrote online... OR, it is simply awful. Being Irish I do take umbrage with some folks saying that McDonagh's work is too narrow-minded but this was truly terrible. I have no qualms with his use of strong language but this was neither witty nor did it add anything to the inane plot. Yes, some folks may try hard to find meaning and lessons in this "dark" play, but let's face it... any message McDonagh hoped to convey was lost in the pointless plot and directionless dialogue. That said, Chris Walken is always a delight to watch and Sam Rockwell stole the show in my mind. But, why any of them agreed to perform in this nonsense is beyond me. I have to think the audience might not have been so quick to leap to their feet to give a standing ovation to such a mindless script had it been performed by anyone else. I tried to give a damn, to feel something positive, but just couldn't.
Source - Justin Condon
Review ID - 1905
Location - Hoboken, NJ
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Date Review was Added - 2010-03-24

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